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Naruto and Minato Picture set - Minato

A set of images featuring Naruto and Minato with various ladies. Several are my own OC's, as requested, though the rest are canon to the series :)

WHile the images were commissions, the story segments are my own addition, added with permission of the commissioner :) so thank you to commissioner :)

Characters are:
Kurotsuchi, OC Kei, OC Miho, OC Nanami, OC Sadako, Matsuri

Mikoto Uchiha, Mebuki haruno, Hinata's Mother, Yoshino nara, Tsume Inuzuka, OC Natsumi (OC Miho's Mother)

Minato Mikoto Uchiha
They had been friends for years, since the academy, taking classes together, training together, and in all that time, he had never looked at her with anything but friendship.
But here he was, pants down, cock out and thrusting in to the pussy of Mikoto Uchiha as she was bent over her kitchen table, the tea cups, pot and tray on the floor smashed from when he had pushed them off and pushed her down.
This was her fault… that’s right, how can any man resist when  a woman flirts with him, and then pulls her tits out of her top!

Mikoto moaned out, despite the roughness of the sex, this was what she wanted, had worked towards.
She was having sex with the ever handsome Minato Namikaze!
His cock was deep inside her pussy, fucking her hard. She knew many women would love to be in her position right now, but SHE was there, and SHE had finally turned him on to where he was ravishing her.

She had wanted him ever since she liked boys, but was never able to push passed the friend zone, and with so many after him too, it wasn’t easy, but now, finally, her reward had come.

Minato Mebuki Haruno

The room of the love hotel was lavish, perhaps too lavish for its purpose, and hardly worth the fact that the current occupants really cared, or noticed the fine trimmings.
Mebuki Haruno moaned out as she felt another thrust from Minato Namikaze, their sweaty bodies moving together as they breathed heavily.
How long had it been since they last had had sex? Years, obviously.
Minato had barely looked at woman since the death of Kushina at their son’s birth, and mebuki had been in mourning since her husband’s passing on a mission five years prior.
The passing had affected her eight year old daughter Sakura a lot at the time, and it was thanks to academy classmate Naruto’s efforts at being a friend to her, that she had pulled through, and they had been close friends since, and which meant as their parents, Minato and Mebuki had spent some time together talking, even joking about them becoming related in the future, a joke that went stale when Sakura began fawning over the Uchiha boy, Sasuke, and left Naruto broken hearted, though still a friend, despite still trying.
But still, nothing had ever happened between her and Minato, not until tonight, not until the party.
Their children had graduated, and so they had all gone out to celebrate, and as children often do, they preferred their friends to parents, so they were all stood back having their own celebration while the graduates had fun.
In a small drunken stupor minato and Mebuki had left together, and hidden in the shadows of the alley way next to where the party was, they heatedly kissed, before crossing a line in their relationship, and breaking a their self-imposed celibacy, and then again at this love hotel.

What was to come of this, wasn’t even on their minds, all they wanted right now… was to embrace.

minato Mrs Hyuuga.

What fools they were, if it ever got out, they would be shamed, and people would get hurt.
For years, they had kept themselves in check, their attraction was evident, but she was engaged. A marriage arranged before they met at the academy, before she met him, minato namikaze.
He was so kind, and so cute, at that age, and she had her first crush, even though she knew her duty would be to marry Hiashi Hyuuga, heir to the clan. But they became friends, and Minato too thought she was a cute girl.
For a long while they understood, they knew what was, and could not happen, and they were fine being friends.
But, an attraction would still grow, making it harder as they got older, she becoming a young woman, and he a young man.
It got harder to see each other, difficult to be around, and so, they saw less of each other, it was easier, and they moved on with life.
But as the day of her long awaited arranged marriage drew closer, something stirred, bubbled and finally burst inside them.
Meeting at a secluded spot, they talked, confessed, kissed, and let go the restraints, for one night before she married, they would be lovers, and they would give in to their feelings.

What fools they would be, if it ever got out. But they didn’t care, they were naked, filled with lust, and each other, their forbidden moans filling the woods as they announced their body’s unity to the silent world around them.

It was for one night only, one night of selfish passion, one night as lovers before life took them down paths they were yet to see.
Perhaps in the future they would have children who could fulfil the connection they held, as it was not for them, not their destiny, but for now… they wanted to be fools, for one night.

Minato Yoshino Nara

It was the flush across her face that first made him realise something was up with Yoshino, if it hadn’t been for that, he may have mistook her bodies strange, yet subtle movements as something else.
But the rose colour of her cheeks grew steadily the longer he stood there, her body trembling a little, her knees bending inwards, as her thighs closed tighter under her dress. A hand creeping down to cover something he couldn’t see, but she was aware of.

He’d only come to deliver some paper work for her husband to go over when he returned from the latest of several consecutive missions, and he was only doing this so he could get out of the office, the boring, paperwork filled office., and now, he was stood in the hallway of the Nara home, with Yoshino acting flustered for no other reason than some secret he had interrupted.

“TH-thanks.” She would say taking the papers, and putting them on the side, and nearly losing her footing somehow, enough to make her grab the side to steady herself, a soft gasp coming from her red face.

“Are you okay?” Minato asked, instinctively taking her arm to help.

“F-Fine.” She responded before another soft gasp, and her eyes closing for a moment as she bit her lip to stop further noise.

“Yoshino?” Minato asked, concerned.

“I… I... I’m…. mmmmmm….” And she couldn’t hold it anymore, she grabbed him and buried her head in his chest as she gave out a loud, pleasured moan, before a few moments later, thud. Something hit the floor, buzzing.

Minato looked down and flushed when he saw the purple vibrator moving around on the floor, drenched from Yoshino’s pussy.

Yoshino clutched his jacket, too ashamed to look at him, but when she did she leant in to his ear and said “Forgive me for being such a dirty woman… but… I can’t stand it any longer.”

Minato blushed, and knew he should have left but…

Yoshino closed the bedroom curtains quickly after the two rushed in to the room, but as she turned, Minato grabbed her thighs, and ran his hands up and under her dress, grabbing her ass and lifting her up on to the set of drawers, behind her, before pulling down her panties, as Yoshino pulled up her shirt, and started massaging her breasts.

“Ohm… I need this.” She moaned out as Minato dove between her legs, his mouth enveloping her wet pussy, his tongue darting all over her folds, and flicking her clit with precision, and pleasure.

Yoshino’s back arched, her head pressing into the curtains as she grabbed his hair roughly, feeling every sensation as if it was the best.

Minato Tsume

Minato sighed, at the report. “Six men in the hospital with severe trauma, broken bones, and deep bite marks!” he said. “Damn it! Did no one keep an eye on the date?!”
The ANBU in front of him looked down, face hidden behind the mask, but obviously ashamed that they had forgotten.
“Did we get anyone assigned?!” he asked, only to receive a shake. “Damn it, well this can’t wait!” he got up. “Go, I’ll head on over to the inuzuka compound.” When the ANBU acknowledged he left, Minato sighed again. “Damn it… Tsumes in heat again!”

This happened every year to the few Inuzuka born women, and to varying degrees. Tsume was perhaps the worst one since she was the wildest young woman of the clan. Normally, they would have given her boyfriend a few weeks off, if she had one at the time, or given her a replacement to sate her desires, but someone had screwed up, and sent her finance away on a mission… idiot! Oh wait… that was his job!

Minato banged his head on the door of his office before he left.

At the compound, he was greeted by Tsumes father, a rather large man, with wild spikey hair down to the small of his back, and rather enlarged canines for a human.

He explained, and the father understood, showing him to Tsumes room, and leaving him to enter.
For what he was about to do, he didn’t expect his father to be so… accommodating, but when the Inuzuka females go in to heat… even he, as strong and big as he was, knew better.

Minato entered, and saw Tsume, she was wearing only her uniform shirt, and panties, her breathing was heavy, and mixed his grunt through clenched teeth, a look of the wild in her eyes. Her chest heaved up and down, and she grinned as she saw him, not Minato, but a man, enter, the scent of him made her growl, pleased, a strong male was in her vicinity.
She lunged at him, ready to kill him. Strong as she knew, he had to earn her, and no man had yet to prove himself.

Minato though, simply swung his arm out, slapping her face, stunning her before pushing her on to the bed.

He sighed. “I am your mate.” He said, it was pretty much a ritual he knew when he was first told of these ‘events’. Tsume growled and struck out at him, Minato catching her arm before she could scratch him, and he stared at her.
She bore her teeth, growled, and screamed at him, but he didn’t flinch, and instead turned her around, and on to her hands and knees.

She looked back at him, and looked ready to attack, but instead pulled down her panties, and bore her pussy and ass to him.

He blushed a little at the sight, and removed his coat, and flak jacket before climbing on the bed and kneeling behind her, and pushing down his pants.

Tsume moaned out as she felt herself get penetrated, Minato moaning too as he started to thrust in to her over and over.

“H-harder!” Tsume growled, Minato doing so, increasing speed and force.
Tsume clutched the sheet as she cried out, Minato wrapping his arms around her, holding her waist as his hips rapidly moved. She was tight, and it did feel good, and he couldn’t help but reach up and pull up her shirt, so her breasts would fall out. Firm and round in his hand, he massaged one as his other hand began to make her feel good by playing with her clit.
It only excited her more, and the pace increased again, as she pushed against him, as he thrusted in, the two moaning out loudly as they drew closer to their eventual climax.

Minato Natsumi.

The room filled with moans, loud moans, filled with pleasure. The sounds of wet skin slapping echoed around the voices.

Natsumi, a young Chuunin of Kumo was clutching the bed sheets as she let out an audible scream as under, and behind her, the fourth Hokage of Konoha, Minato, thrust in to her aching, soaked pussy, the sweat that permeated across their naked bodies flying off with each hard thrust of his shaft.

“Fuck me harder!” she screamed out “My Lord Hokage FUCK ME!”

“N-Natsumi, you’re pussy is c-clamping so tight on me!” he cried out.

“B-Because y-you’re so good at fucking me!” she screamed, as they continued to fuck intensely, and wild.

For the past three days natsumi had guarded the visiting Hokage, while negotiations with Kumo proceeded for a new treaty. They had spent all day together, each day, and seemed to get on quite well. Her passion for fighting, made him smile, and sometimes a little nervous, which she liked, and they even joked about.
Perhaps that was when she started an attraction towards him?

That morning she had walked in on him as he was changing, and saw his toned body, her attraction rearing its head as she bit her lip, and eyes him up like candy.
It made Minato chuckle, and tease her, and so, the flirting began.
All day, every chance to make a comment that sounded flirtatious, she took, she couldn’t help it, and minato played along, perhaps too much, because when they arrived at his private room, he declared he would take a shower, and natsumi had said “I’d join you, if you wanted me to scrub your back.” In a teasing flirt.
But his reply, meant in tease was “Well, there is this place that’s hard to reach without a brush.” And he was gone.
He was only in the shower five minutes before natsumi joined him. It was a shock to him at first, but she stood her ground, and naked together, they showered, stealing awkward glances; glances that would turn to stares, stares that turned to touches, touches that turned to gropes, and ending with a burst of sexual energy, as they had sex against the shower wall…

then the bathroom door…

… then the bedroom floor…

… and finally on the bed, where they let loose their sexual need, and continued to fuck for the rest of the night.

Naruto and Minato Picture set - Naruto

A set of images featuring Naruto and Minato with various ladies. Several are my own OC's, as requested, though the rest are canon to the series :)

WHile the images were commissions, the story segments are my own addition, added with permission of the commissioner :) so thank you to commissioner :)

Characters are:
Kurotsuchi, OC Kei, OC Miho, OC Nanami, OC Sadako, Matsuri

Mikoto Uchiha, Mebuki haruno, Hinata's Mother, Yoshino nara, Tsume Inuzuka, OC Natsumi (OC Miho's Mother)

Naru Kuro

“YES!” Kurotsuchi cried out as she felt another slap to her rear, a slap that only thrust her down harder on to Naruto, making him moan out louder. “Harder!” she demanded, filling with pleasure.

From the moment he had arrived in the village on this diplomatic mission he had no idea that on the third day he would be having sex with his liaison.

Not that it had been planned by either of them, but still, it had turned out this way, and neither were really going to complain right now.


The two breathed heavily, each movement of their chests aggravating the many cuts and bruises they had inflicted on each other throughout the sparring.
It wasn’t the first time they had been so torn up, or their clothes so tattered from a sparring match. It was what they enjoyed about training together so much, the lack of restraint they mutually enjoyed, letting go, and in a friendly way, trying to kill each other.
It was exhilarating, to say the least, despite their friends saying they were crazy, and maybe they were when together, and having such an odd friendship. They trusted each other to go all out, but never kill.

Perhaps proof of their madness showed in their fights, one of the few times Naruto ever saw Kei flash a grin was when she slid her blade across a part of him, a madness that passed to him  as he kicked her through a tree.
And now, as they stared each other down, bloodied and bruised, aching all over, covered in sweat and blood, and smiling with a chuckle growing between them and madness taking them a step towards something neither had considered before.

They threw their weapons away, tore at each other’s clothes, pulling, ripping, fighting for control with smacks and scratches and bites, but it was Naruto who gained the upper hand, and holding her on the ground as she struggled against him, not to stop what was coming, but to be the one in charge.

But the moment she felt herself get penetrated, she took defeat, and moaned out.

They were mad, it occurred to them both.

This wasn’t love. Sure they cared for each other, respected no other more, but this wasn’t love. If attraction had been a factor, it was this, physical, sexual.
As they screamed out in to the vacant woods with voices filled with erotic tones, they concluded three things... this would definitely happen again if they sparred more; that really... they wanted this to happen again and lastly, that their friends were right... they were mad.

Naru Miho

Naruto groaned out as he saw Miho grin at him. One second more and he would have won. Damn it, he never should have bet against a student of Gai’s when it came to pure Taijutsu.

“Okay, okay, so...” Naruto sighed.  “What is it I have to do?” he prepared himself for anything. Cleaning her apartment, be her butler for a day, heck, knowing Miho, she may have just wanted another match, considering how fight crazy she could be, and she had already admitted during the fight, that their clash had really got her excited. But he wasn’t prepared for...

“You’re coming with me, and we’re gonna have sex!” she declared in a voice so void of shame or embarrassment that she could have been declaring they were going to have lunch.

“Wh-what?!” Naruto blinked, face flushing red. “M-Miho, th-that... I...”

“HEY! you promised you’d do anything I say and I wanna have sex!” she growled, annoyed he was seeming to back out of their bet. Her teeth clenched, and fists balled ready to beat him up.

Naruto just sighed a heavy breath, and realised, it was his nindo... never go back on your promises.


“OW!” rang out a voice in the apartment. “HEY!”

“Quit whining!” Came a females annoyed voice.

Naruto was sat on Miho’s bed, naked, Miho in his lap, legs wrapped around his waist, as she leant back, resting on her arms, their hips moving, sweat on their bodies.

She was grinding against him hard and fast, and naruto’s face had a look of pleasure, but also a heavy layer of discomfort.

“D-Do you... h-have to be... AHHHH... r-rough?!” he asked, as another shot of pain sprang up his spine. “Y-You’re g-gonna break me... i-in h-half!”

Miho just grinned. “Don’t be a... nnnngh, baby.” she moaned out. “I love it rough, and seeing my partner squirm under me... mmm... such a turn on!” she said.

Naruto cried out as he heard a small ‘CRACK’.

“Ooops... was that a rib?!” Miho smirked.

Naruto cried a little, oh why did he have to take that bet!

Naru nanami

The darkness was all around him, his sense more alert than if he was on a battle field.
He could feel the leather blind tight around his head, the buckle at the back pressing against his skull; the bands around his wrists just as tight, but not enough to hurt, or cut off his circulation, but tight enough that they were uncomfortable, and every time her tried to pull them, he could hear the sound of chain links hitting a metal pole. He could feel it behind him, but a cushion was placed there so it wasn’t so bad.
But he was restrained, that was bad.
The last thing he remembered was having a drink with nanami, a peace offering from her for embarrassing him in front of some very important, and high ranked Shinobi, making it look like he was a fool.
That was right, they were drinking and then… she had drugged him!
“N-Nanami?!” he called out, not knowing where he was, or if anyone was even there. From the sound of the room, it wasn’t empty, or big, as there was no reverb at all. “Nanami?” he called again, before struggling more, which was when he realised. It was warm, but, his thighs, when they touched, they felt…
He moved his shoulders, and hips and realised quickly that he was completely naked.
“Mmm, wiggle your hips again, lover.” He heard the sultry voice of nanami say.

“Nanami… let me go!” he demanded.

“Aww… but I wanna play first.” She giggled, as he felt her get closer, and what he thought to be her kneeling.

“What do you wa… aaannn…” he was interrupted as he felt something wet envelope around his manhood, and suck upon it.
He could hear nanami moan out as her mouth slip up and down on him, getting him harder, more erect.

When he was hard enough, he felt her pull away with a pop, and a gasp of air. “All ready.” She said, a tone of excitement, and hunger in her voice.

“N-nanami, wait, we can’t!” Naruto said.

“Oh? Why not?” she said, with a tone that made him feel she was pouting.
“Err… b-because we... umm can’t.” he said. Oddly, not able to come up with a good reason beyond ‘I don’t want to’.
In all fairness, nanami was quite attractive but she was just so…fierce in her pursuit of him, it freaked him out. Not to mention, he felt more like she would prefer Kurama in a human body, than himself.
“Not good enough, lover.” She said, as he felt her climb on to his lap, the tip of his shaft poking her somewhere wet, and…

A moan escaped them both as he slid inside something warm, soft and damp, as well as tight.

“Ohhhh… Naru…toooooo.” Nanami moaned in pleasure. “You’re so big…” and then she began to move up and down on him, at first slowly, but with an increasing pace, and making him penetrate her all the way in, her entrance kissing his balls with each insertion.
Naru Sadako

“Excuse me?!” Naruto exclaimed in shock, face red with embarrassment.
“You heard me.” Sadako smirked, as she pressed her body against his, her breasts squashing against his chest. “I’ll suck your dick, you’ll undo these handcuffs.”
“I… I can’t…” he stuttered.
“Sure you can. It’s not like I can go anywhere. We’re stuck here until the storm lets up.” She grinned, and got on to her knees unzipping his pants with her teeth. “Your body is far more honest than you.” She teased seeing his bulge.
“Hey, I can’t… h-help it.” He flushed. “But I am not gonna do this!”

She groaned. “What are you gay? I’m offering you a sexual favour!” she frowned behind her covering bangs.
“Listen, I have to escort you back to Konoha, and you can’t buy your release with your body.” He said.
Sadako huffed. “Well I’m bored too.” She said, “It’s been over a day already and I am sick of this cave!”
Naruto sighed and sat down. “Me too, but it’s too dangerous to go out in this.”
Sadako smiled, and moved on so she was sat on his lap. “Then, let’s have some fun.” She grinned. “I give my word, on my honour that I will not run away.”

“You give your word?” Naruto repeated not sounding convinced.
“Oh… fuck you.” Sadako said, moving off of him and sitting down away from him, back turned. “I may be an enemy in your eyes, but I DO have my honour, and my word.”
Naruto blinked, had he really upset her? Was she really insulted by his disbelief?
He sighed, and moved up to her, and she felt the handcuffs come undone. “I’m taking you at your word.” He said, not sure if this was a mistake, and that he was far too trusting.
Sadako turned, and blinked, looking at her wrists, and then smiling. “You have it.” She said, before pushing Naruto down, and sitting on his lap, where she pretty much began moving, sensually, arms moving around him, stroking him, her body twisting to a rhythm of an unheard song, as she gave him a striptease.
He started to remove his clothes too, and before long the two of them were naked, and Sadako was bent over in front of him sucking him off, as a hand pumped him vigorously.
He swore as shivers ran up him.
“Is it good?” she smiled as she pulled away. With a nod in response, she licked her lips and pushed him on to his back, and changed position. “Now do me too.” She said, as her hips hovered over his face.
He nodded, and moved in, licking the wetness between her legs, lapping around the folds, and in to her depths, being rewarded with a moan from her, before she returned to sucking on his shaft.
The two went at it quite hard, trying to take the other deeper as they moaned out in pleasure, turning on to their sides as they held each other in a six-nine hug.

Naruto knew this was wrong, this was a prisoner, but still… it felt so good.

Naru Matsuri

When Naruto came out on to the roof, he saw matsuri standing there, looking out over Konoha.

“Hey.” He said, making her turn her head just a little, to make sure the voice belonged to who she thought it was, before looking away again.

“hey.” She replied, her voice low.

“Listen… about what you di…” he began before Matsuri interrupted.

“No… it’s okay. I never should have done it.” She sighed. “It’s just… you’re so cool, and… so kind I just…”

“Still… I didn’t mean to panic like I did.” He said. “Girls don’t usually kiss me in the middle of a conversation.” He said, blushing a little, before realising… “…or at all, to be honest.”

“I’m sure you have…” she went to say but this time she was interrupted.

“No… never.” He said. “I mean, I have been kissed before, in… odd situations, but… I just didn’t think you… liked me like that.”

Matsuri turned to him. “I… I do.” She said. “I mean, I know it could never work for us. I doubt either of us want to ever move away from our village… our home, but… still… to give my first kiss to someone I liked was…”

“Your first kiss?!” Naruto blinked.

Matsuri flushed bright red, realising her confession, but nodded. “I… I don’t really focus on relationships a lot. I often end up just fangirling over someone, too scared to get too close and try something. But with you… I felt I could and then I…” she turned away again, hands clutching at the chain link fence that protected her from the multi-storey fall on the other side.
Silence fell between them for a few moments before she felt a hand on her arm, “Matsuri, I’m honoured you picked me for your first kiss.” She heard, making her smile, and rest her forehead on the fence, her cheeks rosy and warm.

“Then… perhaps… could you umm…” she muttered, words sticking in her throat.

“Could I what?” Naruto asked when she didn’t finish.

“Be my first…” she said, almost silent in embarrassment.

“I thought you said I wa….” He said before realising. “Oh… OH!” he said, growing red. “I… err…”

“It’s okay.” Matsuri said, “It was a big ask so…”

“Wait… I… I will.” He said, matsuri flushed more with a smile, before her arms pulled up her skirt, then her shorts, which fell to her knees.

“Huh?!” Naruto gasped. “H-here?”

“B-Before I lose my nerve.” She said, trembling a little.

Naruto swallowed hard as he unbuttoned, and unzipped his pants, letting them drop as he stood behind her, his boxers soon following as Matsuri pulled her panties down to mid-thigh.

“Please… f-from behind.” She said, she was too shy to look at him, especially since they were outside.

Naruto nodded, and rubbed the tip of his erection against her, making her shudder.

“p-please… p-put it… put in me.” She begged. “Naruto…”

He let out a grunt as he slipped in to her tightness, the feeling of her insides were warm, and wet around him, and he slowly savoured the feeling as he went in deeper.
Matsuri had to cover her mouth as she screamed, her virginity taken by the blonde ninja behind her.

He moved a hand to the front of her body, and under shirt, lifting it to expose a breast, and revealing she was not wearing a bra.
He massaged her for a short time, as he slowly thrust his shaft in to her, until the pain of her torn hymen subsided enough for them to pick up the pace.

“Faster… Naruto…” she said, which spurred him to increase his pace, and make her moan out louder. His hands grabbing her hips, to help steady her on him, and pull her hips on to him, as he thrust out, for a deeper penetration.

Matsuri moaned out, feeling each thrust, and the pleasure of Naruto.

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X-Rank Mission 5: I've got a lovely pair of harunos!

Chapter 5 – I've Got a Lovely Pair of Haruno's

This was it.

This was the moment he'd been working up to over the last few days since Anko had first sent him on this little task. His heart was fluttering with nervousness, beads of sweat dotted his forehead and despite trying to put on a brave front, his face was flushed with embarrassment and his hands were shaking. He'd never done this before and to be honest, after everything he'd been through something like this should be easy.

Anko knew this would test his resolve regarding this new 'duty' to the village he'd been given – which was complete and utter bullshit. It wasn't like he'd had a choice in the matter anyways. Yeah, the sex was nice and he was getting WAY more of it than he'd ever thought possible, but this whole thing was a lot harder than he'd thought it'd be.

Hence this little test of strength and will by Anko. To quote his sensei, "Let's see if you got the stones to man up and do what you need to do."

He inwardly cursed her, as one of the beads of sweat ran down the side of his face. He couldn't lose his nerve, not now – not when he was so close to completing it.

“Just this please,” he told the girl behind the counter. His voice was a little shaky as he pushed the items forward. She was definitely cute – her white uniform offered a stark contrast to her long brown hair, which was braided in the front and hung down across her shoulders and over her breasts.

In a moment of weakness, Naruto couldn't help but wonder what her nipples looked like.

The girl looked down looked at the 12 pack of condoms he'd placed there. She offhandedly noticed they were among the more expensive ones they stocked – ultra thin' for extra sensation, 'ribbed' for her pleasure – and they were large size, and not the mediums that most people normally bought.

She noticed his nervousness and flushed face and smiled coyishly. “Would you like… anything else?” she asked in a soft tone of voice, which probably came across a little more erotic than she intended.

What the hell? Does she want me too? “N-No,” Naruto sputtered, before quickly paying for the condoms and rushing out of the store. He didn't bother to stop or look back until he was at least three streets away.

He ducked into an alleyway and let out a heavy breath he'd been holding. Now that he was safe he chuckled, letting the tension out of his body. “Well, I did it…” he congratulated himself, holding up the bag triumphantly.

“Yeah, and it was hilarious.”

He spun around and saw Anko leaning against the wall at the entrance to the alleyway. A self-satisfied smirk was plastered across her face and her arms were crossed underneath her breasts, which made them jut out and appear bigger than they normally were. She did it all the time – Naruto wondered if it was because subconsciously she was intimidated by the size of Tsunade's breasts.

Of course, he had the good sense not to ask the question. He was curious, not suicidal.

“Hey, it… it wasn’t funny! The entire store was staring at me!”

“As if," she snorted. "No one was staring, and no one really cared. And if they did screw them, practicing safe sex isn't something to be ashamed of. Although… I do enjoy the feeling of raw…” she walked up seductively and grabbed his groin. “…cock.” She gave him a small squeeze, making Naruto gasp, and his face flushed again.

She laughed and took a step back, reaching into her jacket pocket. "Well, as much as I enjoy making you squirm uncomfortably, I'm not here for fun. Looky what I have here," she declared, pulling a piece of paper out and waving it proudly in the air.

"Another one?" he practically groaned. "Where's this one?" The last few missions were in nearby towns – they'd been lonely single women in need of a little comfort. Not all of them were interested in sex; most of them were just interested in spending some time with a handsome young shinobi.

Honestly, he felt kinda weird about having to pretend to be some sort of hired escort. Sex was at least straight forward, but it was like he was following some kind of script – acting for the benefit of his 'date'.

He wondered if there was a purpose to them, since Anko kept sending him on these missions but any way you sliced it, he didn't feel like walking a couple of hours for 'dinner and dancing'.

“You're in luck,” she said, reading his mind. "This one's local. I've already confirmed the place, time and mission parameters. And you should feel special – she was pretty excited when I told her you'd be the one showing up."

“Huh? Why was she exited to see me?” He looked down at the piece of paper Anko handed to him. As he read the name of his 'client', his eyes practically bulged out of his head. Then as he read the mission parameters, his jaw dropped.

“ARE YOU SERIOUS?” He shouted in disbelief, drawing the stares of several bystanders. He ducked his head in embarrassment and lowered his voice. "You gotta be joking. I can't do this… not with… Hey, where are you going?"

“Don’t forget to memorize the specific items you need to do," Anko teased him. "And this time, don't forget the end of mission formalities. Unless of course, you want me to make good on that promise I made."

Naruto shivered. Even after being around so many rampant perverts in his life, there were still quite a few things that he never wanted to experience. What Anko promised was one of them.

She waved goodbye and walked away, wishing him good luck. And after one more glance at the name on the piece of paper, he knew he was going to need it.

Meanwhile, across the village at the hospital....

Sakura walked down the hallway, her eyes scanning over a medical report, flipping the pages back and forth as she compared old notes to new.

She stopped, glancing out the window of an empty room. It was a sunny day, despite the fluffy white clouds that filled the sky. She was almost at the end of her shift, and she wondered if she wanted to head home for dinner or get some take-out. Her lunch had been cut short, but oddly enough she really wasn't that hungry.

Ino had been busy as well – plus, she'd been acting WAY more strange than usual. She'd seen her maybe a handful of times in the past few weeks, including that day she'd bumped into her on the street. She had the feeling Ino was plotting something – usually it involved some guy, because she always got scarce when she was chasing down her latest 'conquest'.

Sakura idly wondered what poor schmuck had made the top of her list. Probably some gorgeous hunk, with oatmeal for brains and a huge…

She shook her head sadly – even though she was probably right. Ino always seemed to focus on the physical aspects with the men she went after. Sakura was glad her standards were quite a bit higher than her ditzy blonde friend.

Curiously enough, an image of Naruto came to mind. He was on some special assignment that he couldn’t talk about to anyone. The penalty was worse than death, he'd said. She was a little jealous that he'd been given such an important mission – it had to be more exciting than what she was doing in Konoha.

And then Sasuke – well, he was either here in the village or not, coming and going as he pleased. She never knew where he was or what he was doing, since he still kept mostly to himself. Right now he could be anywhere from the Land of Demons to the Land of Iron.

Sakura grumbled. Maybe she'd go see Hinata, Tenten or one of her other friends. Or maybe a nice, quiet dinner at home and then a relaxing soak in a bubble bath after such a long day might be a better option.

It wasn't long before she arrived at the room she was aiming for. She'd been asked to check on this particular patient – a middle aged man, quite muscular whose leg was in a cast. Some construction accident, according to the notes.

She was a little wary of him as she walked into the room – her nurses had been complaining about him leering or groping at them. Something like this happened every once in a while – both men and women who felt they deserved 'special' treatment by the nursing staff.

Sakura checked him over, well aware of his eyes tracing over her body as she did so. She made sure to avoid giving him any opportunity to… well, molest her for lack of a better term. After finishing her examination she smiled pleasantly at him, making notes on his condition on the medical log. She even used a jutsu to help speed along the healing process and deal with the pain.

"Is there anything else I can do for you before I make the rest of my rounds?" she asked in the most professional manner she could.

“Well, there is one thing,” he said, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.


“Well, I'm feeling a little bit of… pressure. Uncomfortable pressure."

“Is that so?" she deadpanned. She knew where this was probably going but unfortunately she had to give the patient every benefit of the doubt, just in case she was wrong. "Could you point out where you're having this problem?"

"Maybe it would be better if I showed you instead." He firmly grasped her wrist and pulled her hand closer, placing it on his crotch. "See? There's a lot of pressure there. I think some… treatment might help fix that."

Sakura's eyes flashed. The look she shot him held the promise of punishment and a severe amount of pain. “Sir… this is a hospital, not a sex club.” She firmly pulled her hand away. “If you try something like that again, injured or not I'll personally make sure to extend your stay." To emphasize her point she grasped his cast and squeezed it, cracking the plaster and making the patient wince in pain.

“You can’t threaten me!” he gasped in surprise. All of the other nurses he'd tried this on simply flushed, made and excuse and then left. "There's no way you'd ruin all the work you did setting my leg in a cast!"

“You're right. I wouldn't do that." She smirked as a look of relief passed over his face. "But you DO have another leg. So if I hear about you doing anything else inappropriate, with any member of my staff, you'll be in need of a second cast. And a good pair of crutches. Or a wheelchair. Do I make myself clear?”

The man who was so confident only minutes ago was now white as a sheet and trying to shrink away from Sakura's threatening gaze. When she left the room, a couple of nurses were standing in the hallway waiting for her.

“He should behave himself from now on." She made sure her voice was loud enough to carry into the room, so the man could hear her. "If he doesn't, have someone come get me and I'll take care of it. Personally."

The nurses smiled happily and nodded to her. Sakura headed back to the nurse’s station and put the file away, before heading to the staff room to change. On the way growled, thinking of what just happened.

He wanted me to jerk him off… she thought to herself. How the hell could he assume I'd do something like that? Especially in a hospital, and to a patient? She flushed a little, recalling the memory of another patient she'd tended to on a mission. Then again, it wouldn't be the first time…

Images of Naruto, injured and exhausted flashed through her mind. She remembered the feeling of his warm flesh in her hand; the taste of him on her lips and tongue. Her face turned a darker shade of red and she shook her head, trying to banish it from her mind.

"Best to forget that.” It’s what she always said, but the memory kept coming back up – like it was either haunting her or torturing her. She couldn’t decide which.

It was towards the end of the mission. They'd lost their mission packs so Kakashi and Sai left to get firewood and food. Naruto ran headfirst into the battle and took the brunt of the damage, so she'd been left behind to heal him. He'd used a ton of shadow clones so he was suffering from a mild case of chakra exhaustion as well.

Sakura had a few light injuries, but she'd already taken care of herself. Now Naruto was sitting in front of her, shirt off with bandages around his ribs as he looked up at the sky while she did her work. They were in a clearing, surrounded by nothing but trees and wildlife. Other than the occasional bird chirping, nothing else was making a sound.

Naruto let out an almost depressing sigh, and she gave him a worried look. “Cheer up, you’ll be as good as new soon,” she said comfortingly.

“I know.”

“Then what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I guess. Just feeling a little stressed, my whole body aches and I can’t take my mind off of it.”

She honestly felt sorry for him. Every time they went on a mission, he seemed to take a ton of damage. Even with his healing factor, it had to get tiring after awhile. “Why don’t you get some sleep?”

“Can’t.” He sighed again. This one seemed heavier than the first one. “I tried to take a nap earlier and I was just too uncomfortable.”

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

He cocked his head as he thought for a moment… then gave her a sly grin, which turned into a cheeky smile, and then he chuckled before finally turning away from her eyes.

"…No. Nothing.”

Sakura blinked a few times. She knew he had a perverted thought just then, and he knew it would upset her if he mentioned it… even as a joke. She cupped his cheek and turned him to face her. "Naruto. You're hurt and exhausted. If there's a way I can make you feel better I will." She figured if he knew she wasn't mad, maybe he'd just say whatever pervy thing was running through his brain and then they'd laugh about it. Maybe it would cheer him up a little, and even help him.

“No, really I…”

“Naruto. I swear I won’t get angry.”

Naruto swallowed nervously. "You promise?" Sakura nodded in agreement. "Well, could we… do something… naughty?" He stuttered hesitantly, which surprised Sakura. He was no Jiraiya, but she never thought Naruto would get embarrassed like that. Sure, he'd done exactly that every time he'd tried to ask her out, but this was the same person who'd invented the sexy jutsu! For a pervert like him this should have been easy but instead, he was blushing like a nine-year old schoolboy asking for his first kiss.

She leaned back on her knees and crossed her arms defensively in front of her chest. "What kind of naughty are you referring to?" she asked, keeping her temper in check.

“Well, could you… take your top off?”

Her face turned beet red and she scowled, which made Naruto flinch reflexively. She realized he thought she was going to punch him across the clearing, and remembered her promise not to get angry. "And why exactly do you want me to do that?" inwardly adding, ‘you pervert’.

He turned away in embarrassment. “Never mind.”

“No!" She didn't want to see him unhappy again. "I just… t-tell me why first." She was having a hard time looking at him. "I mean, I'm not exactly… built."

Naruto stared at her in confusion. “Sakura, you’re perfectly fine.”

She rolled her eyes. “You WOULD say that.” Naruto grinned at her and she shook her head, before grinning along with him. It was nice to see him happy again – since it had a tendency to rub off on other people… like her, for instance.

“Fine,” she said, rolling her eyes. “I can’t believe I’m actually gonna do this.” She felt so embarrassed right now, as well as being just as big a pervert as Naruto. Or maybe Ino. She reached for her zipper and slowly began to pull it down, somehow sensing Naruto’s eyes as they trailed her hand.

The whole thing was only making her more nervous. When her jacket was finally unzipped she held it open, so he could see the mesh and sports bra combo she wore underneath.

“There. H-happy?”

“Umm… yeah.”

His tone however, said otherwise. “What?” She was a little annoyed. She just did something completely out of character, so why didn't he sound… unless…

“Oh, you can't be serious," she droned as the realization struck her.

“Just a peek?” he asked, hoping she'd keep her promise and not hit him.

Dammit, I've gone this far, she thought. And he did complement my chest, so… “A peek. A small one,” she stated emphatically, as she let her jacket slip off her shoulders. Her face was flaming red with embarrassment as she slowly lifted up her top.

Naruto’s eyes were glued to her chest, making sure he didn’t so much as blink as inch by inch, more flesh was revealed. Once her breasts began to show, he hardened a little and he moved his hands to cover himself.

Sakura couldn't help but notice it. Yeah. Total pervert. She had to admit though, she was feeling nervous and guiltily… a bit excited. She continued to raise her top until she stopped just below her nipples, keeping them covered as she hesitated for a brief moment. Then, with a final tug her breasts sprang free, her nipples erect and in full view.

She closed her eyes so she couldn't see Naruto but somehow, she became hyper-aware of his eyes staring at her breasts. The attention was making her heart pound, her breathing laboured and her body heat up.

Just a peek he'd asked for, and she'd agreed to. The peek was over, but why the hell wasn't she covering herself back up? She was just letting Naruto continue to stare at her… and before she knew it, she'd raised her arms over her head and completely removed her top.

Sakura always hated how small her breasts were, and she'd always wanted someone – anyone – to appreciate them, as well as the rest of her body for what it was, and not how she felt it would be. Her first choice would have been Sasuke, but frustratingly enough he never seemed interested. Naruto would have been her last choice – and he was so interested, somehow she could actually feel his eyes locked on her chest.

She finally worked up the courage to open her eyes and just like she thought, he was staring at her with a small trickle of blood coming out of his nose. She smiled at the attention and ran her hands up her body, caressing her tits softly, flicking her fingers individually over her nipples.

“So… is this what you wanted?”

Naruto nodded numbly, eyes never leaving her chest. His hands were still covering his crotch, trying to hide the bulge in his pants – and failing miserably at it.

Was he really that turned on by her topless body? Sakura leaned in and pulled his hands away. "You’re such a pervert,” she teased. “I bet you’ll want to relieve yourself.”

"Well, after seeing that who wouldn't?"

Sakura blinked owlishly at him. "You… were going to relieve yourself? While thinking of me?"

"Um, sure. Why wouldn't I? I've done…"

Naruto clamped his mouth shut, cutting himself off. His eyes were as big as dinner plates as he stared in fright at Sakura, who was glaring back at him.

"You've done what?" she asked pointedly.

He sucked in his lips and shook his head, refusing to speak.

"You've done that before? Took care of yourself while thinking of me? Naked?"

Naruto slumped his shoulders and let out a heavy breath. Hell, he thought to himself, she's gonna be pissed at me no matter what I say. I might as well be honest about it.

"Yeah. Probably like five or six times. It's just… c'mon Sakura, I don't know how many times I've told you you're pretty. And please don't be mad at me for saying this, but… I've always wondered what you look like naked. I mean, I wouldn't do… THAT to myself just thinking about some random girl, y'know?"

Sakura's face was a blank slate but on the inside, surprisingly enough she was elated. Even if it was Naruto, and it sounded totally perverted, he'd actually gone out of his way to think specifically about her when he relieved himself. That was way more than she'd ever gotten out of Sasuke.

And at that moment, a decision was made.

Her hands reached out and pushed Naruto back, before dropping down and fumbling with the belt on his pants.

"H-Hey! What are you doing?"

"Just shut up," she stated, pulling down his zipper. “You won't tell ANYONE about this. And NO getting the wrong idea about us either!”

Naruto swallowed heavily and nodded. In her mind, Sakura's inner voice was shouting at her, wondering what the hell she was doing. She wanted to do this with Sasuke, not Naruto. Not that she wanted Sasuke to think of her as a pervert, but wanting to do something like this with her crush was only natural. Plus, it only stood to reason that when her and Sasuke started dating, they'd do things like this to each other eventually.

It was always the same, acting one way with Naruto and another with Sasuke, like two sides of a coin. How many times had she scolded Naruto for his immature attitude and pranks while inwardly she was laughing along with him? How often did she go out of her way to appear ‘better’ than Naruto? She'd gotten better at simply being herself, and not pretending to be someone she wasn't, but some habits were hard to break.

Was that why she'd removed her top without any argument? And why she was kneeling in front of Naruto, naked from the waist up, her breasts free for him to stare at, while her hand was reaching inside his pants? Was this a part of her she didn't need to hide while they were alone?

Her face flushed as the tips of her fingers ran over his underwear, feeling the outline of his cock as it grew. She felt a small button and nimbly flicked it open, letting his warm flesh spring free from his pants. Sakura almost pulled away in surprise, but that lasted only a moment before she slowly wrapped her fingertips around his shaft, feeling it tremble as she held it lightly in her hands.

Her palms were sweaty and slick – she couldn’t tell if that was from nerves, or the heat of his cock. Either way, she guessed it didn’t matter at this point. She tugged it gently, her breathing slow and deep. She stared at it, feeling the size and the throbbing beneath her fingers.

What the fuck am I doing? She screamed in her head furiously. This is beyond perverted! This is something Ino would do, but not with Naruto! She'd tell me I was absolutely nuts to be doing this!

Well, apparently you can do perverted things with Naruto, her inner voice said sarcastically. Judging by the way you've got your hands wrapped around his cock, at least.

And how does that make any of this any better? I shouldn't even have pulled my top off in the first place!

I'd say that ship has sailed. Besides, you're all alone out here. Other than the two of you, who's gonna know about this? You can make him give one of his promises to keep it a secret, and let loose and be a pervert for once.

Sakura really didn't have an answer for that – mainly because her inner voice was right. She'd always thought of doing perverted stuff – with Sasuke, and not Naruto but she didn't see any harm in it. Plus, this way she could do a good job when Sasuke came back to the village and took her up on her offer.

She bent her head down, and the taste of his warm flesh was on her tongue, the musk of sweat and man filling her nose as she slid her tongue up his shaft, from the base to the tip. She circled the head a few times, teasing the rim and coating it with her saliva before running her tongue back down the other side.

She felt Naruto shudder at her efforts. Her heart was racing, her body was heating up and her panties were starting to soak through. She was being perverted, just like in her dreams and damn it, even though it was with Naruto, she was getting excited by this whole thing! She might have gotten away with just jerking him off and rationalizing it as helping out a friend – a perverted friend – but now, there was no way she could berate him after taking her top off and licking his cock like a popsicle.

The taste was a little off at first, since it was something she wasn't used to but she quickly adjusted, finding it more and more enticing by the minute. She sucked the tip into her mouth, flicking her tongue over it and tasting his precum as it dribbled out. The sound of Naruto's moans filled her ears, encouraging her to keep going and she attacked his cock with renewed vigor.

In her mind, she was forcing herself to think of Sasuke. She'd taken her top off and shown Sasuke her breasts. She'd undone Sasuke's pants and pulled his cock out. It was Sasuke's moans filling her ears, Sasuke's cock she was licking.

Sakura idly wondered how Sasuke compared to Naruto. Was he bigger? Longer? Wider? But as she tried imagining it, reality kicked in for a moment and once again it was Naruto's cock she was lapping at. She slowly pulled it out of her mouth, letting a line of saliva extend from the tip of her tongue as she drooled all over it. Her hand continued to work furiously on the shaft, making it slick as she stroked it.

She returned to her fantasy once more, taking Naruto's… no, Sasuke's cock back in her mouth and slurping it, her tongue running over the rim of his dick, swirling it around. Naruto… no, Sasuke was moaning as she did it, arching his back and thrusting his hips up, trying to force more of his cock down her throat. She started bobbing up and down on Naruto's… no Sasuke's dick, giving him more and more pleasure. She hummed, making Naruto… fuck, how many times was she going to do that? Making SASUKE twitch and squirm from the sensations.

Sakura closed her eyes and moved her head faster and faster, listening to Nar… SASUKE moaning out louder, calling out her name.

"Sakura! SAKURA!"

Sasuke's voice was getting her more aroused, and she sucked and slurped and made all kinds of sounds, Naruto's… damn it, Sasuke's cock filling every part of her mouth, the sensation of sucking him off becoming fixed in her mind. Her drool kept his shaft slippery and she worked it furiously, as she felt a familiar heat beginning to grow between her legs.

You're about to soak through your panties, her inner voice observed, and I know what you're thinking of doing. Is one more perverted thing going to make that much more of a difference?

Sakura shifted her body so that she was lying on her side, allowing her to spread her legs. Naruto looked confused… no, it was Sasuke who looked confused. He flushed when she saw her hand slip underneath her skirt and pull her panties down around her ankles, allowing her unrestricted access to her pussy. She paused for a moment, suppressing her gag reflex as she shoved his cock as deep in her throat as she could manage. Then she gasped – which came out more like a hum since her mouth was full of cock – as her fingers rubbed against her clit, pressing down hard and moving in circular motions, first clockwise and then counterclockwise.

In-between grunts of pleasure, Naruto's eyes shifted from Sakura's fingers, to her tits, to her sucking him off with an almost religious fervor.

Her fingers dove into her damp folds, curling inside as she tried to hit her g-spot. She touched it a few times, sending a brief shock up her spine but she really couldn't get a good angle on it because of the way she was laying. Instead, she pulled her fingers out and settled for flicking them over her clit again, occasionally stroking her folds from top to bottom.

She looked up and saw Naruto was brea…. No, Sasuke. SASUKE! Naruto… damn it, Naruto was breathing heavily, his eyes glued to her fingers as they played with every inch of her pussy. He was seeing the perverted side of her that she normally kept hidden deep inside her and FUCK if she wasn't turned on by the whole thing!

Sasuke or Naruto… right now she didn't care, since her slit and the entire area around it was drenched, as her fingers worked their magic on both her pussy and his cock. Naruto's crotch was soaking wet as well, but that was from her saliva… along with a bit of his pre-cum. Sakura couldn't believe how thrilling and exciting it was being a pervert – right now, at least.

Between multi-tasking on sucking his cock and getting herself off, along with her constantly changing and conflicting thoughts of Naruto and Sasuke, Sakura didn't hear Naruto warn her before he came in her mouth. It must have been awhile since he'd jerked himself off because there was a lot of it. She gagged, pulling out his cock and gasping for air. His cum dripped from the corner of her mouth as Naruto continued to orgasm, shooting more cum across her face and across her exposed breasts.

She wanted to say something, but before she had a chance her body tensed as she came herself, shivering once before her legs trembled and clamped down on her hand, which was buried as far as she could manage in her dripping snatch, bearing down down on her clit and squeezing her folds.

Sakura collapsed, resting her forehead on Naruto's abdomen for a few moments, before she readjusted her body so that she was kneeling in front of him.

“Sakura…" Naruto asked, his face flushed and full of concern, "are you….”

“I'm fine." She crooked a smile at him. The moonlight was shining off Naruto's jism, which was covering most of her face. "The question is, how are you feeling?"

Naruto gave her a lopsided smile. "Better," he said, chuckling a little. "A whole lot better."

For the rest of the night, it felt a little awkward between them. They both cleaned themselves up and didn't say much. Neither of them knew what to say after doing… all of that. Naruto tried to start a conversation, to say that things were still fine between them – which they were – Sakura didn't have any regrets about what she did, but why didn't it feel weirder than it did?

About a half an hour later Kakashi and Sai returned with a good catch of fish, and they all sat around the camp fire and ate. The awkwardness between her and Naruto quickly dissipated into the air once there were other people to talk to.

And when the mission was done and they returned to Konoha, things went back to normal for them both.

There were more than a few times Sakura thought back to that night and what went on, when she let her perverted side loose. She'd locked it away again after that, but surprisingly enough it wasn't as restrained as it used to be. On the upside, she'd become slightly prouder of her body. If it could arouse a man – even if it was a pervert like Naruto – then hell, it couldn't be that bad.

She sighed as she sat on a bench in the ladies locker room of the hospital, wearing only a pair of pink lace underwear and bra. She'd removed her scrubs, but her regular clothes were still hanging in her locker – for some reason she'd stopped when Naruto came to mind… along with the memory of what happened.

Sakura remembered his cock in her hand. The taste of it in her mouth. How the warmth and the scent of it got her excited. She found herself heating up, and her face began to flush. She needed to cool down and fast, so she grabbed her bag and pulled out a bottle of flavored sparkling water. 

It was tall, thin and made out of glass – definitely a premium brand. This one was imported all the way from Sea Country. She popped off the cap and lifted it to her lips, pouring the cherry flavored water down her throat. Her eyes closed as she enjoyed the taste – it was refreshing, but a little warm from sitting in her bag since she got to the hospital early this morning.

The bottle stayed on her lips after the last drop dripped into her throat. It lingered there for a few moments, and then the tip of her tongue snaked out and licked the opening, slowly and sensuously. She turned the bottle sideways and ran her lips across the neck, smearing her lipstick along the clear glass, rotating it one way and then the other, making sure she gave equal time and treatment to both sides. Her tongue came back out, long and flat as she licked the bottle like an ice cream cone from the bottom to the top.

A slight moan escaped her lips as the tip of her tongue danced on the bottle, flicking it rapidly in short little bursts all along the glass. A spot started to form between her legs as she kept going, slowly drenching her panties like a dripping faucet, the wetness spreading both across and through the lacy pink underwear she was wearing – which of course was the only thing she didn't have an extra pair of. Her mother told her to always have a clean pair of underwear on hand in case she had an accident – she'd never understood that, since the last 'accident' she'd had was when she was five years old, and didn't plan on having a similar 'accident' anytime soon.

However, she just realized her mother may also have been referring to moments like this. The idea was both enlightening and nauseating at the same time – simply because it came from her mother, and had to deal with sex.

No child wanted to think about their parents and sex at the same time. It was definitely a forbidden topic.

Her mouth travelled back to the top and tipped the bottle up, making little slurping sounds as she tried to suck a few more drops of cherry flavored water out of it. The motions, the feeling were so similar to that night, when she'd done something like this for the first time, only it wasn't with a bottle of water, but with Naruto's cock. It wasn't this long but definitely wider than the neck of the bottle…

Sakura slowly pushed it into her mouth, wondering if she could get it as far down her throat as Naruto's cock. Inch by inch she bobbed it, giving it a shallow blow job until she neck was completely encased and the rim was touching the back of her throat.

Congratulations, her inner self said smugly. It seems like you haven't lost your touch. Since you're all alone in here, why don't you go ahead and reward yourself?

The hand that wasn't holding the bottle crept between her legs, slipping underneath her panties which were laced with her sticky juices, rubbing her sensitive nub harder and harder. A few flicks of her fingertips made her shiver and flinch, but she kept a firm hold on the bottle, continuing to suck it off and imagining it was Naruto, while masturbating at the same time.

At the moment, she was actually quite pleased with her multi-tasking abilities. But as good as it felt, she wanted… no, she craved more than just her fingers. More than just the little snippets of pleasure she was feeling. Plus, the possibly of getting caught by someone was getting her more excited by the second.

Sakura slowly pulled the bottle out, and it made a 'pop' as it exited her mouth. She traced it down the front of her chest, leaving a glistening trail of saliva behind as it travelled between her breasts, then across her abdomen, finally pausing at the waistline of her lace panties.

“What the hell am I doing?!” she whispered to herself, shaking her head in denial. She knew exactly what she was doing – and thinking – and she wondered how she could even be considering something so perverted. But the ache between her legs was growing stronger, and her fingers were only making things worse, not better.

Well, I'd say you have a few more minutes at least. If you concentrate, you should be able to finish quick – and no one will be the wiser.

Her fingers pushed aside the thin strip of fabric and positioned the top of the bottle at her opening, slowly pressing it up inside of her. It felt weird at first, but she got it slick little by little as she pushed it in. She was still standing but her stance got wider as the bottle went further inside. One hand was now on the lockers, helping her balance while the other was thrusting the glass bottle deeper in her pussy, burying the neck up to the part where it got wider. Her legs were spread far enough so that her pussy was about two feet off the tile floor. She could probably get better leverage if she sat down on the bench and leaned back, but that would mean she'd have to stop…

Suddenly, the sound of the doors opening, along with two nurses talking flooded the locker room, and by the time they reached the area in the back near the showers Sakura had pulled her clothes on over her very soaked and sticky panties.

Flushed and frustrated with not being able to finish what she started, she slipped her sandals on and zipped up her bag with the bottle she had just used for a substitute dildo.

Damn it Naruto, she growled to herself as she slung the bag over her shoulder, this is all your fault!

Across the village in a small, nondescript apartment, Anko was going over files, forms, licenses and other various pieces of paperwork, which were strewn across her kitchen table. She was still working on the front for the X-Rank Missions – she still didn't know which one she wanted to use, or where to locate it but still, whittling down the possibilities was taking more time than she thought it would.

She sipped at her tea, thinking about the mission Naruto had been given by the council. The plan of action had also been on her mind – what to do, how to do it – even something as small as Naruto's initial approach. It was just as delicate as a black-ops ANBU mission, which to be frank surprised her… not that she'd ever say that to Naruto. He'd just go on and on about how he was right and she was wrong, and there was no way in hell she'd let that happen.

She absently wondered how he was doing with his current assignment. It wasn't as high profile or important as the one from the council, but considering how shocked he was, it was still fun to think about how he was… handling it.

Naruto groaned as he trudged up the staircase, carrying a stack of bedsheets.

For the past thirty minutes he'd been doing chores and well, he hated that. He'd always hated that. But unfortunately, it was part of the fantasy his… client wanted. She was a MILF, and wanted to be taken suddenly by some young stud while he was doing chores for her.

The whole 'sudden sex' scenario. Where someone just couldn't keep their hands off her anymore.

Of course, when she first saw him she was just as nervous as he was, but that vanished quickly as the idea of being fucked by her daughter's teammate grew on her.

I swear, Naruto seethed silently to himself, I'll get Anko for setting me up on a mission with Mebuki Haruno. I don't care how long it takes, but one way or another, she's gonna pay. Itching powder in her underwear drawer sounds like a good start…

Thoughts of what Sakura would do to him if she ever found out flashed through his mind. Most of the images involved broken bones and severe concussions that even Kurama couldn't heal. Even the idea of being in a coma for a few weeks wasn't that farfetched.

His only saving grace was that Anko was on security duty, watching the house so that Sakura wouldn't find out what was going on.

“Just put the sheets on the bed,” Mebuki instructed him as he entered the room.

“Sure.” He watched as she leaned over and straightened the sheets on the bed she was making. It was large; easily a king size with plenty of room for what he planned, and she expected him to do to her. As she bent over and stretched towards the top, he looked her over. He had to admit, for an older woman she had a nice body.

He walked up behind and placed his hands on her hips, making her jump a little.

“Naruto?! What are you doing?”

She sounded surprised, but it was all part of the act. At least that's what he kept telling himself, as his hands slowly moved down over her thighs and underneath the hem of her skirt.
“Naruto, wait… we can’t…”

His hands pushed her skirt up over her hips. She was wearing a frilly pair of lace pink panties, which sat low on the waist but were high cut, accentuating her ass. He rolled his eyes at the irony of it all.

Like mother like daughter, I suppose. He squeezed her right cheek, making her gasp. "Nice ass." He groped her with his fingers, then moved on to the other cheek and repeated the process. "How many times a week do you exercise?"

She moistened her lips with her tongue. "F-Four…" she stammered, her throat dry with shock and anticipation, "I exercise four t-times a week…"

"Well, I have to say it shows. These feel pretty toned and firm." He hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties. "And I bet they feel even better without these getting in the way," he added, as he roughly pulled them down to just above her knees, so that her legs couldn't move very much. 

"One thing to remember is that most people love to be restrained," Anko had told him during one of the less… aggressive training sessions. "I'm not talking Sado-masochistic bondage or rape – even though there's people out there who get off on that stuff as well – but it's natural for the body to want to squirm around when you're hitting all the right spots. Making it so that they can only move one-tenth as much makes it ten times hotter."

“Naruto…. This is not appROOOOOOOHHHH!” she moaned as he buried his middle finger in her snatch. He grinned – this whole 'alpha-male' role was actually a lot more fun than he thought it would be.

"I really don't believe you want me to stop," he said, as he buried another finger inside of her, "not when you're as wet as this."

“D-Don’t say that! Please… I’m old enough to be your mother!”

Naruto ignored her protests and continued to pump two fingers in and out of her pussy. He used a pattern, starting slowly at first but continuing to move faster, until one loud groan escaped her lips and then he'd slow down and start all over again.

"Another thing to remember is that women like to be teased – but only up until a point," Anko had also told him. "You think orgasming is good now? It's WAY better after some teasing. But you gotta know when to stop and get on with it. Too much teasing will piss someone off, and once that happens the only thing you're gonna get is a set of blue balls…"

“So? I like mature women.” It wasn't exactly a lie, since he was secretly fucking Tsunade. But it was also a part of the directive he was given, of how the fantasy and this mission was supposed to play out. . "Experience counts for a lot."

An idea suddenly came to him to try something new, and he lightly smacked her ass with his free hand.

“Ahhh!” she cried out.

Oh, yeah. She definitely likes that. He smacked her ass again. “You’re just a slutty MILF, aren’t you?” He hoped that all this ‘dirty talk’ didn’t sound stupid. Anko had been giving him ‘sexual grammar’ lessons, but he still felt unsure. Too much? Too little? Did it sound dirty enough? Or not enough? Maybe he would get better with more practice.

Naruto shivered. Mebuki had specifically asked to be treated like this – it was spelled out in the mission parameters, but he didn't really like doing it. This entire mission was making him feel like a complete and utter sleaze – and even worse, Anko was probably watching him at this very moment, waiting for him to screw it up. And if that happened, she'd debase and humiliate him far worse than what he was being asked to do right now.

“N-No… that's not t-true.” Her voice wavered, making her denial sound hollow. “Please… No more…”

He stopped fucking her with his fingers and pulled her back up so that he could reach underneath her shirt. "No bra?" he asked in mock surprise as he massaged and squeezed her tits. Mebuki was already breathing heavily, but when he pinched her nipples, she arched her back and moaned in pleasure.

“Tell me you’re a dirty MILF.”

“No…” she shook her head, although her defiance was hanging by a thread. "I'm not…" She heard the sound of pants unbuckling and then Naruto spun her around, pushing her down on her knees and giving her an eyeful of his erect cock.

"Well, if you don't wanna admit it – either to me or yourself – then I guess you'll just have to be punished." He twisted his fingers in her hair and pulled her head forward. "Suck me off like the MILF slut that you are."

Mebuki helplessly looked up at him, before looking back down at the cock pointed straight at her mouth. She whined like a prisoner with no choice but to obey, parting her lips and sliding them over the head. She started sucking, trying to draw his dick into her mouth like a chocolate shake through a straw, rather than just pushing it down the back of her throat.

“OHHHH…” Naruto moaned, as his eyes rolled up in the back of his head from Mebuki forcefully sucking on him. Damn, she's pretty fucking good at this. It almost feels like she's strangling my cock with the suction from her mouth. He cracked an eye open and watched as her head bobbed up and down, turning to the side a few times to change the angle, which also changed the sensation because his cock was rubbing up against different parts of her mouth. At the same her tongue was licking him clockwise over the head of his dick and down his shaft, while keeping up the pressure as she sucked him off.

She stopped and pulled away, and his cock came out of her mouth with an audibly loud POP. She coughed a few times, trying to clear her throat from Naruto almost choking her by shoving his dick down her throat, and her chest heaved as she tried to catch her breath.

“Naruto, please… don’t make me suck your cock.”

He ignored her pleas and yanked on her hair, forcing his cock into her mouth again. This time she didn't suck but drooled all over it, her saliva running down the shaft and onto his balls, making them slick. Drips at first, and then lines of spit hung off of his sack and fell onto his shorts, which were pooled at his feet.

His moans mixed with the sounds of sucking and slurping as Mebuki gorged on his cock, savoring the experience she wanted of being abused sexually by a young man, feeling helpless against his power and having to obey his every command.

She wanted someone to desire her so much, they'd take her without asking for permission. She wanted to be someone's sexual plaything.

And Naruto was doing his best to make her fantasy come true.

 “Yeah… you like that, don’t you?” He sneered at her, like he imagined a Lord or some other high ranking noble might, when they used their position of authority to get what they wanted. "Swallow my cock like the slut that you are."

"Mmmhmmm," she mumbled, agreeing with him while her head moved faster and faster, her lips sliding teasingly down the shaft and over the head, shoving his cock back down her throat until it touched the back and she almost choked again. She gagged but didn't pull it out of her mouth, instead deciding to be submissive and run her tongue over the rim. She rubbed the top of the head and then flicked the underside, teasing him in ways even Anko hadn't done.

"I'm gonna come," he said as he felt himself getting close. "Swallow it all. None of it better hit the floor."

Mebuki deep throated him one last time as he came, and her cheeks puffed out from the amount of seed that filled her mouth however she obediently swallowed it. After one last gulp she pulled his cock out and fell back, gasping for air, her face and chest flushed red from exertion and excitement.

“Th-That was… so good,” she panted. “No one has taken me so forcefully before!”

Naruto felt a wave of relief wash over him. He was actually worried he'd gone too far with his dirty talk a few times during the whole thing but apparently, from the way Mebuki was smiling he'd done a good job.

So he was a little bit surprised when she stood back up, turned around and bent over at the waist, reaching between her legs and spreading her pussy lips with the fingers of her right hand. It was drenched and she stuck a finger in, getting it good and wet and spreading her juices from her labia to her asshole.

“Naruto…” she said, sounding desperate, “put that young man cock inside my MILF pussy.”

Naruto blinked at her sudden frankness. The mission parameters said there was the possibility of sex, but he figured that'd never happen when Mebuki saw it was him. Even worse, he just realized he accidentally left the box of condoms at his apartment, since he ran home to take a shower before coming over here.

A chill ran up his spine. Anko and Sakura would BOTH kill him if he…

“Forget the role-playing…" Now she was sounding desperate and demanding. "I can’t stand it anymore – fuck my slutty MILF pussy with your young, hard cock!”

So much for following her original directions. And it sounded like talking dirty wasn't high on the priority list anymore – which he was actually pretty relieved about. All he had to do now was fuck her into oblivion until she couldn't walk straight.

Naruto moved forward and positioned the head of his dick at her entrance, moving it up and down a little bit to lubricate it. She whimpered in anticipation, thinking he was purposely teasing her but she gasped loudly when he thrust forward, burying his shaft entirely in her dripping snatch up to the hilt. He ground his hips against her ass cheeks, rotating his dick deep inside of her and she moaned, trying to pull out so that he could slam into her but his hands clamped down on her hips, holding her in place.

He moved in and out – tantalizingly slow, letting her savor every inch of his cock like sipping on a glass of vintage wine. Every time he went back in he used a different angle, hitting parts deep inside of her that hadn't been touched in years. Occasionally he'd give her a good, hard thrust – something to break up the monotony and keep her on her toes – literally. Because it raised her off the ground, and she made a little high pitched squeal whenever he did it.

Mebuki was heating up quickly. Sweat was gathering along her spine and soon began dripping down her back, pooling in the little hollow above her ass cheeks before finally dripping down the sides. The pace he was setting was pure torture to her – she wanted him pounding her hard and fast with reckless abandon, but it seemed he was more interested in drawing it out.

But she wasn't. And he needed to understand that. Right now.

She slammed her hips backwards onto his dick, reminding him that even though he was the one making her fantasy come true, SHE was the one in charge.

Another quick thrust backwards, this one making Naruto readjust his footing so he didn't lose any leverage.

And momma wanted to be fucked like a jackhammer breaking up concrete.

A third thrust backwards – this one hard enough so that Naruto finally got the hint. The bruised pelvic bone she gave him helped make up his mind as well. He grabbed her hips and slammed his dick into her snatch, making her cry out in pleasure as he quickly picked up the pace, thrusting into her faster and harder with every second that passed. Her screams were getting louder and longer, bad enough that he thought her neighbors might knock on the door to complain about the noise. The idea of shoving a piece of laundry in her mouth as a make-shift gag crossed his mind, but he couldn't reach anything in the laundry basket. Finishing quickly was probably his best option. 

He picked up the pace again, thrusting faster and faster into her. Her pussy was dripping like a leaky faucet now, and every time he plunged into her depths her juices splashed all over his cock, balls and the crotch of his pants. Every smack of his hips against her ass cheeks sounded like a wet towel hitting the floor because she was so drenched, and Mebuki kept screaming about how she loved young, hard cock in her pussy.

Closer. Closer. So close to cumming now. Just a few more thrusts and…

The sound of a door opening made them both freeze.

“MOM, I’M HOME!” a voice shouted from downstairs.

“SHIT!” Mebuki and Naruto both whispered, as they scrambled to get dressed. 


“She’s heading towards the kitchen!” Mebuki hissed, knowing the layout of the house well enough to guess from where her daughter’s voice was coming from, which was directly beneath them.

“Crap, Sakura’s gonna kill me!” Naruto finished buckling his pants and looked around frantically. “Damn it, where the hell is my other shoe? And why didn’t Anko warn us she was coming in?!”



Any hope Mebuki had of her daughter waiting downstairs vanished when she heard the sound of stairs creaking. “Window,” she said to Naruto, pointing to the one against the far wall. "And good job by the way."

“Thanks…” he smiled happily, before remembering the 'end of mission formalities'. “And when you send payment, could you please leave a performance review for me too? Any little bit helps me out." 

He remembered the last mission, when he forgot to tell his date to leave a performance review and Anko threated to shove… well, something long and definitely not small up his ass if he forgot again.

She nodded. “Yes, yes. I’ll be sure to give you a fine review of your… performance.” She smiled, shooing him out the window. Once he was gone she closed it silently and quickly went back to fixing the bedspread, smoothing out the wrinkles so that nothing looked suspicious. As luck would have it, just as she finished tucking the last corner underneath the mattress, Sakura walked through the door.

“Hey mom, I….” Sakura blinked curiously at her. “Are you ok? Your face is all flushed and you're sweating."

“Oh yes," Mebuki waved her hand dismissively before using it to fan herself. "Just having a few hot flashes, dear. Nothing to worry about. How was your shift?”

“My shift was fine.”

“Anything interesting happen?” Mebuki was hoping to steer the conversation onto something else other than her appearance.

Sakura's cheeks turned a dark shade of pink as she recalled what she'd been doing in the changing rooms. “NOTHING!” she blurted out. “It was just a normal day. Nothing happened!” Her eyes darted around nervously. “Umm… I’m gonna have a quick bite to eat and then take a nap."

“Ok. There's some leftover soup in the fridge if you want it."

Sakura hurriedly left the room and Mebuki gave a sigh of relief, shutting the door behind her. "That was too close," she breathed out in relief, leaning her head against the door. "But I think I've got about ten or so minutes to quietly finish what you interrupted."

She laid back down on the bed, one hand going underneath her shirt to squeeze her breasts while the other went inside her underwear. Images of Naruto's cock filled her mind – of her sucking him off, swallowing his load and begging him to fuck her – which he had provided in spades.

Her fingers flicked over her clit, stroked her folds and dove inside her over and over again. Her head began to thrash back and forth, and she remembered the relentless pounding he'd given her, shoving every inch of that young, hard cock into her snatch. Her body hadn't been that abused in years, since before she was married – and even if she'd gotten caught, it definitely would have been worth it.

When she finally came, she screamed into her bedspread in both ecstasy from finally orgasming, and frustration from her daughter interrupting so that Naruto couldn't 'finish the job' properly.  

Maybe she could get some credit towards a future purchase…
Sakura flopped down on her bed and heaved a heavy sigh. Her eyes stared blankly at the ceiling, her breathing was steady, she was all alone and there was nothing but silence… and yet, a warmth was creeping between her legs.

She tried to ignore it, but it wasn't easy. She rolled to one side and then the other. She tried hugging her pillow and putting it between her knees, but that didn't work either. Finally, she screamed into the pillow in frustration before curling into a ball.

“Ugh…. What is wrong with me?!” she muttered to herself. Before she knew it, her fingertips were trailing along her skin, past her thighs and underneath her skirt.
At the Hyƫga compound, in a bedroom situated well away from most everyone else, Hinata sat on the floor, her back against the wall and knees curled up to her chest.

She was depressed and it showed, because Hanabi and even her father asked what was wrong. She begged off, telling them she was just tired before running to her room, but the truth of the matter was that it was about Naruto.

She'd always been nervous around him, and it had always been hard for her to get close or even talk to him but now, ever since they went on that mission it had become almost impossible to approach him, or talk about what they had done, and how she…

Hinata shook her head in denial and shame. She couldn't even admit to herself how happy she'd been doing something that perverted with him. She felt so dirty and impure, and she worried if he even cared, or that he might think she was a slut.

There was also another part of her that didn't care, and wanted to do perverted things with him again.

She clutched her knees closer to her chest thinking of Naruto, wanting him… and only him.

The door to her apartment flew open and Naruto stomped in. “Hey kid, how’d the mission go?” she asked, smirking at him. "Did you put on a good performance for our… client?"

“WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU?!” he yelled, throwing his hands in the air.

Anko blinked, then stared at him impassively through half-lidded eyes. “Excuse me?”
“The mission went fine. Exceptionally well, almost perfect… at least until the part when SAKURA CAME HOME!”

“What?! Did she catch you?”

He glared at her. “I’m alive aren’t I?”

“Then what's the problem?”

“The problem is that I didn't realize security was MY job as well." His voice was dripping with sarcasm. Yeah…” he said, once more taking a sarcastic tone. “Though I didn’t realise it was MY job.”

Anko rolled her eyes. “Quit complaining, it all worked out.”

“That still doesn't explain why you weren't there!”

“…I believed that you could handle any situation that arose,” she said confidently, like it was part of one of her lessons, “and it looks like I was right. Good job.”

“I don't believe that for a second," he deadpanned. "You probably forgot again because you were stuffing your face with Dango, or too busy getting free drinks by flashing your cleavage at that dive bar you like…"

Anko glared at him. Yeah, he was right on both counts but how DARE he point it out! "Who the hell do you think you are, bad mouthing your sensei? That’s it, punishment!”

Naruto blinked as she lunged at him. Clothes flew everywhere, furniture was overturned and the kitchen table was smashed to pieces. In the end, when the smoke cleared Naruto was tossed in a corner, naked and tied up with a rope in a complex bondage pattern. For added humiliation and effect, a ball gag was stuffed in his mouth.

“Now, stay like that and quit struggling, or…” Anko smiled maliciously as she pulled a double-sided dildo out from under the table she'd been sitting at. "…they'll need a surgeon to remove this from where I plan on shoving it."

Naruto immediately stopped struggling and remained still.

"Good boy.” Anko smiled, patting his head like a dog. Then her smile grew even wider as she dropped her pants and sat down in front of him on the couch, spreading her legs to give him an unobstructed view.

"Now, I think to pass the time, I'll use this on myself." She rubbed the dildo against her slit using both hands, since it was so big. Once it was lubricated enough she positioned one end at her pussy, and the other at her ass.

"It's not often I do this in front of an audience," she almost purred, as she slowly pushed it into her holes. "So you better enjoy the show."