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X-Rank Mission 2: The Unusual mission

Requested images, with an added Story, and set in the new series of stories called 'X-Rank Missions' as debuted here 
Image drawn by me, story written by me in collaboration with SSbianchi ( ) / SeriousSam ( ) He will be posting these on fanfiction too, as well as future chapters :)

Chapter 2 – The Unusual Mission

It had been three months since he'd taken the mission given to him by Tsunade, who had now become his 'friend with benefits' (her term, not his) whenever he returned to Konoha.

But it annoyed him that after everything, she still treated him like a kid more than ever.

"You only want me for my body," he often groaned at her after she berated him for something.

And always she would reply with, "Well, I'm not looking to date you." It was more a tease, even though it was also the truth. Despite that, he never took it personally, and they had a lot of fun.

Now, Mei Terumi… she proved to be different. Now that he'd been ordered to become her secret lover – to secure a stronger alliance, as the council put it – he'd had an easier time noticing her advances. Stray looks, accidental touches, absent ways of saying things that now took on an erotic undertone… all of them became blatant flirtations.

The issue wasn’t the interest she was showing in him, but the way he had to approach her. Before he'd left, he was given a thorough debriefing by Tsunade and Anko – the kunoichi in charge of this particular mission – as to a specific set of mission parameters he absolutely had to follow to the letter.

He couldn't make it obvious as to what he was here for. He had to approach her in a natural way and not jump her bones from the outset, which Tsunade secretly and more than a bit guiltily realized was exactly what happened when she hinted he could have sex with her.

Not that she was complaining. The outcome was certainly worth it. But they made Naruto give one of his nindō promises on the matter, knowing he wouldn't break his word.

And so, Naruto made sure to take his time. During each visit to the village he'd wait patiently until he was invited by the Mizukage to come visit her. He'd remain somewhat coy about her advances but still show some interest, to let her know he wasn't offended and give her encouragement to continue.

It was awkward at first trying to not let on. If the Mizukage found out Konoha had ordered him to seduce and begin a sexual liaison with her it might strain the alliance, rather than secure it. That would be a major embarrassment to both her and Kirigakure… even though Naruto had the sneaky suspicion Mei wouldn’t have cared in the slightest, from the way she was openly flirting with him.

Flirtations that of course were getting more and more provocative.

There had been one time in her office where she'd pinned him against the wall after ‘accidently’ tripping on something. Her body was pressed firmly against his, and the feeling of her breasts as they moved over his chest while she 'tried' to get off of him definitely aroused him. And it was made even worse by her thigh wedged between his legs, rubbing his crotch.

Needless to say, after that 'incident' she'd left him with a significant case of 'blue balls' and he had to go straight back to his hotel room and relieve himself.

Plays like that frustrated the hell out of him. Accidentally pulling his face into her cleavage when she greeted him… hugging him from behind while her hands wandered over his chest and stomach… inviting him swimming and wearing an erotic bikini…

If what she'd been wearing could even be called a bikini. To him, it looked more like three eye patches placed strategically around her body with a thin line of dental floss running up the crack of her ass.

It was difficult. Extremely difficult.


Then there was dinner. She'd invited him to her place, he'd dressed nicely and when she answered he immediately went hard. The tight blue dress she was wearing left very little to the imagination. If it was any shorter he could've seen her panties no problem.

While there was something to be said for seeing a woman like Mei Terumi naked – hell, he'd practically seen her that way while they were 'swimming' – Naruto always found it ten times sexier and far more alluring when women wore provocative, and very teasing clothes.

And what she was wearing could certainly count as provocative and teasing.

It was backless – and pretty much frontless. The middle of her dress was missing, exposing her flesh from her cleavage to her navel. It was held together by three single buckles; one above and below her breasts, and a third between the second buckle and her belly button. Her breasts were tight against the fabric, making them seem fuller and rounder as they strained against the garment.

It was almost like they were being drawn to his face.

He could tell she was pleased by her facial expression, and she flirtatiously invited him in. All he could manage to stutter was a 'Hello'.  

"Hey," she giggled a little erotically, pleased that he was tongue tied and that her dress was having the desired effect. "Dinner is almost ready. I hope you don’t mind fish. And I know you don’t drink, so I got you some non-alcoholic white wine that'll pair nicely with the fish."

Naruto smiled and nodded, unable to find his voice at the moment but he did think that maybe some alcohol would be a good thing right now to help settle his nerves. He had a feeling that tonight she was going to make her move on him and in all honesty, he was sort of relieved. Ever since he started this mission, he'd grown increasingly desperate to get into her panties – and knowing she wanted him made the wait even harder to resist.

Before long though, the atmosphere relaxed and they were talking casually – almost like old friends. A few jokes flew back and forth, sprinkled between times where Mei asked about him, and Naruto talking about himself and his missions.

He was halfway through a story detailing a thrilling fight between his team and a strong enemy force they'd encountered in the Land of Iron when he felt something.

At first it started on his knee, brushing against it before slowly moving its way up his inner thigh, caressing his muscles as it got closer and closer to his crotch. He saw Mei, looking across the table at him flirtatiously. Her toes reached their goal and curled on his bulge, stroking in sensuously, and she smiled as he let out a soft moan.

"Something wrong?" she teased as he stopped talking and gripped the table.

"E-Everything is fine." He said, gasping as she gently rotated the ball of her foot on him.

"Are you sure?" she asked as she pulled at the top buckle of her dress. It sprang open as the metal clasp released its pressure; the gap in the dress instantly widening. Her breasts would have surely popped out if it wasn't for the second buckle holding the top half of her dress together.

Mei knew this, and idly caressed it with her finger, waiting to see how he would respond. She wanted to be erotically teased, just like she was doing to him and there was no way she was going to be subtle with her signals – not tonight.

Naruto's eyes practically bulged as he saw her hard nipples pressing against the fabric, tantalisingly teasing him with how close to being revealed they were as she continued to stroke his bulge skilfully with her foot. Every swipe of her lace covered toes only made him harder and stoked his desire.

Finally, he couldn't take it anymore and decided to make his move. He removed his shoe and slid his foot up her leg and pressed it against her crotch, making her gasp. She was already damp, and his toes made the entire area slick with her juices. She moaned as he ran them over her clitoris, each toe giving it a little rub, making her spread her legs wider for more.

The two continued to give the other a foot job under the table before Mei stopped and pulled away.  She stood, her cheeks flushed and her eyes face screaming in hunger for him as she walked around the table, unclasping the middle buckle on her dress. Her breasts bounced free and the straps fell from her shoulders, leaving only the final buckle holding the fabric around her waist.

She bent down and kissed Naruto, pulling his hands gently to her tits where Naruto immediately began to massage them. While he was doing this she began undoing his shirt, button by button and when she got closer to the bottom she knelt down, kissing his chest until the final button was undone.

Mei pushed the shirt off of his shoulders and then continued where she left off, nipping at the snap of his pants with her teeth, driving him wild with anticipation. With a sudden movement she bit the top and pulled expertly, undoing the snap before latching onto the zipper. No hands were used as she peeled back his pants, exposing his very aroused manhood.

She hummed appreciatively at the sight as she teased him, kissing the tip and nibbling playfully around the rim. He trembled as she sucked just a tiny bit of his cock ever so gently; his pre-cum tasting good to her as she swirled her tongue over the head.

Mei felt a slight pressure on the back of her head and she realized Naruto was pushing down with his hand, urging her to go further. Laughing at his eagerness, as well as her desire to do just that she changed her angle and bore down from the top, taking his cock about halfway into her mouth. She started sucking on him, slow and long, using plenty of saliva and making loud slurping sounds in order to get him even harder.

Her breasts were resting on his lap, so she clamped them around the bottom part of his shaft, trapping it there. Using a joint effort of her tits and her mouth, she began to massage every inch of his cock.

Naruto leaned back in the chair, his open shirt hanging around his elbows, his eyes closed as he moaned out her name. The pleasure he was experiencing from Mei's mouth and tits was rapidly bringing him close to cumming.

"M-Mei…." He almost begged and she obliged him, sucking him even harder. Soon thereafter he arched his back and came in her mouth. The hot jets of semen splashed the back of her throat and she swallowed most of it, but a few drops spilled out the sides. She wiped up the remaining drops with her fingers and licked each digit clean.  

Afterwards she stood up and unlatched the final buckle, letting let her dress slip off her body so that all she was wearing was her panties. She leaned back on her arms and onto the table, looking down at Naruto who was still breathing heavily in his chair.

With one leg still on the floor she raised the other one, so that she was spread eagled before him. Her hand came down and began rubbing her clit in slow, small circles through the underwear. She was already soaked but now he could see her juices glistening off of her fingertips.

He watched all this, his cock getting hard once again while his eyes roamed from the hand that was pleasuring herself all over her nearly naked body, only to return to that magical sight between her legs over and over again. She moaned, her tongue running over her ruby red lips lasciviously with every stroke of her fingers along her underwear. After a minute or so of this she stopped, and then Naruto watched she lifted her hand to her mouth and slowly licked her fingers clean one by one.

"Do you want to fuck me, Naruto?" she asked seductively once she finished, as she stared at him through half-lidded eyes.

"Yeah." It wasn't a lie. He'd wanted to ever since he'd got this mission and now, he finally could.

Mei raised her other leg, lying down on the table and spreading them wide, inviting him in. Naruto stood up and let both his pants and his shirt drop to the floor, providing Mei with the full sight of his muscular, chiselled body in all its naked glory.

And from the look in her eyes, she was very appreciative of the view.

He took a half step forward and pulled her thin strip of underwear aside, rubbing the tip of his cock against her entrance to get it slick…


"Whoever you are, unless we're under attack you better get the hell out of my house!" Whatever it was could wait. She was about to fuck the prize she'd been desiring for months.

"Lady Mizukage, you’re needed urgently." A voice came through the door. It was Aō, her long-time assistant and certified pain in Naruto's ass. "The ANBU have a situation that requires your immediate attention."

"GOD DAMMIT!" she screamed in exasperation. She rolled off the table and kissed Naruto before reaching down to pick up her dress from where it had fallen on the floor. "Let me get dressed, dammit!" She winked at him and said, "Sorry to do this to you, baby. We'll have to pick this up again soon."

Naruto blinked in confusion and disbelief. In the space of a minute he'd gone from finally screwing the Mizukage to standing naked, all alone in her dining room with a rock hard erection pointing north like a compass.

And he was still very, very horny.


The next day when he walked into Mei's office, he seemed a little tired.

"Naruto?!" Mei blinked in surprise to see him since he never came into her office uninvited. "I am so sorry about last night. I was so looking forward to it." She smiled seductively and waved him closer, around her desk. She turned to face him, leaning back in her chair as she eyed him up and down.

"If you’re still up for it…" she smiled, rubbing her thighs together as her hands lazily caressed her breasts, "…how about later we meet up, skip dinner and go straight for the…." The hands that were caressing her breasts travelled down between her legs. "…mmmm, main course." Her right hand remaining in place, she reached out with her left hand and rubbed his crotch. "I’ve been dying for this inside me."

Naruto looked down at her. He'd been up all night, horny and frustrated, and jerking off only released the pressure, but not the tension.

He wanted her. And he wasn't going to wait any longer.

He grabbed her arm and pulled her up. He smashed his lips onto hers as he roughly pulled her dress and undermesh down off her shoulders to her elbows, pinning her arms to her sides. Her breasts bounced free as she gasped, trembling almost submissively with excitement in his embrace.

His hands continued to grope at her, teasing her nipples with pinches and twists, making her break the kiss to cry out before they were recaptured a second later.

His roughness excited her and she awkwardly pulled her arms free from her clothing. She wrapped them around Naruto, tugging almost desperately at his clothing. Within seconds, his jacket and t-shirt were gone and she'd thrown them in some random direction. Her desire for sex overrode everything else and at the moment, she didn't care that she was in her office.

She also silently decided that if Aō found a way to interrupt her again, Byakugan or no, she'd bury him under a boiling river of lava.

Naruto pulled down her mesh shorts and panties a bit and reached in, his fingers playing with her clit, rubbing circular patterns around it as he wet it with her juices, which were soaking his fingers.

Mei cried out as he flicked his index finger across it a few times, causing her to jump a bit as small lances of pleasure shot up her spine and she had to break the kiss again when he shoved two fingers inside her, causing her to gasp for breath.

"Naruto… yes…" she moaned out, her body heating up as she squirmed under his ministrations, "fuck me, fuck me right here!"

Naruto grabbed her arms and swung her around, pushing her up against a small section of the wall that was framed by office windows on either side. Her shorts and panties were only partially off, and he didn't want anything getting in between him and his prize. Within half a second he'd grabbed the waistline of the garments and yanked them down, giving her legs full range of motion.

Not to be outdone, Mei furiously worked the snap of his pants and undid them, letting his cock spring free. Naruto was working on her neck, running his tongue up and down the side, and his closeness was allowing the tip of his cock to tease her opening.

And right now she wasn't in the mood to be teased.

Keeping her left leg on the floor, she raised her right and placed it straight up, like she was a gymnast doing a split, only on his body and not the floor. Mei was giving him the maximum opening for penetration, and she realized how right this decision was when he thrust forward, filling her pussy.  

Finally... Finally he was inside her. She bit down on her finger as she moaned in pleasure, feeling every bump and every vein of his cock – the shape of the head, the girth, the length… all of it.

She'd wanted to fuck this young upstart shinobi since she met him, thinking he was just some cute guy, but then… she saw him topless, and she wanted that body against hers. He'd been training, it was a hot day, and he'd been sweating. His muscles had glistened in the sunlight and he looked so godlike.

She wasn't embarrassed in the slightest to admit she moaned out his name that night as she found pleasure with her fingers. Since then she'd watched him, setting herself up to spend time with him at every opportunity she could and after every meeting, whether by chance or by plan, her desire grew.

It was frustrating at first that he seemed to be oblivious to her desires, forcing her to get more ‘obvious’ with him. Most men fell in one day to her, but it was a long time before he began showing an interest, and then three months to get in to his pants. The wait had been agonizing, but now that he was in her, it was certainly worth it.

Over and over Naruto thrust his shaft into her, his hips slamming into her opening as he bottomed out, hitting her deepest parts and making her cry out. His thrusts grew harder, and there was some pain but it was overridden by the immense waves of pleasure he was giving her. She'd never experienced anything like this before… he was touching parts inside her that no man (or toy) had ever done before and the new sensations, mixed with the ones she knew were causing her to heat up rapidly.

Soon, even with her biting her finger to hold back her moaning it was getting too loud and Naruto clamped a hand over her mouth, not wanting to draw any attention. Mei's eyes opened briefly in both apprehension and anticipation as she stared helplessly at him, unable to do say or do anything. Naruto was in control and right now, whatever he wanted… whatever he demanded she knew she would do without hesitation.

For his part, Naruto was enjoying himself. Mei's pussy felt incredible; every stroke hugged his cock both gently and firmly, giving just the right amount of pressure. He planned on picking up both legs and suspending her in the air to thrust even harder, but then he suddenly remembered all the late night relief sessions he had to give himself – and he decided she needed to be punished for all her teasing. He stopped what he was doing and pulled out.

Mei groaned at the action. "No! Naruto, put it back in me!" she pleaded. "I want your cock in me!"

"Oh, don't worry. I will…" he drawled, grinning as he turned her around and moved her several steps to the left so that she was standing in front of one of her office windows.

"W-What… What are you…" She gasped, looking down at the village below her, unable to finish as Naruto thrust back in to her pussy and started pounding away. His hips as they hit her ass cheeks made a loud and very distinct 'snap' every time he slammed into her, like a small explosion going off.

Mei moaned loudly again. Her breasts were now pressed hard against the cool glass of her window and Naruto reached out, placing a hand on the window to brace himself while the other reached around and played with her clit. He picked up the pace, slamming into her faster and harder, eager to hear her scream out his name at the top of her lungs in pleasure.

Her mind began to spin from the intense pleasure of the rough fuck her new boy toy was giving her. Her hands wandered about, desperately searching for something to grasp onto as a handhold of sorts… something to focus on so that she wouldn't pass out. Unfortunately, there was nothing within reach so she settled for grabbing her ass cheeks, digging her nails into the tender flesh and spreading them apart so Naruto could thrust farther into her.

"Yes… more… fuck me harder…. so close…. Naruto!!" Mei moaned out, begging him as the pressure built inside of her as she got closer to her release. And just as her grasp on consciousness started to slip away, she orgasmed harder than she ever had.  Her wetness overflowed, splashing all over his cock and balls, before running down the inside of her leg.

Naruto continued to thrust a few more times, causing her to quiver and shake before pulling out, shooting his cum all over her ass.

Still gasping for breath, Mei turned around and placed her back against the window. Her face and chest were flushed, her hair was dishevelled, she was drenched in sweat… and she was staring at Naruto like a fresh piece of meat.


When her assistant Aō entered her office a short while later, he was surprised to find the Mizukage wasn't present. Not unheard of by far but certainly unusual. However, just as he was about to call the ANBU he noticed a hastily scribbled note lying on her desk.

It simply said 'Personal Emergency', which could mean anything. But more often than not, it meant that the Mizukage was angry about something and just needed to blow off some steam at one of the training grounds.  

And when that happened, people tended to leave her alone… unless that person had a death wish. Which Aō certainly did not.

He placed the note back on the desk and wisely decided to drop the matter. But it still didn't stop him from wondering what the personal emergency was.


Elsewhere, Mei was hungrily sucking on Naruto’s cock as her fingers toyed with her ass and pussy, using her wetness to lubricate her ass. Despite the fact that they were both dressed, their clothes hung about them in disarray.

They had rushed back to her place after the office sex, and hadn’t stopped fucking for more than five minutes since then. Mei was in awe of the stamina he possessed, since most men would have collapsed from exhaustion by now. But he never stopped, cumming over and over again, and now she was covered in Naruto’s semen from head to toe.

"More… More…" she pleaded desperately, "I want to feel your cock in all my holes!!"

"All your holes?" he asked, smiling slyly as he stripped out of his clothes. "Well, if there's one thing I'm better at than anyone else, it's multi-tasking."

He crossed his fingers and in a cloud of smoke, ten shadow clones appeared… each one muscular and naked, with a rock hard erection sticking out in front of them.

Just like the original.

"Okay…" Naruto began, as he stretched from side to side like he was warming up for a competition. "Mei just asked me to fuck her in all her holes. Think you guys can help me do that?"

The lot of them grinned evilly back at her.


"I'm in."

"We'll fuck her into a sexual coma."

Mei’s eyes bulged at that last comment. Then she smiled and lay down on the bed, her fingers once again moving in and out of her pussy and ass, preparing herself for what was going to happen next.

The first clone flopped down next to her and pulled her on top of him. "Sorry, Mei…" he half apologized, half explained, "but as of right now you're no longer in charge."

From underneath her, he positioned his cock and slammed it hard into her pussy. Even though they had been doing this all afternoon, Mei still gasped in shock and pleasure, almost mesmerized by how his cock filled her up. Holding her in place, he thrust upwards, burying his dick in her repeatedly, his balls slapping against her with every stroke. Somehow, one of his abdominal muscles was banging against her clitoris and it was giving her a double wave of pleasure.

And then, she felt a second clone position the head of his dick at her asshole and she tensed up. Even though she'd had anal sex before, she'd never done double penetration and she didn't know what to expect, or if she'd even like it. She opened her mouth to protest but before she could utter a word the clone slowly started pushing his cock in.

Mei thought she'd experienced the heights of sex before… but this was beyond anything she'd ever felt. As the second cock slowly filled her up, she could feel the two of them rubbing up against the flesh inside of her, magnifying what she was already feeling exponentially.

He was hitting her g-spot from both sides, rubbing it from every direction. Only half of the second dick was in, but the sensations were driving her mad with desire. Deciding the second clone was moving too slow, she sped things up and thrust backwards, burying his cock in her ass.

The wave of euphoria almost made her pass out as she screamed in pleasure.

Then they started moving in and out, intensifying the rubbing inside of her. Mei's eyes rolled up into her head and her mouth hung open as she gasped for breath, trying to remain conscious as Naruto pounded her pussy and ass mercilessly, like a sledgehammer trying to break a rock.

And then a third cock was shoved into her mouth, taking advantage of the opportunity.

Mei tried to say something but it came out as nothing more than a mumble, since her mouth was just as full of Naruto as her ass and pussy were. The third clone forcefully shoved his dick as far down her throat as he could and then pulled back, leaving only the tip inside before moving forward again. Her lips slid over the head and shaft, coating it with saliva and increasing the sensation. Before long she was drooling, and it ran down the side of her neck and dripped onto the clone that was fucking her from below.  

She hungrily lapped at Naruto's cock in her mouth as the other two roughly violated her ass and pussy, shoving in every inch. Over and over they slammed into her, harder and harder each time, and if she wasn't pinned at both ends she probably would have been shoved forward a good foot or two from the amount of force they were using.

After a few minutes of this the one underneath her grunted, shoving himself inside of her as far as he could one last time before pulling out. He grabbed his dick and pointed it upwards, spraying cum all over her breasts and stomach.  

Shortly after that the one on top of her grunted and thrust himself into her as well, but instead of pulling out he came in her ass. The feel of his hot semen filling her up caused Mei to have another orgasm, and she shuddered in both pleasure and loss as he pulled out. The cum inside of her ass dribbled out and ran down, falling on the bed drop by drop and staining the sheets.  

The one who had his cock buried in her mouth was still going, and because she was still in a daze, she didn't notice that the two clones that just finished had slipped off the bed… and were now replaced by two new ones.

But she noticed when they quickly plowed back into her pussy and ass. Her scream of pleasure seemed more like a hum because her mouth was still full of cock, but the vibration set the third one off. He moaned loudly, signifying he was close and while he wanted to shove his cock all the way down her throat, he knew she'd gag and start coughing because she couldn't handle it.

So he mostly pulled out, leaving only the head inside her mouth, leaving her lips perfectly positioned to suck on the rim. He came in her mouth, filling it enough that her cheeks puffed out but to her credit she swallowed it.

And even though she still had two clones slamming their cocks into her backside, she managed to smile in ecstasy up at him.

He smiled back – and then moved aside as another clone took his place and shoved his cock into her mouth.

Mei couldn't believe what was happening. She'd gotten exactly what she asked for and was now reaping the rewards… as well as the punishment.

It had only taken a day. She was an addict, now. A slave to Naruto and his body.

She wanted more, and luckily enough, she didn't have to wait. 

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X-Rank Mission 1: The Sexiest Kage!

Requested images, with an added Story, and set in the new series of stories called 'X-Rank Missions' as debuted here 
Image drawn by me, story written by me in collaboration with SSbianchi ( ) / SeriousSam ( ) He will be posting these on fanfiction too, as well as future chapters :)
Chapter 1 – The Sexiest Kage

He'd been told to get to her office immediately. The ANBU she'd sent to get him had given him no reason as to why Tsunade, the Godaime Hokage of Konoha needed to see him so urgently. He'd barely given Naruto enough time to throw on a pair of pants and a t-shirt before shoving him out the door and telling him to start running.

Naruto couldn't see his face – but between the man's voice and body posture, he definitely needed to be wary.

All along the way he wondered what the hell he'd done – well, recently anyway – to make her so angry with him. It wouldn't be the first time he'd found out about something he did wrong, either on or off of a mission. And it wasn't like he didn't want to learn what he did wrong – he wanted to improve himself, after all – it was just all the screaming and yelling he didn't like.

He rushed into the Hokage tower and knocked hesitantly on the office door.

"Who is it?" a clearly aggravated voice called out.

"It's… me. Naruto."

"Finally!" she shouted in exasperation. "Get your ass in here!"

"Y-Yeah! Right!" He threw open the door and rushed in, accidently closing it behind him with a tad bit too much strength in his fingers, causing the door to slam behind him with a very loud BANG.

Tsunade glared at him in dissatisfaction from behind her desk, causing Naruto to give a dry, embarrassed laugh as he nervously edged closer to her desk.

"Mind not trying to break my door?" she chastised him.

"Sorry." He apologized.

She sighed heavily. "At least you got here quickly."

"Well you know me, always eager for a mission." At least he hoped it was a mission… although he seriously doubted it. He was holding out hope, though…

"A very special mission." She frowned and leaned back in her chair, crossing her arms in front of her impressive chest.

She didn't look happy, which was surprising. She usually enjoyed getting him out of the village for a few days or weeks for some peace and quiet. But if this really was a mission, why did Tsunade look like she just caught Pervy-sage peeking on the women's baths again?

"Oh?" he asked, cautiously optimistic. "Well, you know me – always ready to serve. So what's the rank? B? A? Maybe even… S?" He hoped it was the last one. It'd give him a chance to show off his talents.

"It's a C," she replied sharply. "A reluctant C rank, and it's only that high because of the… sensitive nature of the mission."

"And you chose me?" he asked, raising a curious eyebrow. Even he knew (because of his history) that he wasn't the usual choice for ‘sensitive’ missions. As a matter of fact, he was closer to the bottom of the list.

"Yes," Tsunade said begrudgingly. "You're to visit the Mizukage, Mei Terumi."

"Aw, c'mon. Delivery duty?!" Naruto practically whined before pouting. "I hate deliver…"

"BE QUIET!" Tsunade snapped, rising out of her chair and slamming her hands down, silencing him instantly.

Something was up. She usually didn't start yelling at him like that until AFTER he'd heard the mission parameters.

"Er… Sorry." He apologized once again. "What's got you so riled up?"

Tsunade rubbed her temples wearily. "You know the Mizukage, correct?" She knew the answer already. He'd been on several missions to Kirigakure for a number of reasons. Most of them were simply guard duty for merchants, lords, and village diplomats. Sometimes it was just an even an exchange of shinobi and it seemed like every time, he'd somehow managed to end up talking with Mei Terumi.

"It seems she knows you."

"Well… we've met a few times, sure…" Naruto said, blushing a little.

This didn't go unnoticed by Tsunade. She walked around her desk and stood in front of him. "Have you done anything with her?"

"Done? Done what?" he blinked owlishly. "You mean like… have dinner? Yeah, once or twice she asked me to join her, and I didn’t think it was a good idea to refuse her, so…."

"Anything else?" Tsunade demanded, her eyes boring intimidatingly into his.

"We talked. Umm, she tried to take me to a bar once, but I don’t drink so…" He trailed off, since there wasn't much more to say – until he noticed her steely gaze. She thought he was hiding something from her. "Nothing else I swear!" he said, waving his hands in front of him defensively.

After a few moments Tsunade pulled away, begrudgingly satisfied. "Well, you’re going to now." She said, avoiding his gaze and staring out the nearest window.

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked in confusion.

"It seems the Mizukage has taken an… ‘interest’ in you." She said, emphasising the word interest with a little bit of annoyance.

Naruto's blush deepened a shade or two of red. He was surprised – he thought he'd be able to spot if a woman showed any interest in him, but maybe he was wrong. Before he could say anything though, Tsunade continued.

"The council believes we should take advantage of this… opportunity, and our security department agreed with them. Using you, we could establish better relations with Kirigakure during the Mizukage’s leadership."

Naruto blinked, once more confused. "Advantage… What advantage? How?"

Silence hit the room like a hammer hits an anvil, sharp and sudden. "You are… to…" she began hesitantly, "become the Mizukage’s secret…"

The final word stuck in her throat and she had to force it out.


Naruto's eyes went wide in shock and disbelief. "Lover?!" he cried out. "You can’t be serious!"

"Unfortunately, I am." She said reluctantly. "I wanted them to send Kakashi, but I was over-ruled. I can’t let my personal feelings cloud my duty."

"Your personal feelings?" Naruto furrowed his brow, causing Tsunade to blush a little as she turned her gaze back to him.

"You know you’re a special person to me Naruto, and seeing you… use yourself for such a mission…"

"Can’t I refuse?" he said shyly, his cheeks flushing a further shade of red. "You know, I’ve never… you know… with a girl."

Now it was Tsunade's turn to stare at him in shock. "Really?" she exclaimed in surprise. "You're kidding me. You’ve NEVER been with a girl, sexually?"

"Well… not all the way." He said nervously. "I’ve had… times with Sakura, Ino, Tenten and even Hinata, but we never had sex."

Tsunade cocked an eyebrow. "Times?" she asked inquisitively.

"Well… they were all when we went on missions. Sakura gave me a blowjob once." He rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment. "Ino got cold one night, and joined me in my sleeping bag to huddle for warmth. She said she'd let me play with her body to make up for 'inconveniencing me', I think she said."

He noticed that Tsunade was staring raptly at him – still surprised, but also curious.

"T-Tenten found me washing myself in a lake and joined me. We just used our hands on each other, and H-Hinata… we were hiding in a box together and she pressed up against me… you know she has pretty big…" He stopped for a moment, noticing that Tsunade was flushed herself now. "…well, I got hard and… she blamed herself so she… gave me a… hand job…"

"But… you never had sex?" Tsunade asked, swallowing a little and feeling a little warm right now. She wondered why she'd pictured each moment as he'd described it to her. Her heart was pounding, and a few beads of sweat trickled down the side of her face.

He shook his head no.

"And you wouldn’t want to lose your virginity to Mei Terumi?" she added. "She is considered one of the most beautiful kunoichi in the five villages, and the sexiest of the Kage."

"NO WAY!" Naruto cried out suddenly.

Tsunade thought he was being adamant about saving his first time, considering he was so… pure?  That was the most surprising part, and she almost laughed at the irony. The perverted blond, student of the self-proclaimed super pervert Jiraiya and creator the ‘Sexy Jutsu’ actually cared who he gave his ‘purity’ to.

At least, that's what she thought until he heard him say, "There's no way she's the sexiest Kage!"

She flinched, sputtering out a few incoherent words. "Wha… Th…. Who…. Err…"

Naruto reached out and grabbed her hands, holding them as he stared earnestly at her. "My Hokage, Tsunade is the sexiest Kage!" he declared adamantly.

She was taken aback by the statement, and after a few moments smiled. "And what makes you say that? Just trying to be nice?"

"No." Naruto shook his head. "I've… always thought you were super sexy." His face went red. This wasn’t a confession of romantic love but it was just as difficult, if not more to confess he looked at her body in such a way.

Most people thought of their relationship as something entirely different, but not him. He'd gotten older, and Tsunade hadn't changed. Oh, he knew it was due to the jutsu she used to make her look young, but that didn't mean anything to him. Age was nothing but a number.

Unless she was one hundred years old. Then it was a BIG number.

Tsunade felt oddly pleased that he saw her as a woman, and a sexy one at that. She couldn’t help but wonder how many times she'd aroused him without realising it, and what he'd done to ‘relieve’ himself. Maybe it was wrong to think like that, and she may have regretted letting it slip into her mind, but not as much as when she blurted out…

"Do you crave my body?"

She wanted to take back the words her treacherous mouth had let free… until Naruto’s shocked face flushed completely and he turned away.

He'd obviously thought about it on more than one occasion and she smiled. The heat from her face worked its way south and before she realized what she was doing she took his hands, which were still holding her own and placed them on her chest, gently guiding them around her mounds and into her top before releasing her hold, letting him explore on his own.

It wasn’t long before she let out a soft moan and she reached up, pulling her top off her shoulders and exposing her breasts fully. Naruto continued to massage them and between gasps of pleasure she looked down, noticing the ever growing bulge in his pants. She bit her lip, both nervous and excited at what might be hiding behind the fabric.

Every second that passed seemed like an eternity as her eagerness increased, until she could no longer hold herself back and in a frenzy of movement she pulled the zipper down on his jacket and tossed it aside. His t-shirt didn't have the same luxury of being easy to remove so she settled for ripping it off and throwing the remnants in the same general direction as his jacket, as she guided him towards one of the more comfortable chairs placed on one side of her office.

After Tsunade pushed him onto the chair, she leant in and kissed his chest, feeling the curves of his toned body as she worked her way down, teasing his nipples with her tongue and dancing along the chiselled outlines of his abdomen while at the same time her hands furiously, yet expertly worked his zipper.

Naruto whimpered a bit as Tsunade took ahold of him and teased the tip of his cock; her tongue rotating tantalizingly around the rim. She slid her lips up one side and down the other and he squirmed in his seat, practically begging for more without saying a word.

Tsunade grinned salaciously as she took him in to her mouth, sucking his length deeply and hard, causing Naruto to let out a deep moan of pleasure. With each successive stroke she went a little farther, until after the fifth time she had his entire shaft buried in her throat. Her head bobbed furiously, and Naruto's knuckles had turned white from gripping the arms of his chair so hard.

She could tell the feeling was quite intense for Naruto and from his reaction, Tsunade gathered that Sakura’s blowjob – which he had mentioned in passing a few minutes ago – hadn't been so good. She vowed to make him cum hard, fast and enough to make sure he would definitely remember her mouth for a long time.

When she felt him getting close she took him to the hilt once again and even extended her tongue, teasing his balls with the tip at the same time. The sensation pushed Naruto to the breaking point and he exploded, sending his hot seed down the back of her throat and swallowing every drop.

She pulled back, taking Naruto out of her throat with a loud 'pop' of her lips. She kissed the tip as she smiled up at him…

"You’ll take the mission, Naruto," she said seductively, "but you'll be giving ME your first time."

Naruto was beyond shocked. All of this was making his head spin, but when she all but demanded that she would be his first time, he became hard again and jumped at her.

Tsunade almost cried out as they fell to the floor, Naruto pulling her pants and panties down to her ankles, letting them remain there in a tangled mess so that she couldn’t spread her legs. Apparently, this was what he intended because he flipped her over, getting her on all fours and before she could turn back to look at him, she felt the tip of his dick hovering at her entrance.

Half a second later she was penetrated deeply by his long, hard, warm shaft. Her eyes widened and then closed, as she moaned out his name while the enthusiastic young man began thrusting wildly.

‘Such a virgin.’ Tsunade thought, commenting inwardly on his actions, even though with every stroke he shot pleasure through her body. It had been far too long since she'd had a real man inside of her, and with his size Naruto certainly… fit the bill.

After becoming Hokage she'd gotten drunk and slept with the one man she vowed she never would have – Jiraiya – and despite vowing to never do it again, it became a regular occurrence. She always felt guilty afterwards and openly promised to kill him if he ever said anything, or made their sexual encounters more than what they were – just two people, meeting secretly to provide each other with some stress relief.

Friends with benefits, as it were.

But inwardly, it was more. The more they had done it, the more she wanted it, and the more she needed it. She had drunk heavily the last night they had been together, but despite that she remembered it all.

She realized afterwards it wasn’t sex they performed that night, it was more. It was the romantic actions of lovemaking.

Tsunade hadn't taken a man ever since then. She found pleasure only with toys, which one after another she had called 'Jiraiya'. She wanted to call his name right now, but only the name ‘Naruto’ came from her lips in a deep moan, as he pounded her mercilessly from behind.

Her eyelids opened halfway and her eyes rolled up into her head in bliss. Without a doubt Jiraiya had been skilled – you can't write smut like he did without knowing a thing or two – but what Naruto lacked in experience he more than made up for in size. He wasn't overly large but definitely gifted beyond most men she'd seen from giving physicals at the hospital – but somehow, he filled her completely from wall to wall, caressing her nerve endings with just the right amount of pressure.

And then suddenly, the sensation was gone and she felt him pull out. The warmth of his cum shot across her back and she could feel Naruto shuddering. His shaft was pressed against the crack of her ass and he collapsed against her, breathing heavily.

He was a good boy for pulling out, but she had yet to cum.

Tsunade smiled and pushed him onto the floor, untangling her pants and underwear from around her ankles so she could move them effectively. She straddled his hips, letting out another guttural moan as she slipped him back inside. She rode him hard, thrusting harder and harder with each successive movement and before long, they were panting each other's names amid gasps and screams of pleasure.

Both of them lost count of how many times they did it and by the time they'd finished, Tsunade’s body was stained with Naruto’s cum and sweat. Although he hadn't lost himself to lust and made sure to pull out every time, it was unfortunate that he had created such a mess to clean up.

Now they were laying on the floor together, exhaustion overtaking them. Naruto was practically asleep, and a stupid grin was plastered across his face. She giggled at how cute it was as she kissed his forehead.

He'd have to go on his mission soon – and do this with Mei Terumi.

A twinge of uncertainty crept over her heart. What if Mei proved to be better at this than her? Now that she had tasted Naruto, she couldn’t help but want more at some point. And while they could never become romantically involved – for a variety of reasons she didn't want to think about – she knew they had crossed a line that forever changed their relationship.