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The Fall of Hinata Pt2 (matt Ending)

Unofficial Sequel to since so many were asking for one.

Considering what happened in the commissioned first part, this is how i saw it getting back to normal. (with a little added harem XD)

If you don't like the story, then please enjoy the art.

Sunday, 25 December 2016

X-Rank Chapter 7 – Backfire

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Chapter 7 – Backfire

Back at his apartment Naruto mulled over his first meeting with Samui, trying to figure her out. It seemed like she appreciated honesty – to a point at least – but if he took it too far he knew he'd be in trouble. No one was hanging out with her at the bar, and she wasn't looking for anyone either. She just seemed to be there to relax and have a few drinks. There was a seriousness about her, which only confirmed what he read in the mission report – although for someone who just accused another person of mentally undressing them, she was very calm about it, and didn't slug him right off the bat. She was cool and aloof, but she had great control of herself.

The more he thought about it, the more he realized he needed more than just a mission report and one chance meeting in a bar to form any kind of answer.

The next day he started his cover at the academy, sitting in on classes to see how Kumo taught their prospective young shinobi. It felt somewhat nostalgic and for the first time, he was glad to be assigned to the X-Rank ‘department’ – if you can call it that. It gave him these kinds of opportunities; to have some fun and show off his skills to the next generation. And the students seemed to appreciate his way of making class fun and enjoyable.

His assistant – Sachi, a low-level chūnin kunoichi in her early twenties with light brown hair and red eyes – would be around to watch and escort him to and from his apartment, giving him details on when and where to be the next day. Boring stuff, really.

When evening came around, he'd venture out to the bars once again, eventually ending up at the same one he'd been in the first night. Samui wasn't there, but after three days she finally walked in. When she saw him, she eyed him curiously. Naruto noticed, but pretended to not see her as she sat at the same bar stool, ordered the same drink, and ate from the same basket of potato chips as she did before. She watched the band play, listening to the music, and every now and then she'd glance over at him, trying to see if he was looking at her like he'd done before. He was a little more obvious this time, since he knew she was going to catch him anyway.

He'd barely touched his food when she walked over to his table.

“I swear, I swear! I was just admiring your figure!” He joked, feigning innocence. “I wasn't thinking about you with your clothes off!”

“Funny." She said dryly, without a hint of humor. “Mind if I sit?”

Naruto nodded, gesturing to the seat in front of him.

“You’re from Konoha, here to observe our teaching methods at the academy, correct?”

Naruto blinked in surprise. She'd checked up on him? “Err… yeah. Is that a problem?”

“No.” She shook her head. “I thought I recognized your name. It's not exactly common.”

“Yeah…” He didn't feel like telling her he'd been named after a character in one of Jiraiya's less… pervy novels. “At least I've never come across someone else with the same name. Your name’s pretty nice, though.”

“I suppose.” She shrugged. The two of them went silent as Samui went back to watching the band. As he took another bite of his food Naruto realized that underneath her controlled and composed exterior, she was socially shy.

Maybe. At least that's the only theory he could come up with.

“So, you must like the music here. This is the second time I've seen you in this particular bar."

“I guess.” She shrugged again. “It's convenient, since it's close to my apartment. And it's a lot cleaner than other bars in the village." She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye. “And you?”

“Well… the view was pretty good the first time I came in here." He sported a goofy grin. "I was hoping to see it again."

Samui blinked. He obviously meant her. “Really? There wasn't anyone else's… chest you found interesting?” she asked bluntly, looking away, giving Naruto the hint that she was actually shy about asking the question.

“Well, there's lots of them I could look at, but yours was the most interesting by far," he kidded her. “I thought you'd be flattered."

“Well, you shouldn’t. You should control yourself better.”

“Why?” He was genuinely curious. “I mean, it’s not like I plan on going wild or looking for trouble, but where's the fun in being stiff and stern all the time?”

“A shinobi needs to be in control of their emotions. At critical moments in battle it could mean the difference between life and death.” She glared at him and took another sip of her drink. “Also, it brings respect from your subordinates."

“Yeah, but you’re not on a mission now,” he countered. “Sometimes a person just needs to relax and let loose."

“But when missions come, you have to have your team's respect," she stated matter-of-factly, "and 'letting loose' during my off-hours would only undermine my authority as their leader."

"Wow," he stated in mock surprise, "that was a pretty stiff answer. But I think I know what your problem is now."

She stared at him impassively. "I wasn't aware that I had a problem."

"Yeah, I get that. My sensei used to say, 'sometimes you need a pair of outside eyes to get a fresh perspective' and before you ask, the answer is yes…" Naruto rolled his eyes dramatically. "…he was an egotistical pain in the ass. Your problem is you think you need to be prepared all the time. You don't know when to turn it off."

“Is that a fact?” She frowned, not liking the criticism.

“Just making an observation.” He held up his hands in surrender. "I’m sorry if I sound critical, but…”

“Yes, you've told me. You have a tendency to say what's on your mind." Her impassive look softened a bit. "I realize you were just trying to be honest and not hurtful, and I… apologize for my hard tone.”

"Apology accepted." Naruto grinned, confusing Samui a little. "And it was nice to see."

“It… was?!”

He chuckled a little. “Yeah. It shows you can let go if you want. Didn't it feel good to do? Just a little bit?"

Samui opened her mouth to argue, but snapped it shut instead. It's not like she hadn't overheard people whispering about the exact same thing behind her back. The only difference was that Naruto had the… courage to say it to her face.

They didn't talk very much after that. About an hour later Naruto decided to call it a night since he had to be at the academy early the next morning, but when he walked in the next night Samui was already there, waiting for him at the same table.   

For the next week they sat, listening to various bands play as they talked. Well, Naruto did most of the talking, asking Samui about herself and what life was like in her village. Her answers were direct and to the point – she didn't give any more detail or backstory than necessary.

He did notice however that when he purposely asked some of the more personal questions she didn't get as angry as she had the first night. They were becoming more comfortable with each other, but despite that, there was still a wall around her personality.

It didn't take long for Naruto to realize she had a stick up her ass bigger than Hiashi's. If she lived in Konoha, her surname would definitely be Hyūga.

He needed to push her out of her comfort zone, but how? All they ever did was talk, the conversations and answers were becoming predictable and even worse, the mission was constantly percolating in the back of his mind. This was the first time a woman hadn't wanted him from the get-go, and he had to put some effort into seducing her. So how long should he wait before trying something?  Pushing for sex was out of the question, and a one-night stand would serve no one. It wasn't just a matter of getting her into bed – he needed her to want him.

But how?

It was during their conversation on the sixteenth night after his arrival in Kumo that an opportunity finally presented itself. It was a longshot – if it went wrong, at the very least it would set him back weeks, and at the worst it could mean the end of his mission – Anko would probably kick his ass for even thinking of it. But if there was one thing Naruto was known for, it was taking chances in the face of impossible odds.

The best thing he had going for the plan was that Samui was a bit tipsy at the moment. Not drunk, certainly – but definitely looser and more relaxed than he'd ever seen her.

"So, you've never just let go?" he asked, prodding for a bit more information than she'd usually give. "I mean, done anything spontaneous just for fun? Let your hair down, gone wild and…" 

"No," Samui said tersely, frowning a little bit. She didn't like Naruto incessantly pointing out how dull she apparently was.

“Never? What about pulled a prank?”

“Did I stutter? No.” She downed the rest of her drink and hiccupped once. "Bartender! Another round for me and my friend!"

Naruto smiled and secretly waved the bartender off, cancelling the drinks. Kurama’s chakra was burning off the alcohol in his system, but Samui wasn’t so lucky. And she didn’t need any more alcohol if his plan was going to work. He might be a lot of things, but taking advantage of a woman too drunk to say ‘no’ wasn’t one of them.

“You know what? Why don’t we do something wild tonight?”

She raised her eyebrows in confusion. "Do what?"

“Hmm…” Naruto paused and tapped his chin thoughtfully for a few seconds, then shook his head and sat back. “Actually, I take it back. I don’t think you could do it.”

"What is it?"

“It doesn’t matter." He finished off his own drink and shook his head. "You wouldn't do it anyway.”

“Tell me,” she demanded adamantly.

“Give me your word that you’ll try it?”

“Without knowing? That wouldn't be very smart.”

Naruto shrugged his shoulders and leaned back in his chair, placing his hands behind his head. “Then there's no point.”

The music from the band played in the background. Her eyes glazed over as she stared at him, not saying a word as she considered his unorthodox request.

Eventually, she nodded. “Very well. Now tell me.”

He smiled and slapped some Ryo down on the table to pay the bar tab. “Come on,” he said, holding out his hand. “We’re gonna go do something wild.”

She eyed him suspiciously, reluctantly extending her hand. Naruto took it and led her out of the bar, walking a short distance away.

“Follow me.”

Naruto leapt onto the nearest rooftop and slowly ran off towards the west, waiting for Samui to catch up to him. It only took a few seconds until he caught a glimpse of her following behind him. Her face was a mixture of curiosity and frustration.

She wanted to know what he was up to. And she was ticked that he wouldn’t tell her from the start.

It took about ten minutes for them to arrive at their destination. Samui’s eyes grew wide when she finally realized where they were.

“This… This is Councilman Saito’s house!” She hissed in panic. “We shouldn’t be here!”

“You’re right,” Naruto agreed, “we shouldn’t.”

More specifically, they were at the back of Councilman Saito’s property, where he’d built a massive, private in-ground swimming pool. The water was heated by a natural hot spring and the Councilman had obviously spared no expense of taxpayer money to build the thing – the landscaping and architecture was quite remarkable. He’d overheard a few of the villagers… talking about it last week in the market.

Naruto kicked off his shoes and dipped a toe in the water. “Ahhh…” he sighed contentedly, “…that’s just right.”

“Have you gone completely insane?!” Her eyes darted between Naruto, the shrubbery surrounding the pool and the large mansion about three hundred yards off in the distance. There were lights on in three of the windows. “This guy’s one of the most powerful men in the village! If he catches us—”

“He won’t if you keep your voice down.” Naruto unzipped his jacket and threw it on a nearby chair, then started pulling his shirt over his head.

Samui’s face flushed but she didn’t look away. “What the hell are you doing?!”

“Take off your clothes.”

“Excuse me?” She bristled at the request. “Do you realize what you just asked me to do?”

“Yup. Sure do.” He chuckled as he fiddled with the buckle on his pants. “Don’t worry, we’re not having sex. We’re just doing something out of your comfort zone.”

He dropped his pants and stood there, naked, arms crossed over his chest. “Well? C’mon, you gave your word.”

She bit her lip nervously, but didn’t stop staring at Naruto for one second. His physique was impressive. The Raikage was larger and more muscular, but Naruto was more defined – she could tell he took his training seriously.

Samui slowly removed her clothing, one piece at a time. The blush from her face crept down her neck and it only took a couple of minutes before she was naked. Her cheeks – both sets – were a rosy shade of red.

Naruto had to admit, she looked cute.

“This is… crazy.” She said, turning to the side, crossing her legs and using her arms to cover up her breasts.

“Never said it wasn’t.” He sighed contentedly as he waded into the pool. He swam out into the deep end and turned to face her, still treading water. “Well?”

“Well what?”

“You coming in or not?” he challenged.

Samui hesitated. Naruto’s soft eyes and friendly, trusting demeanor were making her feel at bit more at ease, but her heart was still racing as fast as a rabbit. She was on someone else’s property, without their permission, being invited into a swimming pool by an attractive man who was just as naked as she was. The whole thing was so absurd, so twisted, so far out of her normal routine…

…that she was actually enjoying it a little bit.

She waded out into the pool, enjoying the feeling of the warm water as it wrapped around her skin and sank into her pores. She swam out into the deep end, stopping just a few feet from Naruto and treading water herself.

“How’s the water feel?” he asked.

Samui gave him a small smile. "It's actually… very nice." She was staying afloat pretty easily due to the buoyancy of her breasts.

"Good." His look turned sly. "Know what a safe word is?"

She thought about it for a moment. "No," she answered honestly. "What is it?"

"It's a word someone uses during certain… situations…" he looked at their surroundings and then back to her, "to let the other person know they've gone too far. It's gotta be something random and totally uncommon. That way you wouldn't say on accident. The safe word brings everything to a screeching halt and the other person knows to back off."

Samui eyed him warily. "And I suppose you're asking me what my safe word would be, right?"

"Uh huh."

"What's yours?"

"Turnips," he answered quickly. "I hate the things, so I almost never say the word, except to say I hate them."

Turnips. Samui didn't know why, but she giggled at the word. "Alright. A word I very rarely use." Her lips twitched. "And not turnips."

Naruto gave her a disapproving look.

"How about velvet?" she asked. "That's definitely not a word I use."

“Velvet.” Naruto mulled that over and nodded his head. "Okay, that'll work. Remember – shout it out if you want things to stop.” He took a deep breath and disappeared under the water.

Samui wondered what he was up to until suddenly, she wasn’t treading water anymore – she was sitting on Naruto’s shoulders. She opened her mouth, ready to shout out her safe word but Naruto’s tongue flicked out, burying itself in her snatch.

She gasped, her breath catching in her throat as his tongue moved like lighting. He rotated it around her sensitive nub clockwise, then counterclockwise in tight, quick circles.

She opened her mouth, ready to cry out her safe word but the word ‘velvet’ died on her lips as Naruto flicked his tongue sideways across her clit, making her jump and flinch every time he hit the sensitive cluster of nerve endings at the top. 

Samui moaned, then looked around apprehensively. That was a little too loud. She needed to keep her voice down, but Naruto was making that next to impossible. Her pussy was on fire, and Naruto was stoking the flame, making her body hotter than the water with each passing second.

This isn’t me, she said to herself in denial, her mind at war with her body. I’m a jōnin. A professional. Another flick of his tongue. Another jolt through her nerves. Another gasp of pleasure. A team leader. A respected kunoichi of this village.

He shoved his tongue inside her again and she bit down on her lower lip to keep from crying out and being discovered. He was sending waves of pleasure through her, adding to the thrill of the excitement of being discovered that she was feeling. She wanted to shout, scream her safe word but Naruto stopped her at every turn, working over her pussy better than anyone ever had – except for that woman in Amegakure. She’d been on another level altogether.

“Oh, Naruto… Naruto…” Samui’s eyes flicked to the house, wondering if anyone heard her, spotted her. She’d be in deep shit if someone found them. She’d never been in trouble before, never risked her image of professionalism but now here she was, trespassing on private property, swimming naked with a man who was eating her out like it was his last meal.

The two of them could be spotted at any moment – and it was only exciting her more.

So why was her mind cringing over what she was doing? Was it because she was afraid that Naruto might let slip the fact that she could actually let loose? Was she that much of an introvert? Was she that rigid? That… cold?

Her thoughts were lost as her body started to twitch and shudder. She knew what was coming and how close she was. The heat in her face and pussy quickly spread, the pressure building as she struggled to keep herself quiet – keep herself under control but she was quickly losing both battles.

“N-Naruto… I-I’m going to…”

Suddenly he stopped and splashed back above the surface, coughing and sputtering. Samui stared at him, her face flushed and chest heaving.

“Why… Why did you stop?” she gasped in-between labored breaths.

Naruto smiled weakly. “I… I ran out of air,” he said, sucking in deep gulps of air. “Can’t hold my breath forever.”

Samui closed her eyes and nodded. What just happened was fantastic, surreal and totally unlike her, but Naruto left her on the edge. She was feeling greedy. She wanted him to… finish what he started, but she didn't need him drowning in the process.

“You didn’t finish, did you?” One corner of Naruto’s mouth was turned upwards in a knowing smirk.

How did he know exactly what she was thinking? Could he read her mind? “No,” she muttered, shaking her head, “no I…”

Naruto chuckled lowly. “Well, let’s see what I can do to fix that.” He took her arm and swam over to the side of the pool. He placed both of her hands on the edge and then moved behind her.

“W-What are you d-doing?” she stammered, eyes wide in panic.

“Relax. It’s not what you think.” He reassured her. “I don’t go anyplace that I’m not invited.”

He placed his hands on the outside of her thighs. “Press these together,” he breathed into her ear, sending a shiver of anticipation down her spine, “the harder the better. Keep your legs straight and don’t bend them at any time. And don’t forget…” he reminded her in a sultry tone of voice, “you can always say your safe word.”

With the word “velvet” swirling in her brain, Samui nodded in agreement, waiting to see what Naruto would do. Oddly enough, she believed his offhand promise not to have intercourse with her, but that still begged the question, how was he going to finish her off?

A second later, she got her answer when Naruto shoved his cock through her thigh gap, angling it upwards so that it rubbed against her clit. And between the combination of the pressure of squeezing her legs together, and the fact that her thigh gap was rather small to begin with, his dick was rubbing hard against her sensitive nub. He started moving his hips back and forth as fast as he could in the water, fucking her without actually fucking her.

Samui’s eyes grew even wider and she gasped. Naruto was sliding against her slit like he was playing a violin, using his dick as the bow. The vibrations started there and quickly spread, humming in her bones and along every nerve while his hips smacked against her ass in a steady rhythm, like a metronome following an imaginary tune.

She twitched and shuddered, fighting like hell to keep her posture rigid and her legs pressed together like he asked, but with every stroke of his dick against her snatch, every slap of his hips against her ass cheeks, the scales tipped a little further in his favor, and another small piece of her resolve crumbled.

It was too much. Too much feeling, too much sensation. Even though she was floating in water, she was drowning in pleasure.

“More…” she found herself moaning, gripping the edge of the pool so hard her knuckles were turning white. “I want more…”

Naruto obliged, grabbing her hips a bit more firmly and moving faster. Samui reflexively clamped down on his cock, pressing it harder against her clit as the water around them started to churn and splash, like a shark in a feeding frenzy.

In the corner of his mind, Naruto was actually quite proud of himself for thinking of this idea on the fly. Anko certainly never mentioned it, and he’d never done it with any of the women he’d been with so far. And it seemed like a good compromise for someone like Samui, who didn't seem interested in having full-on sex with him yet.

Plus, moving this fast in water wasn’t easy. His abs were definitely getting a good workout. Nothing like mixing training and sex at the same time. Now, if he could only throw ramen into the mix, then…

An image of Ino, her cleavage filled with hot and spicy pork ramen, flashed into his mind for a moment before he quickly pushed it aside.

Samui’s breasts bobbed and swayed in the water with every smack of Naruto’s hips against her ass, as he lunged forward again and again. The head of his cock was rolling mercilessly over her clit, while his shaft glided over her snatch from top to bottom. The area between her legs was soaking wet, and not from the water. Her gasps grew louder, more needy and desperate, and she opened her mouth wider to take bigger gulps of breath as the blood rushed to her head.

Stars floated in front of her eyes, her chest flushed and her body began to tremble. The sensations radiated throughout her body and a moment later, her vision went white as the orgasm hit her like a sledgehammer.

A scream of ecstasy tore from her lips, but only for a second or two until Naruto clamped a hand across her mouth, muffling the sound as he continued fucking her thigh gap, making her ass take the brunt of it as he slammed his hips into her again and again, drawing her orgasm out…

There were two reasons for this. First, he wanted to make sure he did a good job for Samui.

"First impressions are key when it comes to sex," Anko had drilled into his head from the very beginning. "Put on a good performance and you'll be invited back for more. And don't forget – word of mouth means everything when it comes to future X-Rank missions."

He also had his pride. He didn't half-ass his training, and he wasn't going to half-ass sex with whatever woman he happened to be with.

The second, and almost as important reason, is that he wanted to finish off as well. He'd been getting close, holding off until he was sure Samui orgasmed first, but now that she was screaming into his palm, he could…

A light clicked on in the mansion, then another, and then he heard movement off in the distance – shouts of alarm and doors being thrown open, as Councilman Saito's guards came rushing towards their location.

Fuck, Naruto silently cursed himself. He hadn't been fast enough in covering her mouth, and someone heard her screaming. And worse, even though he was close to his own orgasm, he wouldn't be able to finish.

Damn it, I'm gonna have a serious case of blue balls in the morning. "Time to go," he said, getting out of the pool and pulling her along with him.

"W-What?" she gasped. Her legs were shaking and she blinked a few times, trying to get the world to stop spinning around her.

"They heard us." Naruto pointed towards the house as he scrambled around the patio. “Hurry up and grab your clothes. We’ve got about thirty seconds before we get caught.”

That was enough to get her moving. Unfortunately, her legs didn’t cooperate. She took one step and her shaking legs gave out from underneath her. She collapsed to the ground, still breathing heavily.

Naruto rolled his eyes and sighed. Apparently, he’d done a better job than he’d thought. He quickly crossed his fingers and a shadow clone popped into existence.

“Here,” he said, tossing the clone his shirt and pants that he’d already picked up, “grab the rest and make it quick.” He scooped Samui up into his arms. “I’ll carry her.”

 “You got it, boss!” The clone saluted, then began scurrying around.

“P-Put me down,” Samui instructed him, squirming to get out of his arms. “I don’t need…”

“Yes, you do," he interrupted her gently. "It's either this, or risk getting caught since you can't even walk." He sported a goofy grin and wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. "And you're welcome for that, by the way."

She opened her mouth to protest, but then wisely snapped it shut, looking away in embarrassment. It galled her to admit it, but he was right. Samui put her arms around his neck, blushing at the feeling of his muscular, naked body pressed up against hers.

The clone ran up next to them. His arms were filled with clothes. “All set, boss.”

Naruto nodded. “Then let’s go.”

A second later, they vanished.
“You found nothing?”

“Not… exactly, sir.” The guard – a large man, about six feet tall with thick shoulders and what looked like no neck, shook his head. “We didn’t find no people. But we did find this,” he said, extending his hand.

Councilman Saito took the garment aSnd examined it. They appeared to be a pair of ladies panties – yellow hip huggers without any lace. There was a scent coming off them he couldn’t quite place…

“There was nothing broken or stolen?”

“No, sir.” The guard shook his head again. “We was just about to take those underwear to the ANBU and make a report.”

“Then I shall do so in the morning.” The councilman waved his hand dismissively. “You may go.”

“But sir, I…”

“Yahiko…” Saito placed his hands behind his back and stared impassively at the guard. “If nothing was damaged or stolen, then there is no cause for immediate alarm. I will not bother the ANBU at this hour for something so trivial, when I can simply wait until tomorrow. I may be a councilman, but I am not heartless.”

Yahiko didn’t buy that explanation at all, but the first rule of being a bodyguard was never, ever question your employer. And if it meant he’d have to do less work, then he was all for it. He bowed and left the room, closing the door behind him.

Saito smiled as the latch clicked, leaving him alone in his study. He brought the panties up to his nose and sniffed, loudly and deeply. The scent invaded his nose… it was a mixture of crotch sweat and perfume – that new one imported from Kirigakure, called Obsessive.

He sighed contentedly as he caressed his cheek with the panties a few times, deciding he didn’t need to report the incident. He’d stay quiet instead, and keep the panties as his prize.
“Alright. This should be far enough.”

Naruto touched down softly on the rooftop of an apartment complex, still carrying Samui in his arms. Both of them were still naked and dripping wet. His clone, who was just as naked as he was, landed a second later and dropped the pile of clothes he was carrying. He saluted Naruto, winked at Samui, then disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

“Can you stand on your own?” He couldn’t resist poking fun at her a little bit.

Samui punched him in the shoulder. “Just shut up and put me down,” she said gruffly.

He chuckled, setting her down on her feet. He made sure she was okay before walking over and sifting through the pile of clothes, picking out everything that belonged solely to him and putting them on one by one.  

Curiosity got the better of her after several seconds of watching him. “Why do you still have that?” she asked, pointing towards the erection he still had.

Naruto pulled his shirt on over his head. “Well, we kinda got interrupted before I had a chance to finish.” He smirked. “One of us was making too much noise and alerted the guards.”

“So you’re saying this is all my fault?”

Naruto held up his hands in mock surrender. “Sorry, sorry,” he apologized. “I guess we’re both at fault. Maybe me a little bit more than you. After all, I am the one who took you to that pool in the first place.” He put on his underwear and pants, then handed her the remaining pile of clothes and waited.

She cocked and eyebrow at him. “I prefer not having an audience while I get dressed.”

He rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. “Oh, um… okay.” He gave her a warm, lopsided smile. “This was… fun. We should do this again.” He blushed a bit, realizing what he just said. “Something fun, I mean,” he explained. “Not necessarily this.”

Samui stared impassively at him. “Perhaps.”

“Then, maybe I’ll see you at the bar tomorrow night?”

She hesitated a bit before answering. “Maybe.”

"Well, I’ll buy the first round if I do. See ya!" Naruto waved and then jumped off the rooftop, disappearing into the night. Samui watched him go, random thoughts swirling around in her head until a cool breeze wafted over the roof, causing her to shiver, reminding her that she still needed to get dressed.

What the… she exclaimed to herself, rifling through the pile of clothes, the bra is here, but where the hell are my panties?
About half past midnight, Samui walked through the door of her apartment. From the rooftop where they landed, she could’ve been home in less than ten minutes, but she decided to take the long way. She’d hoped the peace and quiet of the night would help calm and clear her mind.

In the end, it didn’t do one fucking bit of good. All it did was waste her time.

She closed the door rather loudly and stomped into her bedroom, quickly pulling her clothes off and throwing them in a nearby hamper. She needed a shower, to get the grit of chlorine out of her hair and off of her body.

It didn’t make any sense, she railed silently to herself. Nothing she did tonight made any sense!

Samui entered the shower and turned the water on, purposely making the water colder than she normally would. She stood there, eyes closed as the water ran over her head and down her back, slipping beneath her breasts and into her most intimate places, before trailing down her legs and into the drain.

The cold didn’t help. Her thoughts were still racing, trying to come up with a reason – any reason – to justify what she did tonight.

Did I drink too much at the bar? Was I drunk when we left? No, she was slightly tipsy but nowhere near her judgment being impaired. Can’t blame it on the booze, then.

She turned the water off and roughly began to towel herself dry.

Am I desperate? Maybe. It wasn’t like men were beating down her door, begging for dates. But then again, she wasn’t exactly easy to approach. Naruto said so, not spitefully but matter-of-factly, and she really couldn’t argue against it. So I like keeping things on a professional level… so what?

Samui walked back into her bedroom and pulled her nightgown over her head. She threw herself onto the bed, not bothering to brush her hair and stared at absently at the ceiling.

Am I attracted to Naruto? She mulled that one over. In a roundabout way, she guessed so. Not in the romantic sense, but she enjoyed looking at his body. She’d always had a definite appreciation for men who took their training seriously. Those blue eyes, though… they’re hypnotizing…

Samui tossed and turned, trying to get comfortable. She was sweltering, so she threw off the sheets and opened the window up… but then it was too cold. She yanked the bedspread up to her shoulders and rolled onto her side, hugging one of her pillows close for comfort… but then the mattress was too soft. She punched the pillow under her head over and over again, before finally throwing it against the far wall in frustration.

She huffed and looked at the clock. It was two-thirty in the morning. Screw it. I'm through trying. It's not gonna do me any good lying here and staring at the ceiling.  

She threw on a clean set of clothes and left her apartment, deciding to wander the streets again, since she didn't have any better ideas. The small amount of night life she heard earlier was gone, and now her village was truly silent. Even the crickets and the drunks seemed to be sleeping at the moment.


What was it? What was it keeping her awake? What was the one thing she hadn't thought of already that was eating at her? Her mind wandered, replaying everything that went on from the moment her feet touched down on Councilman Saito's estate…

…about her apprehensiveness, being on private property without permission, knowing her record and reputation would take a serious hit if she was caught…

…about how shocked she was when Naruto took off his clothes and she didn't turn away, even for a second…

…about the thrill that ran through her body when she agreed to the same thing and joined him in the pool…

…about how liberating it felt when Naruto dove under the water and shoved his tongue between her legs, making the nerves in her body tingle…


She'd enjoyed it. An icy calm washed over her as the realization finally hit her. She was pissed off because she actually enjoyed it.

Maybe that was the problem.

His silver tongue had talked her into doing things she never would've considered before. True, he hadn't forced her to do anything – he didn't blackmail or threaten her – she could've said no to anything at any time. She could've used her safe word from the get-go.

…but she didn't.

She'd enjoyed it. God, how she'd enjoyed it. He'd kept his promise, didn't enter her and yet despite that, she felt like she'd just finished an all-out training session with Killer B.

So then, logically the next question had to be – did Naruto enjoy it?

And the more she thought about it, the more she realized she really didn't know. He said he had fun, but that wasn't necessarily the same thing. She had one mind shattering orgasm and almost had another, but… Naruto never did. He said it himself – they were interrupted before he had a chance to finish. Hell, he'd even gone so far as to stop, pull her out of the pool, gather their clothes up and carry her out of there.

He'd given her mind blowing pleasure, and gotten nothing in return. He’d never demanded, or even so much as hinted that she give him as good as he gave her. At the end, he could have abandoned her and saved his own ass, but he didn’t. She’d had… fun.

And she'd never thanked him for any of it. Not once.

She was sure Naruto hadn’t done it on purpose, but no matter how you looked at it, tonight was skewed heavily in her favor.

She was in his debt. She owed him.

Samui growled softly. If there was one thing she hated, it was being in debt. She didn't care how big or small – it could be the Daimyo, the Raikage or even some random shop owner in the village – just the fact that she owed someone anything more than lunch or a casual favor gnawed at her like a rabid wolf.

As the sun rose over Kumo, the flames reflected in her eyes, burning with a fierce determination. Samui vowed to herself that at the earliest possible opportunity, she and Naruto would be even.
Knock, knock.

Naruto rubbed the bags under his eyes and groaned. Between teaching at the academy, training on his own, waiting at the bar for Samui, then the whole thing at the pool, yesterday had been a very long and exhausting day. 

Normally, after pulling an all-nighter on an X-Rank mission, he just slept in for a few hours the next day. Unfortunately, he didn’t have that luxury here in Kumo, since he was expected to be at the academy first thing in the morning. He’d gotten back to his apartment shortly after midnight and dragged himself into the bathroom, taking an ice cold shower in the hopes of getting rid of the rock hard, and slightly painful erection he still had.

Usually that worked. This time, it didn’t. His dick was still pointing due north, like the needle on a compass.  

He'd briefly thought of jerking off to relieve the pressure and help him relax, but in the end he decided against it. He didn't do that too often anyway and besides, he was so exhausted last night he fell asleep before he could muster the brain power to masturbate.

Despite how tired he was, it hadn't translated into a good night’s sleep – most of the time he tossed and turned. He was thankful the erection was gone by the time he woke up the next morning, since it would’ve made today awkward in so many ways.

So he grabbed his cup of coffee and opened the door, reluctant yet ready to start the day. He figured he’d wait for Sachi outside, where he could just relax and soak up the warmth of the sun.

However, someone was already waiting for him on the other side of the door.  


And for some reason, she didn't look happy.

"Um, what…” He angled his head outside the door, getting a good look around, “what are you doing here?"

She ignored his question. "Are you expecting someone?"

"Uh, yeah. That girl the Raikage assigned to guide me around Kumo while I'm here. I've gotta be at the academy thirty minutes before classes start to go over the lesson plan for the day.”

Samui narrowed her eyes at him. "How long will you be there?"

Naruto felt an icy chill run up the back of his neck. It seemed like she was grilling him for information, and it was making him nervous, especially after how last night ended.  

"Well, we're supposed to do sparring sessions today, so I think around four o'clock or so. Why?"

Samui thought about that for a few seconds. "No," she said, shaking her head, "no that's unacceptable."


She placed a hand on his chest and firmly pushed him back into the apartment. "That's far too long of a wait," she said, closing the door behind her. "I need to repay my debt to you now."

He blinked in confusion. "What do you mean? What debt?" Ino said something similar to him they day before he left for Kumo. What the hell was going on with these women?

"Despite how things turned out, I found last night to be… fun," Samui looked away, her cheeks turning a light shade of pink, "as well as pleasurable."

He eyed her warily. "Umm… you're welcome?" She could have thanked him anytime – so why now? Where was she going with this?

"However, you made mention that while I… finished, you did not," she said pointedly.

"That wasn't meant as a guilt trip, Samui. You asked me a question, and I was just…"

"Nevertheless, it puts me in your debt," she interrupted him, fixing him with a steely gaze, her eyes boring into his, "and I will not allow that to happen. Especially for something like this."

He opened his mouth to protest, but never got the chance. Samui shoved him and he fell backwards onto the coffee table with enough force to break it in two. He grabbed his head and groaned, then became alarmed when Samui started fumbling with his pants.  

“W-What the hell are you doing?!”

"What does it look like?"

Naruto tried stopping her, but the grip Samui had on his pants was like steel, and she wasn't letting go. 

"My liason is gonna be here any minute!"

She pulled his pants down, exposing his cock, which was at half-mast at best. “Then we have to hurry.” She wrapped her fingers around the shaft and jerked it awkwardly a few times. 

He winced. “Are you still mad about last night?”

Her eyes shot up to meet his. “What makes you say that?”

"You’re being a little rough with your hands," he said hesitantly, not knowing how she'd take it, “and that’s a sensitive part of my body, so…”

Her look softened. "Sorry," she apologized. Samui started again, making sure this time to be more gentle.

Naruto closed his eyes and tried to concentrate. The quicker she – or he, depending on how you looked at it – finished, the sooner things could go back to normal. Or at least what counted as normal for this situation. More importantly, he needed to avoid getting caught at all costs. Tsunade told him anything he said or did while in Kumo directly reflected on Konoha, so before he left, she warned him what the consequences would be if he screwed up. 

"I'll put you on bedpan duty in the hospital for three solid months. In the elderly ward, every morning, right after they've served prune juice for breakfast. Then in the afternoon you’ll be giving those same people sponge baths. And that's just for starters."

He shuddered. The mental images alone were enough to keep him on the straight and narrow.

So right now, priority one was to avoid being caught getting a blow job and finishing before Sachi showed up at his apartment to get him to the academy on time, which was his cover for being in Kumo in the first place!

During all of this, Samui watched him. She frowned when his expression didn't change. His dick was hard but his breathing stayed steady and even, like he was trying to take a nap.   

"Is there a problem?"

His eyes snapped open. "Huh?"

"You don't seem very excited about the hand job I'm giving you."

She was right. Yeah, his body was reacting like it should, but all he could think about was how much better most of the other women he'd slept with were at this.

Naruto gulped nervously. "Sometimes it takes me a little bit for me to get there…"

Samui frowned. "You didn't have any problem last night."

Alarm bells went off in his head. No way in hell he was gonna tell her the reason for his 'performance' issues was because he was comparing her technique to other women.

"That's not it at all! It's just that… like I said, my liason is gonna be here any minute and…"

Knock, knock. "Naruto-sama?" A female voice called from outside his door. "Are you ready to go?"

Samui slapped a hand over his mouth. "Shhh…" Her eyes darted between Naruto and the front door. "Don't make a sound. She'll leave if she thinks the apartment is empty."

"Naruto-sama?" The knob on the front door jiggled and then turned. "Are you in here?"

Samui silently cursed not only her back luck, but also her stupidity. How the hell could she forget something as simple as locking the door? Not to mention the timing was horrible. Even worse, she didn't want to leave now that she started.

Her heart raced. If she didn't act fast, she knew she'd get caught and with the way gossip spread in Kumo it wouldn't be long before everyone knew about it, including Killer B. Then he'd make one of those stupid rap songs about it and…

She grabbed the front of his shirt and hauled him to his feet, dragging him down the hall and into the bedroom, closing the door quickly behind her. Her chest was flushed and there were butterflies in her stomach. She didn't know if it was the horror of the whole thing being 'immortalized' in one of Killer B's songs, or the adrenaline rushing through her system over the fear of being caught in a compromising position, but she was actually getting excited by the gamble she was taking…

Samui fixed him with a piercing stare as she pressed his back against the door. "Tell her to wait for you in the living room," she whispered. "You can leave once I'm finished. Or more specifically, you are."

The hair on the back of his neck stood on end. This entire mission was starting to backfire… or was it? After all, this was what he came here for in the first place but damn, why'd she have to go all psycho first thing in the morning? Why couldn't it have been later, when he wasn't pressed for time and expecting visitors?

For the moment he had to go along with her demands.

"Sachi, I'm… running a bit late. Can you wait for me in the living room? I'll be out as soon as I can…"

Naruto didn't have an extensive sexual history, but he could honestly say he was never more turned off in his entire life. And that included that one time in Iwa when that grandmother eyed him like a prime cut of beef.

Samui pushed him onto the bed, where he ended up basically in the same position he'd landed in the living room…


"Uhh, yeah Sachi?"

"Why is your coffee table broken?"

Naruto sweatdropped as Samui glared at him, daring him to answer that question the wrong way.

"Er, I came home drunk last night and sorta… fell on it. Sorry." Naruto paused and held his breath, hoping she'd believe him.

"I see. Then I will have someone come by later today and replace it while you are at the academy."

Naruto breathed a sigh of relief. He opened his mouth to say thanks, but a frightened squeak came out instead when Samui grabbed his cock again. She moved her hand up and down, stroking it, trying to get him harder but the skin on her hands wasn't very soft.  

Naruto laid his head back and closed his eyes, trying to relax and enjoy it. He idly wondered why she didn't use any lotion, since he thought it was kinda like a prerequisite that women used the stuff, along with nail polish and scented body wash.

You know, Naruto, Ino's voice echoed in his head, I use lotion…

His eyes snapped open. What was that? It sounded like Ino's voice, but it couldn't have been her. Samui was the only other person in the room with him and how the hell would she know what he was thinking about?

"Did you say something?" he asked Samui.

"I said, 'how's this motion?' I want to make sure you're enjoying it."

"Oh. Uh, yeah. It's fine."

Samui jerked him off a few more times, then apparently decided to change tactics. She bent down and began licking his cock, moving over the top and around the shaft with slow, broad strokes of her tongue.

Naruto stared at her quizzically. Her technique was… well, different would be the nicest way to put it. It almost felt like she was licking an ice cream cone to keep the part that was melting from running down the sides. 

Not nearly as good as me, though… An image of Ino from the day before he left for Kumo popped into his head. The scenes were eerily similar – except for the fact Ino had been far more seductive, her eyes were staring at him like a predator eyeing her next kill, and she was smearing ramen all over her tits again.  

Would you like a second helping, Naruto?

He pushed the image out of his head. Quit messing with my head, Kurama!

The fox chuckled dryly. What makes you think it's me?

Are you kidding? Because you’ve done it before! And this whole thing is way too weird to just be a coincidence!

Kurama snorted. Well, ‘messing with your head’ as you call it is certainly fun. And I’ll agree that I enjoy doing so at inopportune times, but in this instance I’m nothing more than an innocent bystander. I’m not sure why it’s happening, but this is simply your subconscious playing tricks on you.

Naruto sulked a bit, but reluctantly had to concede the point. Kurama had no reason to lie to him – on the contrary, the fox actually preferred rubbing his nose in the truth whenever he did mess with him. But then why was he hallucinating in the first place?

He hadn’t had anything to eat, so it couldn’t be food poisoning.

He’d only had one cup of coffee, so it couldn’t be caffeine overdose.

He couldn’t even blame it on lack of sleep, since there were times in the past when he’d gone far longer on less rest, and there weren't any problems then.

Naruto had a nagging feeling that something was wrong. He snapped back to reality and noticed Samui was watching him, probably wondering why he hadn't even so much as twitched since she’d pushed him onto the bed.

Why don't you try telling her the truth? Kurama sniggered. I'm sure she'd love to hear that you were having a conversation with me rather than paying attention to what she was doing.

As if. He might be stupid at times, but he wasn’t suicidal. Fighting Shukaku again would be the less dangerous option.

Apparently, the gods were smiling on him because instead of interrogating him, Samui decided to switch tactics and positioned the head of his cock at her lips. She opened her mouth and swallowed him, taking as much as she could down her throat.

She didn’t get very far, though. She only got halfway down the shaft before she gagged.

"Naruto-sama?" Sachi called out from the living room. "Is something wrong?"

"I-I'm fine!" he called out before lowering his voice and asking Samui, "Are you all right?"

"Yes." She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. "It's just been awhile since I've done something like this. I'm a little out of practice. I should be fine after an hour or so."

"An hour?!" Naruto said, a bit louder than he probably should have, as he grabbed the waist of his pants and tried to pull them up. "There's no way I can stay that long! I gotta leave!"

Samui's gaze hardened. "You're not going anywhere," she said flatly, tightening her grip on his cock, "at least, not until we're finished here."

He winced from the amount of force she was using. Either she didn't care, or didn't know how just how sensitive that part of a man was. "You're gonna make me late!"

"This wouldn't be a problem if you'd just accepted my seductive advances from the beginning. We'd be much further along by now."

Exactly what seductive advances is she talking about? Naruto decided it was time for drastic measures. He crossed his fingers and three shadow clones popped into existence. Two of them stepped forward and grabbed Samui's arms.

"Sorry," he apologized, as the third clone pried her fingers off of his cock, "but I don't have time to debate this. If I don't leave now, Sachi's gonna get suspicious and come in here." The clones pulled her off of him and he scrambled to his feet. He yanked his pants up and quickly tried to secure his belt.

Samui ground her teeth in frustration. He's getting away. It might be days before I see him again. I’ll have this debt hovering over my head the entire time…

A low growl escaped her throat and she shook herself free, throwing two quick punches at the clones, popping them out of existence. Naruto's eyes opened wide in fear and he darted towards the door just as Samui lunged for him. He tried dancing out of her reach but she still managed to latch onto the bottom of his shirt.

"I can't stay!" he pleaded.

"You can and you will." She yanked hard on his shirt, trying to pull him closer but it just ripped instead.  

"Are you insane?"

She yanked on his shirt again, ripping it even further. "I prefer persistent."

"I can't show up at the academy naked!" he practically shouted.

"Really?" Samui leered at him. "Then I guess that means you'll have to stay here with me."

Naruto gulped. He moved slowly, keeping Samui as far away from him as possible. She narrowed her eyes and launched herself at him, stretching out her arm to try and grab him again. He danced and sidestepped, doing his level best to keep himself out of her reach. She missed, but quickly started chasing him around the room.

What the hell do I do? He somersaulted over her head and landed on the wall, using chakra to stick to it like a spider. Anko never trained me for something like this! Well, she kinda did, but it usually ended with tying me up and watching her get off by shoving dildos up her ass. I’m pretty sure that’s not gonna happen here.

Samui jumped at him but at the last second he pushed off, somersaulting again and landing on the far side of the bed, planning to keep it between the two of them, but his pursuer was far too determined. She launched herself across the bed, making Naruto twist his body at the last second so that Samui hit the nightstand instead. The lamp on it tumbled over the side and crashed onto the floor, smashing into several pieces.  

Naruto tripped and landed on his hands and knees. He quickly scrambled for the closest exit, which happened to be the window, but he only made it a few feet before Samui grabbed him by the belt of his pants and flung him back onto the bed.

This is not happening this not happening this is not happening… Naruto repeated the mantra over and over again in his head as he clutched at the bedspread, trying to gain any kind of handhold for leverage but it didn’t make a lick of difference. The only thing that happened was the bedspread came with him when Samui dragged him off the bed.  

The loud ripping sound that followed told Naruto that his pants were now in the same state as his shirt. The odds of him getting out of this situation without injury or embarrassment were dwindling rapidly, but as he sailed backwards through the air, an idea born from sheer desperation flashed through his head.

As his ass hit the floor, Naruto flung the bedspread at Samui, wrapping her up in the fabric and catching her completely off guard, which gave him a slight, ever so slim opportunity to escape.

Naruto silently thanked Kami as he sprinted across the room and out the door, slamming it behind him. He skidded to a stop in front of Sachi, chest heaving as he scrambled to pull up what was left of his pants. The neck and one sleeve of his shirt were still intact, but the rest was literally hanging by a thread.  

Sachi blushed as she stared at him. Her eyebrows rose in appreciation at his bare chest and toned physique.

"Umm, Naruto-sama… why do you look like that?" She pointed a finger at the tattered remains of his outfit. "And who were you arguing with?"

Naruto fidgeted. "You heard?"

She nodded. "It was hard not to. You got progressively louder as time went on, but I couldn't hear anyone else – especially over the sound of breaking furniture."

He used one hand to rub the back of his neck sheepishly. "Oh, uh… just having a little disagreement with Kurama."

Leave me out of this.  

Gimme a break, furball. I need a halfway decent excuse and right now, you're the only thing I can think of.

Lovely, Kurama groused. And here it thought you'd finally grown a spine when dealing with the females of your species. Mocking laughter filled Naruto's head. My mistake. I'd call you pathetic, but I think that's far too generous.

"Naruto-sama?" Sachi's voice snapped him out of his funk. "Who's Kurama?"

"Sorry," he apologized. "Kurama is the Kyubi's real name." His eyes glossed over how pathetic his outfit looked. "Sometimes our arguments are more… literal than figurative. Any furniture that gets in the way becomes an unfortunate casualty. Listen, do you think we can stop at a clothing store on the way to the academy?"   

"Really?" She ignored his question and blinked a few times in surprise. "I didn't know that. Then you're a jinchuuriki, just like Bee-sama?"

"Um, yeah. Is that a problem?"

"No." She smiled suggestively at him. "But I'll bet it means you've got lots of stamina."

Naruto's mouth suddenly went dry.  

Sachi moved closer. "Can you think of any way we could… test that theory out?" she asked, idly caressing his bare chest with her index finger.

The two of them were interrupted by a loud crash coming from the bedroom.

Sachi's head whipped around. "What was that?"

"Nothing!" He blurted out. He took advantage of the distraction to put some space between them. "Probably just the wind."

"The wind?" She narrowed her eyes skeptically. "Why would it be the wind?"

"I left the window open when I ran out of the room." He shrugged, trying to seem as casual as possible. "I'll bet a strong gust came in and blew over a lamp or something."  

Sachi stared out the living room window. "The air outside seems very dead right now. I don't see or hear…"

"Yup! Just the wind!" he exclaimed, cutting her off before she could go any further. "That's a real thing! Tooooootally believable theory!" He wasn't a very good liar, especially under pressure. Changing the subject as quick as possible was his best, and maybe his only option at this point. "We should get going anyway," he said, inching towards the door, "since we're already running late. Besides, we still need to stop at a store along the way."

Sachi forgot what she was going to say and brightened up instantly. "That's right," she almost purred, "you need a new set of clothes." Her hand shot out lightning fast and grabbed the waistline of what was left of his pants. "I know a place a few blocks from here that has private dressing rooms where you can model a few outfits for me."

As Sachi dragged him out of his apartment and closed the door behind them, Naruto wondered how he was going to explain this to the instructors at the academy – whenever the hell he finally got there.

There was no question in mind that he'd have to lie about the entire thing.

Because he knew for a fact no matter how outlandish of a story he made up, it'd still be far more believable than the truth.