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X-Rank Mission 4: Uzumaki Torture

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In a dark room, the sounds of heavy breathing faintly filled the air. Short, husky gasps and stuttered breaths interrupted the silence in perfect rhythm while her fingers worked their magic on the private space between her legs. Her other hand traced circles around the areole of her right breast, spreading a few beads of sweat around the surface. Her knuckles brushed lightly against the erect pink nipple, eliciting a soft moan of pleasure.

Toes curled, gripping the sheet that was bunched up at the edge of the bed as the fingers between her legs found a particularly sensitive area. She pressed down firmly, running them up and down her slick, damp pink folds that seemed to suck gently at her fingertips, opening and closing as they tried to coax them inside of her. 

Her pelvis arched, digging her fingers in up to the knuckles. The wetness in her depths spilled out, flowing down her ass and lubricating her dark hole before dripping onto the sheet below. She moved her fingers around inside of her, trying to find a spot that had been touched before – but not by her. Her desperation grew and two, then three fingers went inside, moving in asynchronous rhythm as they continued their search.

She couldn't count how many times she'd done this to herself over the last couple of months, but as the number grew so did her frustration. It seemed like an eternity ago when she began doing this, driving herself to orgasm time after time, greedily wanting more of what he'd unknowingly awoken inside of her.   

Her fingers slipped in again, and she trembled.

“S-So close….” Ino muttered into the empty room. She opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling, through damp strands of blonde hair that stuck messily to her face. After slowly building herself up towards euphoric bliss, she pulled her fingers out and began stroking her folds once again. She'd lost count of how many times she'd stopped herself, only to start back at the beginning.

Her face was flushed pink, and a thick sheen of sweat covered her naked body from head to toe. Her chest rose and fell with every large gasp for breath, her firm breasts pointing towards the ceiling. Her body twisted and turned, crying out against the sexual torture Ino was inflicting on herself, desperate for the release but every time she got close, she stopped herself.

“Why am I doing this again?” she murmured to herself. The question was meaningless of course, since she knew very well the reason why she kept drawing it out, over and over again. The closer she got to breaking, the more intense the release was seemed to be.

Just like that night.

“N-Naruto…” she muttered into the darkness, “it's all… your… fault….”

Months ago she'd been on a mission with the whiskered blond, and he'd been the one who did this to her. Before then, masturbating was just simple pleasure, a way to relax or relieve stress. Her only interest was reaching the end, cumming as fast as she could but now… after what he did to her…
She only had herself to blame, but in her defense she never expected it to come to this.

It's just… why did he have to be so damn infuriating?

Shikamaru was in charge of the mission, which was the usual chain of command for her team and due to the nature of the mission he reasoned that having Naruto join them would greatly increase their chances of success. The loudmouthed blond had of course jumped at the chance.

Now they were a day's travel from Konoha, they'd set up camp for the night – and Naruto was being a pain in the neck, as usual. Not that Shikamaru and Choji seemed to mind – the two of them were acting almost as bad as Naruto was. MEN!

They were all sitting around the campfire, talking and joking about their lives. Ino was telling a story about some boy who'd almost tripped over his own tongue when she wore some dress or another. She said it was some old thing she'd found in the back of her closet that she'd just thrown on – even though the guys knew she'd probably bought it only days before, hoping men would drool all over themselves at the sight of her.

"Well, I'm sure you looked nice in that dress," Naruto said, chuckling lightly.

Nice? NICE? I looked smoking hot! "I'm sure you wouldn't have said 'nice' if you'd seen me. You would have been down on your knees in the street, begging me to go out with you."

"I don't know about that," he replied with a shrug. "What you're wearing right now is nice and all, but if the dress was anything like that, I think it'd be pretty easy for me to resist."

Ino looked down at herself. She was wearing her standard mission outfit – a purple top and skirt over a black pair of shorts, with mesh covering her elbows and knees. As usual, her well-toned midriff was showing. She could never prove it, but she always felt it distracted men in battle, giving her a slight edge.

"Well, I'm not trying to seduce you, idiot!" Ino huffed in annoyance. This was now a matter of pride more than anything else. "If I was really trying, you'd be following me around like a lost puppy with your tongue hanging out of your mouth! Men are so easy to figure out! Just show a little skin and…"

Her pride took another hit as she was interrupted by Naruto, who broke out laughing even harder this time. She'd been so pleased with herself, thinking she was making her point and he was treating the entire thing like it was some damn joke!

She hated that. She was a lot of things, but a joke wasn’t one of them.

For the rest of the time until they retired for the night she'd given Naruto the cold shoulder. Shikamaru and Choji had teased him mercilessly with ideas of how Ino would get her revenge.

She'd been setting up her sleeping bag when he approached her, muttering various words of apology for laughing and mocking her. She pretended to ignore him, even though she found it sweet how he kept complimenting her and saying she really was attractive.

Ino finally turned to him and playfully poked his chest, telling him she accepted his apology. She teased him with a smile, flirting with him.

“So then, I'm attractive, am I?”

“Yeah,” he said, hoping she was happy with the compliment.

“Am I…. the most attractive girl you’ve ever seen?” she egged him on, trying to get him to be more specific. She wanted to see if he really did think so, and she knew Naruto wouldn't lie to her.

“Well, I umm… I guess, err… you're one of them.” He said, flushing a little. He hoped he didn't upset her by intentionally being vague about where she actually ranked on his list.

Ino scrunched her face, wondering how pleased she should be with his answer. It wasn't what she wanted, but at least it meant he considered her one of the more attractive women he knew – and he was friends with a lot of women, both in Konoha and those he'd met on his travels.

But of course she had to push it. "Well, it's not surprising you'd say that. I mean, it's pretty obvious that I'm attractive," she said cockily, running her hands over her curves, trying to see if the erotic movement would affect him.

Instead, he simply rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly, and she realized he was completely oblivious to the sexual undertones she'd teased him with. Looking back on it, she honestly should've known better. Naruto wouldn't get the hint unless she showed up in front of him completely naked – and even then her chances were fifty percent at best.

After that, Naruto left and they all prepared for a good night's sleep. Shikamaru started to snore almost as soon as his head hit his pillow. For the person who loved staring at clouds all day, falling asleep and waking up at a moment's notice was one skill he had in spades.

Choji fell asleep after having his late night-early pre-midnight mid-early morning bag of salt and vinegar potato chips. Ino wondered if the Akimichi food pills he carried were flavored like the potato chips he always ate. Her stomach roiled at the thought.

Naruto had set up his sleeping bag a little ways away from the group. He told them he tended to flop around a lot in his sleep and didn't want to disturb anyone else – or accidentally roll into the fire.

As for Ino, she was wide awake – watching Naruto's chest rise and fall, wondering if he was really asleep. She wondered how a well-known pervert like Naruto could be so unaffected by her sexiness. Sakura had complained to Ino on a number of occasions about how much of a perv Naruto was – the pinkette was certain he'd been staring at her ass whenever he walked behind her, or staring at her chest whenever they talked face to face.

Not that she cared what Sakura thought. And forehead's chest and ass weren't anywhere near as good as hers was. But even after trying to flirt with him, even jokingly he hadn't done a damn thing! It was like he didn't find her interesting in the slightest.

NO! That couldn't be it. He was just being a big, stupid, difficult jerk.

Not that she cared.

Ino continued to watch him, wondering what it would take. What was it about Sakura that made Naruto continue to go after her, over and over again, knowing that it would end in failure every time? Whatever it was, Ino was missing something…

She looked up at the sky, the stars twinkling brightly against the inky black darkness. The moon offered very little light, and it was only because of a combination of that and the dying embers of the campfire that she could see the blond laying there. He was probably thinking of some other hot girl that he'd met in some far away country or another, perving on this mystery woman in his dreams instead of her…

Not that she cared.

She groaned and sat up, her eyes boring into his back. How in the world could he NOT find her attractive, just like other guys did? What was wrong with her?

Before she knew it, Ino slipped out of her sleeping bag. She'd unhooked the clasp on her bra, and the zipper on her top was partially undone – mostly because her breasts tended to sweat, while the rest of her body stayed comfortably warm. And opening it all the way wasn't an option – she was a tease, not a nudist. She walked over to Naruto and gently tapped him on his shoulder.

“Nnngh… Ino? What’s wrong?” Naruto asked groggily, through half-lidded eyes. He'd definitely been asleep.

“My sleeping bag must be damaged," she lied. "I can't seem to get warm."

He rubbed his eyelids with the back of his hand. “I don’t have a spare one, or extra blankets.”

“Then, how about YOU keep me warm?” she whispered erotically, and before Naruto could say anything Ino opened his sleeping bag halfway and slipped in, her legs on either side of his body. She used her hands to help wriggle the rest of the way into the bag, pressing against him as she slid her body down. A little tease never hurt anybody, right?

She slowed down a bit as her breasts passed in front of his eyes, making sure he got a lingering, up close and completely unobstructed view of 'the girls' and her impressive cleavage.  

A slight, but triumphant smile appeared on her lips when they were finally face to face, and she saw how red Naruto was. Yeah… that got him. "You don't mind keeping me warm, do you?" Her tone was soft and sultry as she pulled the zipper up from the inside.

“N-No,” he gulped. Ino felt absolutely victorious now. Her ego was completely stoked as Naruto nervously melted, trying to look anywhere but directly at her. Maybe he was easier than she thought.

“Are you ok?” Ino teased softly, idly tracing circles on his chest with her finger. She was enjoying the feeling of power she had over him – and the revenge for him messing with her earlier. “I’m not making you… uncomfortable, am I?” she asked, laughing awkwardly as she felt a bulge press against her.

She had him right where she wanted him. And now she had to punish him.

"You can touch my body as much as you want… for my inconveniencing you,” she whispered sensuously into his year. Ino was rewarded when he flushed brighter than she ever thought he could.

The first thing she felt was his hands slowly travelling up her bare thighs, moving under her skirt and pushing it up to grab her ass. He gave her cheeks a gentle squeeze and then began to knead them, moving his hands around like he was either trying to massage every square inch or looking for the perfect spot for his palms. When the edge of his fingertips started to creep underneath her panties she gently grasped his wrists and pushed them down, settling them on her thighs again.

“How do I feel?” she almost purred, gyrating her hips against his. “Is my skin smooth?  Are my thighs… luscious?”

“Yeah,” Naruto said as his hands moved up again. She shifted a little, intending to rub her breasts up against him, hoping to make him squirm just a tiny bit more. Instead he rolled her onto her back, and she gasped as his leg fell between hers, hitting her crotch and grinding a little against her sweet spot.

Now it was Ino's turn to flush and she tried to move, but Naruto had her pinned underneath him, and his hands were back on her ass, squeezing harder. It was starting to feel too good and she moved her hips, trying to wriggle out from underneath his grasp but it caused her to unintentionally rub up and down, grinding her sensitive nub against his muscular thigh and making her draw a quick breath.

“N-Naruto… please….” She gasped. A voice in the back of her mind was pleading with her to stop, however before she could utter a word she was hit with a wave of pleasure. She bit down on her lip, trying to stifle the moan that escaped her mouth. The last thing she wanted was to have Shikamaru and Choji wake up and see where she was, and what was going on.

Unfortunately for her, Naruto misunderstood the moan and thought she wanted more. His hands moved from her ass and he hooked his fingers into the waistline of her panties, pushing them down as far as he could within the confines of the sleeping bag.

It didn't take long for her dampness to soak through the leg of his pants. Her arousal made him hard and fogged his mind. Like a man possessed his hands moved to the front of his pants and began to undo his belt.

Ino gasped at the movement and grabbed his hands, stopping him. That's enough, a voice pleaded with her from the back of her mind. He's hard, and I never intended to have sex with him – just punish him a little for not thinking I was one of the sexiest women he'd ever seen. She shifted a little in the sleeping bag. But that bulge I'm feeling is pretty impressive. Maybe I could…

She shook her head, banishing the thought. “I s-said only t-touching.”

Naruto nodded and put his arms around her, turning the two of them to the side. She wondered what he was up to, and why the sudden change of position but then her eyes widened as his fingers began running up her inner thigh. Ino had no doubts as to where they would end up and she grew nervous, mainly because she was enjoying this far more than she had planned and in turn was rapidly losing control. His hands were running over every sensitive nerve, sending hot and cold shivers up and down her spine and her desire to stop him from going any further was rapidly diminishing.

Ino rolled to her other side, unable to look him in the eyes now, fearful that he'd see her so vulnerable and inwardly berating herself for letting things get so heated. Her entire slit was soaked so badly that her thighs were slick down to her knees, more than likely creating a wet spot on the outside of the sleeping bag she was 'sharing' with Naruto.

She was now facing the forest, so no one could see how flushed her face was. Her lips were parted slightly as she panted, silently gasping for breath in-between quiet moans of pleasure. And then her eyes widened even further and she bit down hard on her lip as she felt a finger slide across her pussy lips; first one side and then the other. She shivered with anticipation as he hovered near the top, close to her clitoris but then he moved on.

She never teased herself this much when she masturbated – she usually got herself off as fast as she could, but Naruto… this idiot was taking his time! It was driving her mad with desire – she wanted to scream, to let out everything she was holding in but she knew she couldn't with Shikamaru and Choji close by.

Ino opened her mouth, planning to tell Naruto to quit fucking around but he suddenly switched to using his fingernail, running it along her labia and giving her an entirely different feeling than before. She clamped a hand down on her mouth, moaning into her palm and stifling her voice.

Her timing was impeccable, because half a second later Naruto slid a finger inside her wet slit. He was finally inside of her, and his fingers would make her cum. She'd allow that – he was the one who'd gotten her so horny, and it was the least he could do after torturing her like he did.

Ino squeezed her eyes shut, concentrating every ounce of effort into keeping herself as quiet as possible as his finger slid in and out of her wetness. A second finger went in and she bit down on the edge of the sleeping bag, turning it into a makeshift gag, then the first finger came out and flicked her clit as the second one continued to slide around inside of her.

Yes, Naruto… make me cum. She felt the unmistakable rush of heat and lust and every flick, twist or thrust of his fingers pushed her a little closer to orgasm, but then… his fingers suddenly stopped.

No, no, no… don't you fucking dare do this to me, Naruto! Ino screamed internally, as his fingers pulled out and trailed up her stomach, spreading her wetness both in and around her bellybutton. 

What the hell are you doing? Ino cried out mentally as he began rubbing her pussy lips again, instead of shoving his fingers back inside of her. His fingertips flicked over her clit in a staccato beat pattern, causing her to grip the covers tighter in both frustration and anticipation.

I want your fingers inside me… she shook her head, denying what was happening and pleading for what she wanted. Make me cum, Naruto… stick your fingers back inside my pussy and finish what you started!

Almost telepathically, her silent pleas reached him and his fingers dug back inside her pussy. It felt like he was exploring every inch of her; from her swollen labia and clit to her darkest depths. He was reaching places and touching her in ways that even she, in all the times she'd masturbated had never done. It was new, it was different, it was intoxicating and holy fuck, did she want more of it.  

So when his other hand reached around, slipped underneath her shirt and began to grope her breasts, she didn't utter one word of protest.

“So this is what they feel like,” he whispered, sounding excited as well as innocently curious.

Ino whimpered softly as Naruto worked her pussy and kneaded her breasts. Fingers moved inside, swirling around and brushing against spots and nerve endings, sending what felt like electric shocks of pleasure throughout her system. His other hand circled around her areola, rubbing her nipples over and over again and somehow, either consciously or subconsciously, making sure to distribute his time evenly between each side. Each nipple was now harder than she ever remembered, and goosebumps ran up and down her arms every time his fingers pressed down, flicked or rubbed them.

Tired of being restricted, Naruto pulled at the zipper on the front of her blouse. Between Ino lowering it to cool herself while she slept, and Naruto's hands working her breasts it was almost at the bottom, and he only had to pull it down a short way before the fabric popped open under its own force. He realized she purposely kept it tight – maybe for additional support while fighting or more likely, to make her breasts look firmer and bigger.

Either way, her tits were definitely under some serious pressure for her top to spring open like that. Too bad he couldn't see the view from the front – Naruto would bet a week's worth of Ichiraku ramen that it was amazing. Thankfully, her bra was already loose as well, making it easy to push up and completely expose her breasts, so he could explore every angle and inch of their roundness.   

Ino was hot now; burning up on the inside. She was hotter than she'd ever felt before, sweating from the combined warmth of both her and Naruto within the confines of the sleeping bag. Her body was soaked, mostly from sweat but also from a thick coating of pussy juice that flowed like a river from her snatch. A few droplets formed, and it both tickled and itched as they ran down the back of her thighs, before being soaked up by the fabric.

Naruto went back to concentrating mostly on her pussy, jamming two fingers inside her and then pumping them in and out. Even though he was more forceful than before, he went slowly, not wanting to hurt her by being too rough but inside Ino's mind, she was screaming at him to go faster, begging him to make her cum. She wanted to say those words, but somehow it felt embarrassing to say those things – especially to Naruto.

As for Naruto, he knew he must be doing something right when her hips began to tremble. Ino crossed her legs, grinding them against his hands while at the same time rubbing up against the bulge in his boxer shorts, which was the only thing between his dick and her ass cheeks.

Ino could feel herself building towards a climax, and the desire to cum was almost overwhelming. Naruto's exploration was agonizing yet at the same time driving her insane with pleasure, and she prayed that he wouldn't stop this time, because she didn't know how much more of this she could take.

Her eyes widened when she felt his cock rubbing up against her bare ass. “Ino… c-can I?” he almost begged.

Ino shook her head. She didn't start all this for sex. That's not what she wanted – or was it? If he stuck his cock inside her pussy, she'd finally cum. She'd finally get the release his fingers had been denying her.

"Y-Yes," she breathed hotly. She couldn't take it anymore. Fuck me, shove your hard cock in me and make me cum, is what she wanted to say, but that was too much. It would be a mistake. "Just not inside," she added. "Do whatever you want, just… just not inside."

The two moaned softly together in his sleeping bag. Both of them were hot, sweaty and flushed as they moved almost in tandem. Naruto thrust two fingers roughly inside Ino's drenched pussy, while he rubbed his cock along the crack of her ass, which was now just as slick with her juices. She grabbed his hand and pressed down, driving his fingers deeper inside of her snatch, trying to get herself to cum as fast as possible.

"Naruto, make me cum please. Make my pussy cum." The words must have been a trigger, because as soon as they left her mouth her vision went white. She arched her back against his dick, and her mouth opened in a silent scream as she finally orgasmed. Wetness fountained from her pussy and drenched her panties, her skirt, Naruto's hand and a good portion of the front of the sleeping bag.

The experience was so intense that she actually passed out.

When she came to a few moments later, she felt stickiness all over her ass and back where Naruto had cum over her. Ino opened her mouth to ask him a question, but instead she heard a light snore, and she realized Naruto was asleep. Silently thanking Kami for small favors, she unzipped the sleeping bag and slipped out, feeling the cold night air as it hit her exposed breasts first and then her cum drenched ass before she quickly pulled her panties back up and readjusted her shorts and skirt.

After one last glance at Naruto, she flushed and then sped to the river to wash up. She changed into a fresh set of clothes before getting in to her own sleeping bag again, wanting to forget what happened.

That was easier said than done, of course.

The remaining time on the mission was a mix of awkwardness and involuntary nervous flirting from Ino – which was her way of overcompensating, and trying not to let Shikamaru and Choji know what went on between her and Naruto. Once the mission was done with, she figured things would stop being awkward and eventually go back to normal.

But then the cravings started. And every day they grew stronger and more frequent.

And here she was, for the eighth day in a row giving in to her desires, pleasuring herself in an agonizingly slow dance that she'd begun to both hate and enjoy. It was her longest run to date, having escalated from once or twice a week to once a day. It tended to be more often when she drew her sessions out. 

She was trying to recreate that night, when Naruto had driven her to new heights using only his fingers, but why? Was it to make sure she'd never forget what happened when she let things go too far? Or was she punishing herself for not letting it go far enough? The moment Naruto asked for permission, she wanted to give in, but a nagging voice in the back of her mind kept her from going all the way.

And now she regretted it on more than a few levels.

Her fingers dug into her pussy, swirling around for the spot Naruto had touched, while her other hand flicked across her nipples. She pinched them hard and moaned, enjoying the roughness, and how it reminded her of that night.

He could have shoved his cock inside her.

Her two fingers moved faster, in and out of her dripping snatch, covering her hand in her juices.

She could have had his big hard cock in her wet throbbing pussy.

Her thumb pressed down on her clit and rubbed, making her gasp.

Naruto…. could have… been… fucking…. her…

Her head tilted back, her back arched sharply and she let out a guttural cry as she finally orgasmed after… well, however long she'd been torturing herself. Her naked, sweat covered body collapsed onto the bed as she drew in several heavy breaths. The area from her waist to the middle of her thighs, along with the sheets underneath was soaked in her cum, but she was just enjoying basking in her own afterglow. She spread her fingers in front of her face and noticed her sticky fluids hanging between them, and her fingertips were slightly wrinkled from having used them for so long. Her mouth felt dry so she licked her fingers clean, swallowing her own juices and savoring the taste as it slid over her tongue and down the back of her throat.

Ino turned her head and glanced at the clock. Her eyes widened in surprise as she saw the numbers.

"…over… an hour?!" That was definitely a record – she'd never drawn out a constant tease before orgasming for that long. It might have even been an hour and half, since she couldn't really remember when she'd actually gotten started. She just remembered coming home, feeling tired from the day and thinking that a shower might help her relax. It all began afterwards, when she started drying herself with her towel and the rough fabric brushed across her clit.

Five minutes… I'm only gonna masturbate for five minutes… she'd told herself, feeling the usual ache start to build but she'd obviously lost track of time.

“Naruto… this is all your fault,” she said accusingly into the dark, empty room. Now she needed another shower and a clean set of sheets.

“All your fault!”
It was approaching noon in Konoha. The sun was shining, happy people were mulling about in the streets and in general, all seemed good with the world.

Beads of sweat glistened on Naruto's brow as he walked towards his apartment. People smiled at him and waved, and he cheerfully smiled back, putting up a brave front and looking to all the world like the normal, energetic person he always appeared to be.

But the truth of the matter was that Naruto was simply exhausted.

In between Anko's ‘training sessions’, the odd night with Tsunade, sleeping, eating and the frequent showers, it was getting harder and harder to find time to get some 'normal' training in. Like this morning – he felt he'd slacked off long enough, so he sacrificed a few hours of sleep to get some exercise in. Luckily enough, he ran into Rock Lee along the way, who decided to join him and do some light sparring – at least by the taijutsu master's standards. 

Now he was tired, sore and in desperate need of both a shower and a nap – not necessarily in that order. He had the whole afternoon to himself and thankfully, no X-Rank mission requests had come up. He wondered if anyone was even interested in…

"Hey! Whiskers!"

He groaned at the sound of Anko's voice, because it never meant anything good. For him at least. She sure seemed to be enjoying herself.

"Guess what?" she asked, grinning almost victoriously as she waved a small slip of paper in the air. "The Hokage needs to see us! We got a mission!"

Naruto heaved a tired sigh. "Can it wait a little bit, Anko-sensei? I think a shower before going to see Tsunade would be a good idea."

She shook her head. "Sorry, blondie – it comes with the territory. The Hokage said now, so we're going now."

Nearby, a figure watched the exchange as Anko dragged Naruto towards the Hokage tower, despite his repeated protests. She stepped out of the shadows of a nearby alleyway, her hands trembling and her face flushed beneath long bangs of indigo-colored hair.

“N-Naruto… has a mission. I missed my chance again,” she muttered to herself. Ever since she and Naruto had their ‘moment’, she'd been finding it more and more difficult to get close to him. Before that it was simply nerves but now, every time she saw him, it reminded her of what she'd done. How close he'd been against her and her hands on his shaft, stroking him until he finished, releasing his seed all over her. She remembered how warm they had felt afterwards.

She blushed even further, before quickly turning away and running off down the street.
In another part of the village, a certain blonde made her way down the busy, main street of Konoha. Her body was tense, her fists were clenched and everyone who looked her way gave her a wide berth, which was probably the best course of action…

…because Ino was not in a very good mood at the moment.

First thing this morning when she'd woken up, she decided she'd had enough. She'd endured another restless night after the ‘exertion’ of her self-torture. Even worse, she felt far from satisfied and was tempted to pleasure herself again, but she'd stupidly stopped herself. Since then, her loins had been aching – it was just as bad as when she'd drawn out her orgasm last night.

The thought of what she'd done only made her more aroused and when she realized that, she snapped.

She was going to find Naruto, make him apologize to her and then punish him good. He needed to suffer like she'd been suffering. Maybe she'd tease him, promising him a hand job. The pervert would jump at the offer for sure, and after working him into a lather she'd walk out before he finished.

A severe case of blue balls would serve him right. After all, he was the one at fault. Not her.

He'd probably struggle, though. He wouldn't just let her walk away – he had great reflexes, and if she wasn't quick enough he'd grab her and push her back onto his couch. Maybe tie her up so she couldn't escape, then gag her mouth so she couldn't scream for help before spanking her…

Yeah. Naruto would probably bend her over his knee and give her a good spanking. He'd pull her pants down and smack her bare ass, telling her how naughty she'd been for masturbating like that…

Without him being around to watch…

And then he'd help her out… with his fingers…

Ino ducked her head, trying to hide her cheeks which were flaming red. Where the hell did all that come from? She bit her lip and rubbed her ass; almost like she could feel the lingering sting of Naruto's hand from where it had smacked her, as punishment for being a naughty girl and teasing him.

You're such a bad girl, Ino. She imagined him chastising her like a rebellious teen.

"Yes, yes I am," she muttered lowly as she continued to walk down the street.

What am I gonna do with you? The usual punishments don't seem to be working anymore…

“I'm sure we can think of something… appropriate…” She closed her eyes; her heart pounding as a number of options ran through her mind from gentle, to harsh, and finally to slightly deranged…

Ino was so lost in her lust-filled haze that she didn't watch where she was going and ran into someone by accident.

"Huhh… what?" she blinked in befuddlement, before her mind finally registered Sakura was the one she'd run into.

"Hey! Watch where you're going, forehead!" she exclaimed, albeit halfheartedly. She was really more nervous than annoyed. If Sakura heard her talking to herself, she'd never live it down…

"What?" Sakura stared at her incredulously. "You're the one who ran into me, pig!"

Ino threw up her hands in apology. "Alright alright, I'm sorry." She didn't have time to waste. She was on a personal mission and nothing was going to stop her from finding Naruto. Not even…

An idea struck her. "Hey – do you know where Naruto is?"

Sakura raised a curious eyebrow. "Huh? Why are you looking for Naruto?” she asked pointedly. Unless they were going on a mission together, Ino never went out of her way to look for Naruto.

CRAP! Ino realized she shouldn’t have said that. She needed to think of an excuse, and fast! “Umm… well, he … came by the flower shop the other day and said his plants didn't look so good," she blurted out. "He asked if I could help him out. With the plants. I didn’t have time before, but I do now.”

Sakura threw up her hands. “Finally! It's about time he asked someone else to help him out with those things! I'm usually the one who does that while he's away,” she rolled her eyes, “or Hinata does.”

“Oh?" Ino asked in mock surprise. "You're helping him… tend his garden, then?"  She couldn't resist teasing the pinkette. She was tense, dammit! She needed something to keep her mind off of… stuff.

“Have you seen him?”

Sakura flushed, and her eyes opened wide. “ME? NO!” she shouted in denial. “He’s my teammate! I’m not seeing him at all! And we’re not doing… I mean, I'm not tending anything of his, so don't go getting any ideas about me, or him, or… or anything!”

Ino blinked in confusion. What the hell was that all about?! “Er… I asked if you'd seen him. Not if you're seeing him.”

“Oh!” Sakura's embarrassing flush turned a darker shade of pink. “Well, I… I think I saw him and Anko heading towards Lady Tsunade's office, which probably means he has a mission.”

Mentally, Ino was screaming and pulling her hair out – because that meant she'd have to put off confronting Naruto, and the appropriate punishments afterwards. She'd tried spanking her own ass a few times before, and it just didn't have the same effect. Hell, it could be days or even weeks before she finally got ahold of that big, throbbing…

Her pussy was practically frothing at the thought of Naruto thrusting his cock inside of her, and Ino realized she needed to get out of there, and fast. She muttered a hasty apology and moved quickly down the street…

…and Sakura stared after her, wondering why Ino was acting so weird…

…as well as why the fuck was Ino running like something was stuck up her ass?
"You want me to do what now?"

Naruto didn't know what to make of it. In the past week he'd been informed of his new assignment, the creation of the 'X-Rank' classification and performed exhaustive training sessions with Anko, all the while finding time to fit Tsunade into his busy 'schedule'. He'd been apprehensively awaiting his first mission, and he'd considered all sorts of situations – women who were into bondage and submission, lonely older women who were in desperate need of a man, and even a few kunoichi who were constantly on assignments and needed a little stress relief.

But to be honest, he never thought his first assignment would be so… bland.

Anko rolled her eyes. "Like I said – it's an average date, at an average restaurant with an average woman from one of the nearby towns."

“You look confused,” Tsunade commented as Naruto scanned the mission brief in his hand.

“It's just… how the hell is this an X-Rank mission?” he asked. “Not that I am complaining, it's just… not what I was expecting."

Tsunade glared at him. “Well, I’m sorry you’re disappointed.”

“I-I’m not!” Naruto realized he was pissing her off – and he knew it wasn't just his reaction that put her in a bad mood.

The previous night she'd come to his apartment hoping for sex, but instead found him half-asleep on his couch after a long session of 'sex-training’ with Anko. By the look on her face, she'd definitely been disappointed, but she insisted he should get some sleep.

Not wanting to let down someone so special to him, Naruto had pulled her towards his bed, stripping her clothes off as they walked and then bent her over his mattress. His mouth and tongue invaded her, causing moans to escape her lips as he lapped at her pussy, pleasuring her with deep thrusts, swirls and flicks. Tsunade's hands shot up and roughly massaged her massive tits as they hung from her body.

He'd intended to make her cum like that, but Tsunade had other plans in mind. When she decided she was finally aroused enough, she clamped her legs down on his head and flipped him onto the bed, planning to ride him like a carriage with a broken wheel until she finished.

Naruto didn't remember what happened next – he just woke up the next morning, feeling refreshed.

But Tsunade knew.

Because at that point, not only was he at 'half-mast', so to speak – but when she decided to suck his cock and help him get the rest of the way there, he fell asleep and started snoring.

Now she was glaring icily at him, and he could almost feel the killing intent she was giving off. He just wished he knew what he did.

Anko shrugged nonchalantly. "Well, you're not wrong. This isn't really an X-Rank mission. It's more of a D-Rank than anything else. Hell, you probably won't even have any sex. But if you do a good job, I'm hoping it'll garner some interest and word of mouth will spread..." She giggled like a teenage schoolgirl. "…heh heh heh, I said mouth... and spread…"

"Anko, are we going to go through this every time we get an X-Rank Mission request?" Tsunade asked.


The Hokage heaved a defeated sigh. "Well, I guess that's fine. Besides, we need to start somewhere with this. I'm sorry Naruto," she said apologetically, "but you'll have to grin and bear it with this one."

"Fine," he said sourly, "but I'm getting a shower and a change of clothes first."

"Alright!" Anko shouted exuberantly as she pushed him towards the door. "He's gonna take one for the team! Let's get you...."

"Anko, let Naruto go," Tsunade interrupted her. "He can make it there on his own and I need to talk to you personally."

Naruto glanced at them, then shrugged noncommittally and left. Anko watched as he closed the door behind him. "What's up, Lady Tsunade?"

"Two things. First of all, I need you to create a front for all the X-Rank mission requests." Tsunade pulled out a large roll of Ryo from her desk and handed it to Anko. "Buy some building between the shady and swanky part of town and open a business. Nothing conspicuous, but make sure it can't be traced back to the council or my office. I'll leave it up to you as to who sits at the front desk."

"No problem. If there's anything I'm good at, it's keeping secrets - and covering my tracks. What's the second?"

"The council has decided on a new diplomatic target for Naruto, under the X-Rank classification. It'll be his first REAL test."

Anko's brows rose in surprise. "The Tsuchikage didn't count?"

Tsunade shook her head. "Not really. She pretty much wanted Naruto from the beginning, which was why he was chosen in the first place." She handed over a slip of paper. "This one will be a little tougher."

Anko looked at the name. Her eyes went wide and she whistled. "Holy fuck. You ain't kidding. This'll be one tough nut to crack. I think Naruto will need some extra training for this one..."
Ino hung her head despondently as she walked aimlessly down a street in some random part of Konoha. Once she ran away from Sakura and had the chance to calm down, she began wandering around, thinking about what she really wanted to do when she finally saw Naruto.

In all honesty, she wasn't interested in punishing him anymore. Most of that had been a knee-jerk reaction to waking up and still having a sexual 'itch' that needed scratching.

One thing was for certain, though – it was all Naruto's fault that she was going crazy.

Sure, he wasn't the one who'd been teasing her body almost every night, and running his fingers across her pussy and pinching her nipples, or was the one who kept drawing out her release, it was her…

…but Naruto was the one who started it.

The memories of that night, when she'd crawled into his sleeping bag and he'd explored her body were still very vivid in her mind. The feelings she experienced, were just so… pleasurable. And intense. Not to mention how wrong it was, because it was Naruto…

NARUTO! That annoying knucklehead. He was a well-known pervert, and girls always steered clear of him. Ino certainly had her fair share of boyfriends, and a few of them knew their way around the female body but astonishingly enough, Naruto left a more lasting impact… and they didn't even have sex!

Now that she thought about it, maybe that was the issue. This might possibly, somehow in a very roundabout way, be a tiny bit her fault. She'd always been flirty, and set her standards way above Naruto's level, judging not only him but a few other people harshly. Maybe this was her punishment for being a bad girl.

A naughty girl.

A dirty, bad, naughty girl in need of a good spank…

Dammit, she was doing it again! When would she have peace of mind and NOT think about Naruto touching her body again like he did that night? There was no denying it anymore – she wanted him sexually, and now he was on a fucking mission!

She sighed heavily. There was no helping it – she'd just have to wait until he returned and until then, she'd have to think of way to approach him without coming off as desperate as she felt. She had her pride, after all.

But for now, she knew she had to get home and distract herse…


This time Ino ran into someone, almost knocking her down. Fortunately enough, her quick shinobi reflexes saved her from falling. “WHAT THE HELL!” she shouted at the man in front of her, who was wearing a long coat and dark sunglasses. If his collar had been higher, she would have figured he was an Aburame but his red face was completely visible.

He stared at her with a mixture of shock, embarrassment and horror before he grabbed the plain, brown paper bag he'd dropped and ran off.

Ino glared at him. “Yeah, YOU BETTER RUN!” Why the hell did that guy look like he just got caught stealing the forbidden scroll from the Hokage's office? Curious, she turned to look where he'd come from.

The windows of the shop were blacked out, but the signs in the window showed outlines of naked women with red 'x' marks over their nipples and crotch.

It was a sex shop. That guy had just come out of a sex shop.

Ino bit her lip, and glanced up and down the street. No one seemed to care where she was, or what store she was in front of.

It wouldn't hurt to take a quick look inside… right?

She walked through the door, noticing the inside was dimly lit with red and purple light bulbs – maybe they felt it added a certain atmosphere to the place. The high shelves were filled with various products, and right by the door there was a rack displaying magazines and books.

As Ino nervously walked further into the store, a man behind the counter eyed her for a moment before going back to reading what looked like the special Black Edition of Icha Icha: Unlawful Contact. There were a couple of other people there, looking around just like she was.

The first section was filled with various costumes – most of them either leather with plenty of zippers, or various shades of silk that didn't cover very much. Calling it clothing would be a stretch.

The second section contained wrist restraints, chains, ropes, blindfolds and even ball gags. A glass case displayed a number of massage oils, lubricants (for both vaginal and anal sex), dirty playing cards and even sexual shaped candies. The caramel shaped penis lollipops were definitely different. She even giggled over a pen that when you turned it upside down, the clothes fell off a picture of a woman , turning her naked.

She giggled quietly. She couldn't believe people bought stuff like this.

Eventually, Ino came to a section with vibrators of all types, shapes and sizes hanging on the wall. Her eyes widened at the sheer variety – she had no idea there were so many to choose from. She hesitantly reached out and picked one at random, flipping the box over to read the description:

Shh! Keep Your Dirty Little Secret. This 4-inch vibrator is whisper-quiet, but one press of a button and you’ll fire up ten levels of supercharged vibration. Fits into those tight spots for the ultimate intimate massage!

Ino put it back. It's cute, but way too small. It definitely should be bigger, she told herself. There was a large, heavy box on the bottom shelf. She picked it up, grunting at the weight.

The Anal Intruder, she silently read the name of the product. She pulled the box top off and saw that it was a jackhammer, complete with several attachments – a single dildo, a double dildo, a corkscrew and shockingly enough, a large fist. It also had five speeds – low, medium, high, savage pounding and last but not least, earthquake.

Holy fuck, Ino thought as she put the item back. That's way too big. Who in their right mind would ever buy something like that? If someone ever pulled that on me, I'd run screaming into the night.

She was going to move on, but then she spotted a box over on the far left, covered in a thin layer of dust.

The Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator, she read. Ten inches total length, eight insertable inches. Four separate vibration zones. Shaft rotation function. Twelve modes of speeds and patterns. Bunny stimulator to tease and please your clit.

There was even an endorsement quote:

"This is too much – all this overstimulation, everywhere. My body starts to climb, and on my knees, I’m unable to control the buildup. Oh my…”

Well, that sounded familiar to a recent… experience she'd had.  She checked the price. It was on clearance – fifty percent off. And it just happened to be her favorite color. Purple.

A lascivious grin split Ino's face. Unlike the other two, this one sounded just right.
The curtains were drawn, creating an artificial layer of darkness in her bedroom. A strange hum filled the air, then the octave turned lower, then it changed to a grinding noise. Clothes were tossed without care all over the floor. A plain paper bag had been crumpled up and tossed in the corner. An empty box was on the nightstand, the contents removed – and currently in use.

Ino was lying on the bed, legs bent and toes curled. Her right hand clutched a wet, purple vibrator and her hips swayed as she twisted it further inside of her pussy. A quick flick of her thumb and the speed increased to medium, making the unit hum louder.

Her other hand groped her breasts, squeezing them roughly and pinching her nipples hard. Another flick of her thumb and the dildo started to rotate inside of her, touching the places only Naruto's fingers had reached. While it wasn't the same – there was a distinct difference between the feel of his flesh and the material the vibrator was made of – she still considered this progress.

More… I want more… she pleaded with herself. I need to touch… all the spots…

Ino felt like she was burning up from the intense heat she was giving off. Beads of sweat collected and dripped from various parts of her body, mimicking that night in the sleeping bag. She pressed the dildo further inside of her, sending another wave of pleasure through every nerve and limb. Her groans were muffled by a ball gag, secured to her head with thick, padded leather straps. Saliva ran messily down her red cheeks and was soaked up by the pillow.

 Her body wriggled and shivered, as she imagined Naruto between her legs, filling every inch of her pussy. She pulled the vibrator out a few inches and then slammed it back into her – just like she pictured Naruto doing. She heard phantom whispers in her ear of his voice…

You said you didn't want me to do this, Ino. Are you telling me you lied that night?

"Y-Yes…" she breathed out, the word garbled by the ball gag. Her body shuddered as she pulled the vibrator almost all the way out of her dripping snatch, leaving only the first few inches inside, teasing herself just like she pictured Naruto would do…

Admitting it is the first step. But now – how bad do you want my cock right now, Ino?

"S-So bad…" she muttered, rotating her hips. She started sliding the dildo deeper inside her pussy, but then she stopped.

No, that's too easy. Naruto wouldn't just give her what she wanted after two words. He'd be teasing her… punishing her… making her plead for more…

She tried to pull it out, but for some reason her hand wouldn't move – and then it began to shake, mirroring Ino as she struggled with herself, slowly moving out fractions of an inch every second.

That's not really a confession. I think I'll need a little more than that. The dildo was nearly out of her pussy. And I think you better hurry, before it's too late.

Her eyes widened. Why was she still hesitating? Why couldn't she get past the fact that this was Naruto? Were her standards really so high? Was she really that… shallow?

It was nearly out of her pussy before she caved and finally gave in.  

"Please, N-Naruto…" she whined, like a puppy begging for a treat. "Please fuck me. I want you so bad. I want your cock inside of me so bad. I'll be a good girl. I promise. Please just fuck me with that cock of yours."

Good, Ino. Very, very good. Acceptance is the next step. I think I'll reward your honesty – by giving you what you want. 

The mental barriers finally released and her hand slammed the dildo deep into her pussy. The vibrating extension pressed hard up against her clit, and she screamed into the ball gag as a huge wave of pleasure hit her like a tidal wave.

Her body began to thrash around as she struggled to hold the dildo in place, but it was slick with her juices and her grip was weakening by the second. In a last ditch effort, she wrapped her hand completely around the bottom, like she was holding a kunai…

…accidentally hitting the button, bumping the vibrating speed up to 'high'.

A fresh, mufled scream escaped her lips, and her eyes rolled up into her head at the increase. Her hand was working furiously now, moving the dildo in and out, faster and faster. She shook her head, trying to remain focused as her vision started to turn white from the stimulus overload.  

Out. Twist left. In. Twist right. Out. Slam back inside. Press it against her clit.


Her breathing became shallow and grew more rapid, as her heart pounded inside her chest.

In and out. Harder. Faster.

Her back began to arch, slowly at first but more pronounced as the pressure built. Ino was rapidly approaching orgasm, and this time there was no way she was going to draw it out. She was going to cum, and cum hard.

Like Naruto would do to her.

Her other hand joined the first one, now gripping the vibrator like the hilt of a sword and slamming it into her pussy. Her thumbs were hooked over the end, giving her extra leverage and force.

In. Out. Faster. Harder. Faster. Harder. Harder.

Ino screamed, her toes curling and clenching the sheets, her back feeling like it would break from how far she arched it. Her pussy gushed all over her hands and the vibrator, as she kept it buried inside of her, her hands exhausted and shaking from the effort.

As the moment passed and Ino came down from blissful release, she reached up and undid the ball gag, taking several deep breaths and working the muscles in her jaw, that were now aching and sore from biting down. With her other hand, she pulled the vibrator out and flicked it off. She stared at it almost lovingly and grinned, thinking it was well worth the Ryo she'd spent on it just a few hours ago.

“I… I think I’m gonna call you…. Naruto,” she said between steadying breaths into the silence of the room. “At least until I can replace you with the real thing…”