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X Rank Mission 6: Are You Hungry For Ramen?

Chapter 6: Are you Hungry for Ramen?

Naruto let out a guttural moan. His face was flushed, and beads of sweat pooled on his skin. The cold, wooden floor pressed against his bare back and his orange t-shirt was pushed up. Lithe, feminine fingers with perfectly manicured, candy red painted nails traced across his chest, feeling every curve and muscle that defined his body.

She brought two fingers to her mouth and sucked on them, savoring the salty taste of his sweat, twirling her tongue around each one before slurping on them noisily, coating them with a thick layer of her saliva. She brought them down, running them over his nipples, teasing them one at a time and pinching them, making Naruto gasp with both pain and pleasure.

Creamy smooth, muscular thighs gripped his sides as the owner straddled his body, slender hips raising and lowering slowly over his engorged cock, almost as if she was savoring every inch, like it was a five-star meal. His hands grasped her hips as he watched his dick move in and out of her slathering pussy.

Their moans mixed together and he moved a little underneath her, but his legs were trapped by his pants, which were bunched up around his knees. The halter spandex top and short skirt she'd been wearing when this all started was now thrown haphazardly in a corner, and her breasts bounced and jiggled as he thrust his hips upwards. Her panties were a fiery red, and the lace edges scraped along the sensitive skin of his cock, intensifying the sensation of every stroke.

This wasn't anything like what Naruto had planned for lunch. Originally, it was take-out ramen from Ichiraku at his apartment, then a quick shower and power nap before packing for his mission in Kumo.

20 minutes earlier…

Naruto inhaled, savoring the sweet scent of hot and spicy pork ramen. Teuchi had been experimenting with the new flavor, and he gave Naruto a couple of free bowls, but only on the condition that 'he'd give an honest, unbiased opinion.'

Two free bowls of ramen from Ichiraku? And a flavor that no one's ever tried before?

Yeah, Naruto would run through the market using his sexy jutsu for that.

He picked up his chopsticks and spun a few noodles around the tips, pulling them slowly out of the broth. A grin split his face as he brought them to his lips…

Knock, knock.

Say nothing, he thought to himself. Whoever it is, they'll go away. He brought the noodles to his mouth again. Come to me, sweet nectar of the gods…

Knock, knock.

"Grrrrrr!" Naruto slammed his hands down on the table in frustration. "Damn it, Anko!" He stomped across the floor threw open the front door. "Can't you give me five fucking minutes of…"

Ino was standing there, in an outfit that left very little to the imagination. And from the way it clung to her skin, Naruto could tell it was a couple of sizes too small for her.


"Hello, Naruto." Ino drawled, smirking playfully. Her hands were clasped behind her back, making her chest jut out. She had one hip cocked to the side. "May I come in?"

Naruto blinked. Outside of official Konoha business, he hadn't seen or talked to Ino since they got back from that mission with Choji and Shikamaru. As a matter of fact, rumor had it she'd purposely been going out of her way to avoid him which was weird, considering… what they did. Then again, maybe it wasn't – maybe he pushed things too far that night. But if that were true, then why the hell was she standing at his door, wearing a skin-tight outfit, looking like the cat that ate the canary?

He was calling bullshit on this one. No way was this real. It had to be another one of Anko's bizarre tests. This was probably just some random kunoichi using a henge to make herself look like Ino, and Anko was hiding somewhere nearby, watching the whole thing to see what he'd do.

If only he knew how right he was. Across the street on a rooftop, a pair of eyes were watching and judging his every move. The woman grunted in disapproval as her teeth chewed on an empty Dango stick.

Well, two can play at that game, psycho-sensei. Naruto thought smugly to himself.  "Sure, I guess." He stepped to one side to let her inside the apartment.

Ino flounced past him, casually looking around before finally stopping in the small living room area. "Whatcha doing?"

"Just eating some lunch," Naruto shrugged casually. "Nothing special."

"Really?" She stepped closer, until she was inside his 'personal space' and pressed her breasts against his chest. "Can I join you?"

A bead of sweat rolled down his temple – and it had nothing to do with the spicy ramen. Steady Naruto, he warned himself. You need food, a shower and a nap. Nothing else. Don’t take the bait. "If you want," he said, gesturing towards a chair.

Ino sat down and Naruto pushed a bowl of ramen across the table. She leaned over and inhaled deeply. "It smells good," she observed.

"Mmm, hmm." He mumbled around a mouthful of noodles. “It’s a new flavor from Ichiraku’s.”

Ino picked up a pair of chopsticks and swirled them around in the noodles, purposely gathering a larger than normal amount on the tips. She brought them slowly to her mouth, looking like she was being careful but at the last second the chopsticks slipped in her fingers, spilling broth and noodles down her chest and into her cleavage.

"Oopsie!" Ino chirped, wide eyed and innocent. "I guess I missed. Clumsy me."

Now, Naruto wasn't an idiot. Or at least, not that much of an idiot. He knew she intentionally mishandled the chopsticks so that she'd drop the ramen…

"Well, waste not want not," she quipped, as she started eating the noodles, using her cleavage as a makeshift bowl.

…but as she brought each noodle to her mouth, swirling her tongue playfully around the end of each one before slurping it slowly, even sensually…

"Mmmm," Ino hummed, licking the tips of her fingers, "soooo tasty…"

…he found himself getting more aroused than he had in the last week.

A fact that wasn’t lost on Ino. Bingo, she gloated privately to herself. I should have known from the start using the ramen would get him. Naruto's eyes were glued to her hand as she erotically smeared ramen broth over her breasts. "Like what you see, Na-Ru-To?"

He could feel the heat rising in his cheeks as he nodded vigorously.

"Would you like to see more?" she asked in a sultry tone, slowly unzipping her top.

"Oh yeah," he breathed. At this point he didn't care if she was the real Ino or not.

Ino unzipped her top agonizingly slow; her breasts were threatening to pop out but she held the zipper firm and kept them in. She was enjoying the fact that Naruto hadn't blinked once since she smeared the ramen broth all over her chest. Finally, she reached the bottom and the fabric popped to each side, hanging loosely on her shoulders. Her tits bounced a bit as they sprang free, her nipples rock hard with anticipation.  

Naruto was a little more flushed but his breathing was definitely heavier, and his eyes hadn't moved an inch. They were still latched directly onto her tits.

Time to put him over the edge, Ino thought. She dipped her hands into the bowl of ramen, soaking them in more broth to cover her chest, caressing every inch of her tits, using her fingers to tease her nipples. She slid her tongue erotically over her parted lips, letting out a breathy moan every ten seconds or so. Her hands trailed down to her flat, toned stomach, using her index finger to tease the elastic top of her skirt with the final drops of the broth.

Naruto was starting to sweat, and to make matters worse his dick was straining at the fabric of his shorts. The entire scene seemed surreal – Mei was the last woman he wanted to fuck this bad, but… but this wasn't a mission. And he knew she wasn't Tsunade or Anko, because they'd accept any advance he made.

Maybe this really was Ino. Messing with his head like this certainly fit her personality pattern, but if it wasn't her, then Anko was definitely testing him. And all it'd take was one wrong move and, BAM! She'd punish him using one of her sick, fetish fantasies.

"Are you hungry, Naruto?" Ino playfully bit the end of her fingernail, staring at him through smoldering eyelashes.

"Famished." His voice was eager, husky.

She crooked her finger at him, motioning him closer. "Then come get something to eat."

Fuck it. Anko threatened to shove a dildo up his ass if he screwed up, but even someone as sadistic as her wouldn’t punish him when the girl was giving him the metaphorical 'all-clear' as it were.

He moved swiftly forward, grabbing her by the waist and pulling her against him. He dipped his mouth and started slurping the broth, his tongue lapping the spicy, salty flavor off of her nipples.

"Ooh, Naruto," Ino cooed, roughly grabbing a fistful of his hair, pushing his face harder into the soft flesh of her breasts, "you're so… naughty. Inviting me… into your apartment… and… molesting me…”

At the word 'molesting', Naruto snapped out of the erotic funk he was in. His eyes widened and he quickly tried to back away, but tripped over the chair Ino had been sitting on and landed squarely on his ass.

“Ouch,” he groaned, wincing in pain as he rubbed his tailbone. He didn't even have a chance to open his eyes before Ino pushed him onto his back, pinning him to the floor and straddling his hips. Her skirt was hiked up enough for him to see her red lace panties as she ground her crotch against his throbbing erection.

“I can… feel it,” she muttered, gasping for breath, her hips gyrating back and forth. She looked down at him, her eyes changing from flirtatious to more desperate and aroused.


She stopped him, placing a finger on his mouth.

"You owe me, Naruto Uzumaki." Her voice practically dripped with greed and lust. "And I'm here to collect."

Owe? His face was getting more flushed. What the hell do I owe her? It didn't help that his mind was muddled, and becoming even more so as she pushed his t-shirt up, raking her nails across his chest. 

Her lips pressed against his flesh, tasting him before her tongue slipped out, gliding across one of his nipples, making Naruto shudder at the unusual feeling. When that one grew hard she moved to the other and did the same, her hips gyrating the whole time, slowly but firmly pressing against him and his hardening erection, soaking the crotch of her panties and his pants as she ground their dampness together.

Ino moaned as she moved, sliding her breasts down his body, trailing saliva with her tongue over every cut and ridge of his muscles as she worked her way down his body. At his waistline, she eyed the clasp on his pants. A quick decision later, she grabbed it with her teeth and pulled, leaving her hands right where they were, which was caressing his rock hard abs.

Once the clasp was undone, she bit the tab on the zipper and pulled downward. Once they were less constricting she grabbed the waistband of his pants and pulled them down several inches or so, allowing his cock to spring out. She gasped when it nearly hit her in the forehead, and since this was the first time she’d seen it, up close and personal in the daylight, she took a moment to admire… er, look at it.

It was longer than the vibrator she'd been using as a substitute for the last several weeks, but not by much… maybe an inch at the most, and just as wide. The big difference – no pun intended – was how the warm flesh pulsed underneath her fingers as she wrapped them around the shaft. She started to salivate, licking her lips in anticipation of finally getting the REAL Naruto, and not some silicone imitation.

Like a snake striking its prey, Ino unhinged her jaw and swallowed the tip, slowly taking him inch by inch until most of his dick was lodged in her throat. She savored the size and taste of his cock as she bobbed her head up and down, slurping and sucking on him greedily, covering his shaft, balls and most of her hand with her saliva.

Naruto moaned as he watched her, and the only thought running through his mind was holy shit, Ino Yamanaka is giving me a blow job! He still had no idea what was going on, or why, or even if this really was Ino but damn it, right now he didn't care. As far as he was concerned, this girl was Ino Yamanaka, and she was sucking him off like a pro.

She kept him in her mouth as she continued sucking him, but stopped using her hands so that she could remove her top. She flung it towards some random corner of the room and then repositioned herself. Naruto wondered curiously why she had moved, only to see her wrap the soft, tender flesh of her tits around his erection. She pressed them firmly together, using her saliva as lubricant, sliding them up and down the shaft, licking and sucking on the tip.

It might have been wrong, but he couldn't help but compare them to Tsunade's or Mei's. Tsunade usually tit-fucked him every time they hooked up – Mei, not so much. She preferred him inside her mouth, pussy or ass. Oddly enough, the honor of his first 'tit-fuck' had been taken by his shyest friend.

Mei and Tsunade's breasts were larger, but they were also softer… or maybe squishier was the right word. They felt more like water balloons than anything else. On the other hand Ino's were still soft, but they were definitely firm underneath. And even though she didn't have that much experience – or so he assumed – she was doing a hell of a job because it felt really, really good.

He could feel himself getting closer to cumming and he moaned to let her know, but she was one step ahead of him. She could feel his cock heating up, and when he looked at her, she grinned slyly.

Before he could say anything she took him whole, this time taking his dick all the way up to the hilt, nearly choking on it. She started gurgling in the back of her throat, making it vibrate. The odd sensation sent strange waves of pleasure through him and he fell back to the floor, arching a little. She slowly pulled his dick out of her throat, suctioning her lips around the rim and sucking it like a lollipop for a couple of seconds before it came out of her mouth with an audible 'pop'. Saliva was all over her chin, and a long strand snaked its way from her lower lip to the head of his cock.

Naruto looked at her again, but she wasn't paying attention. She seemed so focused on his cock – mesmerized by it almost – that it was claiming her full, undivided attention. Ino wrapped her thumb, index and middle finger around the base, giving him a few short, sharp jerks before shoving his dick back down her throat. She didn't go all the way down this time. She decided to suck him extra hard instead.

The pressure was maddening. He'd gotten sucked off before but Ino was doing it harder than he'd ever experienced. The sensation was strange – it was getting him close, but keeping him from cumming at the same time. She was teasing him, and Naruto knew it but his eyes rolled up in his head when Ino started gurgling in the back of her throat again.

“Fuck!” he cried out, moaning as Ino pulled him out of her mouth again with another 'pop'. She took a deep breath and went down on him, again and again. The vibrations were starting to feel like jolts of electricity, the pressure from her sucking building like a volcano of hot pain, just waiting to explode.

She was teasing him… drawing this out but why? He had no clue whatsoever but to Ino, this was punishment. Punishment for wanting him so much, punishment for making her sex drive reel out of control, punishment for the countless, tortuous hours of self-abuse she had to endure, masturbating with a surrogate silicone dick because of what he did to her. 

He was gonna feel what she felt. She was gonna drive him crazy with lust, and longing, and wanting... and then he was going to give her what he promised that night of the mission.

Never mind that she was the one who stopped him. It was still his fucking fault!

The sixth time Ino went down on him, the head of Naruto's dick swelled in her mouth and he finally exploded. Her cheeks puffed out from the amount and she pulled him halfway out, still keeping her lips sealed tightly around the shaft. A bit of cum dribbled down the sides but she managed to keep most of it in.

Ino pulled him out of her mouth slowly, enjoying the feeling of him shuddering underneath her. Her mouth was overloaded but she forced herself to swallow, rubbing her throat to relax it. The sound was very audible to Naruto, the swell of her cheeks got smaller with every gulp and when the last drop disappeared, she opened her mouth and gasped for air, running her tongue across her shiny, white teeth, licking them clean.

"And now for the main course," she said in a sultry, hungry tone. She grabbed the waistline of his pants and tugged, planning on getting rid of the last thing standing between her and what she ultimately came here for…

An alarm went off in Naruto’s mind. Anko wouldn’t punish him for fucking someone who wanted to be fucked, but she’d definitely kill him if…


Ino stopped. Her first look was a mixture of shock and confusion, but the one she gave him after that would have withered a cactus.

“Excuse me?”

Naruto panicked a little. He’d seen that look way too many times before. If it wasn’t for her blonde hair, Naruto would have sworn it was Sakura staring back at him, promising pain on a number of levels. He quickly fished around in his back pocket and pulled out a condom.

“We gotta use this…” he said firmly, waving it in front of her face.

Ino narrowed her eyes at the small, shiny square package. She’d planned on using a contraceptive jutsu – all girls at the academy knew how to do it – but Naruto probably didn’t know that. Still, if it was the only way to get what she wanted…

Ino smiled and sat on his shins to make sure he couldn’t move. She tore open the packet with her teeth and placed the condom seductively in her mouth.

Naruto was confused as hell by what she was doing, until she grabbed the base of his cock again, holding it in place. She leaned down and slowly pushed his cock down her throat, unrolling the condom on it using her lips and teeth.

Ino had never put a condom on a guy like this before, but she’d read about it in one of her Icha Icha novels and decided to give it a try. It felt weird… not fleshy and hot like before but smooth, cool and… rubbery. At least the lubricant was strawberry flavored, so she didn’t gag on the taste. 

When she pulled his cock out of her mouth, the condom was halfway down his shaft and she used her hands to roll it down the rest of the way. Then she grabbed the waistline of his pants and pulled, and this time Naruto didn’t offer up any resistance, even lifting his back and legs to help her out. Once they were off Ino flung them in the same general direction she’d thrown her top earlier. Maybe she’d get lucky and they’d land squarely on her top, infusing the fabric with his scent, which seemed like a mixture of wood, musk and ramen.

Holy fuck, she thought silently, am I that much of a closet pervert? Do I really want a piece of clothing hidden in my room that smells like Naruto?

She didn’t bother answering herself. Addicts lived in constant denial and right now, she was sleeping on denial’s couch. 

Ino shifted, moving her hips forward and raising one side up, so that she could push open the small strip of red lace covering her entrance. She pressed the tip of his dick against her pussy and rubbed it back and forth, sending shivers through her body in anticipation.

“Finally…” she muttered as she slid down on him, letting out a contented sigh. She arched her hips, grinding them from front to back as she moved him in and out of her dripping snatch at a slow, almost leisurely pace.

Naruto moaned in pleasure as well, but after a minute or two of Ino riding him she frowned, moving this way and that, like she was trying to get comfortable.

Something was definitely off. "Uh… are you okay?"

Ino knit her brows. "No, I'm not. This doesn't feel right," with feel being the key word. The condom was keeping her from feeling the warm pulsing of his cock. It was keeping her from feeling it throb, keeping his flesh from hitting every sensitive nerve inside of her. The latex was acting as a barrier between her and a mind-shattering orgasm of epic proportions.

It had to go. She got up off her hips and moved to the side, pulling him out. When she started rolling the condom back up, Naruto's hands shot out, struggling with her to keep it on.

"Hey, wait! What gives?"

"Shut up," she snapped, swatting at his hands until he moved them. She quickly rolled the condom back up and threw it in nearby trash can. "I don't like that thing."

"But you… you might get pregnant! I can't just…"

Ino flashed through a few hand signs. "There. I just used a contraception jutsu."

"Contraception jutsu?" He blinked in confusion. "What the heck is that? It sounds made up."

She sighed. "It's a jutsu that keeps me from getting pregnant. All kunoichi in Konoha are taught it in the academy." She moved back into position and grabbed the base of his cock, positioning the tip of his dick at the entrance of her glistening snatch. "Now, let's get back to business…"

…and that's where they were now, Ino grinding her hips as she moaned out his name, hands running all over his body while she rode his cock. Her hips were moving as fast and as hard as she could manage. The feel of his cock against the walls of her pussy was like an iron rod wrapped in velvet – it was hitting all the right spots and rubbing all the right nerves.

"Oooh, yes," she cooed, her eyes rolling back into her head, "this is sooo much better…"

Once the condom was off, Naruto could sense the tremendous amount of muscle control Ino had in her vagina. She was clamping down on him, but the spots were moving, like she was massaging his dick with her pussy. The sensations were both maddening and insane at the same time.

His experience sleeping with women was limited – he didn't know as much as someone like Jiraiya, who always seemed hornier than a rabbit in mating season – but damn if this wasn't a first for him.

Offhandedly, he wondered where she learned to do that, and then the thought flittered away when Ino slammed her hips into him again. His eyes snapped back up to her face, where he could see her lips curled into a smile of absolute bliss, her desperation for an orgasm driving her hips faster and faster.

Naruto moaned louder than she did, his hands clamped on her hips, holding them in place to make sure he didn't accidentally 'pop out' and slam his dick into her pelvic bone. That happened once with Mei when they were fucking on the beach. Kurama laughed at his pain for a solid hour afterwards.

Ino suddenly frowned, and then slapped his hands away before repositioning her legs, so that instead of straddling his hips she was squatting on them. That way, she could slam his dick into her pussy even harder. She arched her back, trying to hit some of her deeper, more sensitive spots.

Naruto had his hands flat on the floor, using them for additional leverage to thrust his hips upwards against her downward thrusts, meeting her in the middle. Each collision sounded like a bullet going off in a steady, staccato sexual rhythm. As they became more desperate and hungry his strength began to overpower hers, and each thrust almost lifted Ino off the ground.

“Oh, fuck… Naruto….” Ino moaned. The gyrating motions of their hips were getting harder and faster as they pounded away incessantly at each other.

Harder. Faster. Harder. Faster.

“Ahhh, yes…. Ohhhhh, fuck me… fuck me… fuck me…” Ino chanted, begging him for more, begging him to pound her until she exploded in pleasure.

More and more…. Her begging and pleading grew louder, her breathing heavier, her body hotter and then…

Her scream echoed through the room, her back arched to near breaking as everything went white, and when her mind stopped spinning and her vision cleared from the euphoric overload, she collapsed on top of Naruto's chest in exhaustion, her legs shaking with slight tremors as she straddled him once again. 

Her eyes closed and she smiled, sighing in contentment. She finally got what she wanted.

But her eyes snapped open when Naruto's hands grabbed her hips and rolled her onto her back. They narrowed in a hint of excitement when he wrapped his hands around her left leg and lifted it. Then they widened when he stood up, pulling her with him, repositioning their legs so that they were scissoring each other.

Ino was now resting on her shoulders, practically doing a headstand as Naruto hovered over her. She wondered what the hell he was doing, but then he let out a low, almost primal growl which sent a shiver down her spine.

"N-Naruto?" she sputtered, her body trembling with anticipation and fear.

He ignored her and positioned the head of his cock her entrance, then drove it straight down into her dripping snatch.

"OH, FUCK!" Ino shouted, gasping as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. She arched her neck against the ground for leverage and support as Naruto rose up and slammed back into her again, piledriving his dick into her pussy like he was pounding a fencepost into the ground. Between her exhaustion and sexual buildup, Ino was practically out of breath but she didn't care. Naruto was giving her the fuck of her life.

"That's so fucking good, Naruto. SO FUCKING GOOD!"

Ino's head thrashed about as she foamed at the mouth; her throat raw from the nonstop moaning and screaming as he drove his cock into her again and again. She'd never done this position before, but Naruto was hitting a whole slew of new areas deep inside of her. It was all she could do to keep screaming his name, begging for more.

"OH…MY… GOOOOOODDDDD!" Her cheeks and breasts suddenly flushed a deep red. She threw her head back and screamed as the second orgasm hit. This one seemed twice as powerful as the first and her pussy fountained with orgasmic juice, coating his dick and balls making wet, splashing, sucking sounds as he continued to pound her through the orgasm. The overflow dribbled down her stomach and onto her breasts, mixing with the heavy coating of sweat on her skin.

“Wow. Never seen a chick actually explode pussy juice like that before," a female voice said.

Their heads snapped around and saw Anko standing in the doorway, casually leaning against the frame. She was expertly twirling a dango skewer in-between her teeth, using only her tongue with a self-satisfied, very smug smirk plastered on her face.

Face flushing red from embarrassment, Naruto let go of Ino's leg and dropped her on the floor like a sack of potatoes. His cock sprang out of her snatch and he dove for the pile of clothes, scrambling to cover himself up.

“A-Anko, it… this isn’t… I was just… Naruto, he… it’s not what it looks like!” Still flushed and breathing heavily, Ino used her weak and trembling legs to back herself up against the nearest wall, her pussy leaving a glistening trail of juice on the carpet. She tried desperately to cover up her nudity and failed miserably. What was Anko even doing here?

“It looked like you were fucking Naruto. Or Naruto was fucking you. Either way, you were enjoying every second of it.” She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. “Am I wrong?”

Ino looked away, for once at a loss for words. She really didn't have anything to say in her defense.

“Anko?! What the hell?” Naruto was standing in the corner, covering up his crotch with his wadded up pair of pants. “You couldn't wait until later to get your report?"

Anko shrugged. "I could have – if I'd sent her in the first place."

"You… you didn’t send her?”

Ino glanced between Naruto and Anko. “Why would she send me?” she asked in confusion.

“Because…" Naruto blinked, then his eyes grew wide as reality set in. "…wait a minute. You mean you're the REAL Ino?!"

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean?" she demanded indignantly. "Of course I'm Ino! Who the hell else would I be?"

"I figured…" An alarm went off in Naruto's head, warning him not to finish that sentence. He shook his head and waved his hands frantically in front of him. "Wait a minute, wait a minute… you've been avoiding me for months! So what the hell was all that about? With the outfit, and the ramen…"

"You're blaming me?!" she shouted, glaring daggers at him. “This is all your fault!”

“WHAT?!” He screeched indignantly. "You came on to me first! How is this MY fault???"

"Children, children, children," Anko chided them both, "you can quibble about this later. Naruto needs to clean up – he has a mission." She cocked an eyebrow at him. "Or did you forget?"

"But… but…" he stammered, his face flushing a bright red, "I haven't… finished yet…"

Ino's eyes snapped over to Naruto. They fucked for a good thirty minutes, she had two mind shattering orgasms and he still didn't finish? What the hell kind of stamina did he have?

"Then go finish yourself off," Anko retorted, "or take a cold shower. Either way, why don't you give me and your naked blonde friend here some privacy?"

"But this is my apartment!"

Anko sighed. "Then go in the bedroom, lock the door, take a shower and finish packing. Use the window if you need to leave," she explained patiently, nodding her head towards Ino. "I'll lock the front door when we're done."

Naruto wanted to argue, but thought better of it. He sheepishly gathered the rest of his clothes and walked to his bedroom, his eyes lingering on Ino's naked form as he passed by.

When the lock clicked, Anko grinned wickedly at Ino, who was still huddled against the wall, face flaming a bright red as she desperately tried to cover up her body.

Anko pulled out the chair Naruto had been sitting in. She grabbed his chopsticks and purposely slurped a large bunch of noodles, as loudly and slowly as she could… basically telling Ino she'd been watching the entire time.

“So… you’re interested in Naruto, huh?”

“Huh?! W-what?!” Ino shook her head in denial. “N-No! It’s just… just… I just… ummm…”

"I see. Then it was just sex?”

Ino looked away, nodding slightly.

"So…" Anko slurped another large group of noodles, "since you've clearly got the itch for Naruto, tell me… do you plan on fucking him whenever the mood strikes you? That is, when he's not away on missions, of course…"

Ino nodded again. "That might be several times a week, though." Her blush crept down her neck and across her cleavage. "He makes me really horny."

Anko tossed her chopsticks onto the table and leered suggestively at Ino.

"Then maybe I can help you with that."
The journey to Kumo was shorter than Naruto thought it would be. He always moved faster when he was alone, and that's exactly what he was on this mission. Alone.

He spent the first half of the journey thinking about what happened with Ino. What the hell was that whole thing about? Avoiding him for weeks, even months, and then showing up at his apartment, acting like a tiger at feeding time at the zoo?

The whole thing was definitely unexpected. Not to mention totally fucking hot. But he couldn’t dwell on it. He had a mission after all, and he needed to focus.

The details seemed simple enough. X-rank, so yeah, that kinda gave him the gist. Meet a girl, gain her trust and screw her brains out. But this was a priority mission, given by the council just like the one for Mei Terumi. However, that one was a cake walk compared to his target in Kumogakure.

At least Mei wanted to get into his pants. From what he read in the file, his target this time was quite a bit… colder.

She was someone the Raikage trusted explicitly – a high ranked official, and if he could get in good with her, then Konoha would almost certainly have a close ally within the village inner circle.

Seemed simple, right? Well, not really.

The person in question was named Samui… she was fiercely loyal to her village, the Raikage and her team but beyond that, she was known for having metaphorical walls built around her taller and thicker than the ones surrounding Konoha.

Anko briefed him fully from every source they had gathered about the Kumo jōnin, but she admitted good or bad, success or failure he'd be alone on this from beginning to end. She reviewed several flirting and seducing scenarios, which he honestly found dishonest and hurtful towards the person he'd be using them on. But at the same time, he was mildly curious how many of these 'techniques' actually worked.

As for the mission itself, his cover was the Shinobi Teacher Exchange. For the next month he'd be living in Kumo, watching how they train their shinobi, and maybe giving a little bit of input and assistance along the way. There'd be a Kumo shinobi in Konoha as well, doing the same thing he was doing – hopefully minus the X-Rank part, of course. In fact, they briefly passed and greeted each other, sharing ‘tips’ on living in each other’s villages before continuing on.

As an added bonus, while he was there he planned to spend some time training with his fellow jinchuuriki, Killer B. As long as the training didn't involve any rapping.

Above all else, the mission still took priority though.

After he arrived, he didn't take any detours and reported immediately to the Shinobi Headquarters – which he had to ask for directions to, when he finally realized he had no idea where it was.

Conveniently enough, they'd set up the building right next to the academy and it didn't take long to report in. A young kunoichi named Sachi was assigned to be his liaison during his stay. She showed him to a rented apartment and said she'd come by every morning to bring him to and from the academy – at least until he learned his way around the village. She'd also assist him with anything else he needed to make his stay in Kumo more comfortable, which he appreciated but still felt uncomfortable with. He didn't like having a ‘servant’ practically wait on him hand and foot, even if he was a guest.

By the time he was settled in and Sachi left, it was early evening. The sun turned the sky orange and Naruto wasn't really all that tired. He had already seen some of the village, but he knew from experience that places, even familiar ones looked and felt different at night.

After a warm shower and a change of clothes, Naruto hit the streets to taste the night life of Kumo.

It was more… musical than he expected. There were more places with live music than Konoha had, that's for sure, but Konoha had a greater variety of musical styles from all over the continent. Bar after bar, restaurant after restaurant, his ears were massaged with the sounds of music, laughter, and cheer.

It was in one of these bars that he caught a glimpse of a buxom blonde with short hair. He recognized her from the photo in his mission file… it was Samui, his target. She was sitting at the counter, drinking what he guessed (due to the size of her glass) was fire whiskey, eating absently from a bowl of potato chips as she listened to a small band playing music on a stage way in the back.

Naruto took a deep breath and slowly walked inside, being extra careful not to stare, but also making sure not to look like he was avoiding her. He gave her a casual glance as he walked past and sat down at an empty table nearby.

He stretched a little, almost theatrically, then picked up a menu standing in the center between several bottles of condiments. There was really nothing special, food wise. Ninety percent of the menu was specialty drinks, and the other ten was standard bar food. Chips, pretzels, various cheeses and some sort of trail mix. The only thing that could even remotely be considered a meal was a sandwich, but that was only before eight p.m. and it was seven forty now. He was actually feeling pretty hungry, and he reminded himself that first thing tomorrow, he'd ask Sachi where the best ramen shop in town was.

When a waitress came he ordered a soda and a turkey club sandwich. She nodded and left, and he turned his attention to studying Samui. She was tall; just an inch or so shorter than he was. Her body was full figured, voluptuous and curvy. Her breasts were larger than most others he'd seen, but Tsunade still had her beat. She was pretty, but the stoic look on her face showed very little of how she was feeling.

Of course, stoic or not, she was very observant of her surroundings and Naruto, not exactly known for being subtle, was eventually observed by the blonde in question.

She glanced over her shoulder, narrowing her eyes, visibly giving him the once over before purposely dismissing him. 

Naruto cheered silently. He hadn’t been in the bar twenty minutes and he’d already caught her attention. She wasn’t happy about him staring, and was giving him the brush off.

He continued to wait, pretending he didn't see the brush off, or realize it was for him. He figured she'd either leave, or get in his face and tell him to stop staring. Either way, he’d get a chance to talk with her, and at the very least he'd have some idea of how to deal with her the next time they 'accidentally' ran into each other.

The waitress came back soon after that with his food and drink, which he quickly polished off. After that he relaxed, listening to the music and occasionally glancing at Samui. It didn't take long before she walked over and stood at his table.

“You’re constant undressing of me has worn out its welcome.” She made sure she was loud enough for only him to hear. Anyone further than a few feet away would only see her lips move and hear the music playing.

“I wasn’t un—”

She cut him off. “You've been staring at me since you came in.”

He shrugged. “Well, yeah." He could tell she was startled by his candid reply. "But I'd say more like admiring. And to be perfectly honest, you are very attractive. If you weren't, I wouldn't be staring in the first place."

Wow. Even he was surprised at how smooth that sounded.

Samui frowned. “That doesn't mean it's not unwelcome. You're making an assumption just because we're in a bar."

Naruto held up his hands in surrender. "That's true. But there's also a big difference between a man admiring you and leering at you." A thought suddenly popped into his head, and he eyed her warily. "Unless you're into women and not men. In that case…"

"I'm not a lesbian," she snapped, a little louder than she'd intended. Well, there was that one time during that mission in Amegakure. The woman's curves, emerald eyes and sun-kissed skin made even someone like Samui, who normally wouldn't even be remotely interested in such a thing, more than a bit curious. They were alone in that private onsen and between the saké, the steam and the inviting smiles, one thing led to another…

She shook her head, banishing the thought before her face flushed incriminatingly at the memory. "And you're just a pervert like most men, so quit being so eloquent."

Naruto gave a short laugh, which caught her attention. “Sorry. It's just that I've been called a lot of things before, but eloquent wasn't one of them. Most people say I don’t think before I speak.”

“Really?” she drawled sarcastically, obviously not convinced by his words.

“Yeah. I have a tendency to say what's on my mind and in my heart. Most of the time it’s good, but… let’s just say I’ve been punched through a few walls for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time."

“So you really weren’t undressing me with your eyes?”

Honesty seemed to be the best policy so far, so Naruto figured he'd keep going. Besides, her worst couldn't be nearly as bad as Sakura's. “Truthfully, I wasn’t doing that at all. I was just admiring your legs and…” He paused and looked away, blushing slightly. “…your chest.”

She cocked an eyebrow and frowned. Naruto expected her to smack his face and walk out of the bar, but instead she just covered her chest with her hand. “Wow. You really don’t know when not to say something. Most men leer and lie to my face about it.”

“Like I said, I'm usually honest to a fault. And I'm just appreciating what I see."

“You mean you’re a pervert who likes to look at women's breasts,” she corrected him.

He sighed. “Yes, I like to look at women's breasts. Hopefully that doesn't make me too bad of a person." He chuckled dryly. She didn’t laugh, but it didn't look or feel like she was angry at him. At least that was something.

“Well, I gotta go. Maybe I’ll see you again… err…”

He waited for her name as he rose from his seat, but she didn't say a thing. After a few moments of awkward silence gave her a small smile and started walking towards the door.

“Samui.” He heard her say as he walked by. He stopped and grinned as he stuck out his hand.

"Naruto. Nice to meet you, Samui."

To be continued…